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Welcome to Boise Rotary


Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Historic Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom
802 W Bannock St.
Boise, ID  83702
United States
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Home Page Stories
     Angie Smith gave an update on Stronger Shines the Light Inside, a photographic exhibition of Boise area refugees. On September 1st, it will install in Boise, in front of City Hall, on 10th and Bannock, and in the Grove Plaza. The project has been featured on the White House Blog (with Boise highlighted as one of the most welcoming cities for refugees), and in Wired magazine and National Geographic. She is having an opening reception on 9/1/16 7 – 10 pm at the Linen Building. She could also use some help on her installation crew. For more information visit
On September 11, in the New York Times magazine, she will publish a photo essay with Syrian graduating seniors from Boise high schools, and then later in The New Republic Magazine.    Mark Smith is bursting with pride!!!

  Kevin Learned introduced the Vivid Roots team and announced that they were donating $5,000 to a water project grant, sponsored by the Blue Lakes/Twin Falls Club.  Vivid roots is a for profit company but donates a portion of their sales of hats and t-shirts and water bottles and other merchandise to clean water projects around the globe.    These are young men with a start-up company but know the value of giving back.

The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation grants the Salvation Army $1,000 for their school backpack program.   Nancy Chinn presented the check to Major Robert Lloyd.  Each year the salvation army fills backpacks for low income students to take to school.  Imagine going to school the first day of the semester and not having any supplies to do your work?  The students are more than thrilled to have the same things that other kids at school have.  The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation is pleased to donate to such a worthwhile organization. 
GBRF is a foundation supported by Rotarians from Ada County Clubs investing their time, money and expertise doing good for Ada County.  GBRF grants approximately $40,000 to non-profit organizations in Ada County every year.
            GBRF is FOCUSED on Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Health, Caring & Social Services, Recreation & Outdoors.
            GBRF BELIEVES that by giving to existing organizations, more people can be served.
            GBRF KNOWS that by working together, Rotarians can make a substantial contribution to the community.
            GBRF has been in existence since 1984 and is now approaching a corpus of $900,000 with the goal being $1,000,000.  The organization is funded by Rotarians, families and friends of Rotary members in Ada County

  Bob McQuade attended the Rotary International Conference in Seoul recently.  He said that he wasn't sure that he would go because of the cost but he is now so glad he did.  He came home even more excited about Rotary and all that we do.  He learned that Rotary begins right here at club meetings.  This is where fellowship comes in and friendships are made.  But each club is part of something much, much bigger.  41,000 people signed up for the conference and Bob said that it was exhilarating to be in a room with 40,000+ people who he had something in common with.  There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world and we all share the international programs and world wide understanding. 
     Bob made new friends from Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Korea, Africa, Bangladesh and many from the US.  He can know keep up with all of them and it started right in Boise in the Crystal Ballroom at a Rotary meeting. 

Ken Howell had a surprise for President James and the club.  As a club, we have been working toward the goals needed to obtain the Presidential Citation.  The goals were lofty and Rotary International discovered that the goals may have been a little too strict.  So, RI decided to give Presidential citations in Gold, Silver and Bronze.  He presented President James with a Silver Presidential Citation for reaching 7 out of 8 goals. 
  This award is for all the members as a club.  Together we met the goals and we should all be proud.  To see all the goals for the Presidential citation go to  Presidential Citation  We accomplished all the Goals except Membership. 


Our club has sponsored several exchange students from Ecuador and has sent several students to that country.  Many of our club members have friends that have been affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred recently.  Following is a letter that Kevin received.  If you would like to donate write your check to the Rotary Club of Boise Foundation, or give your cash or credit card to Nancy at the meeting on Thursday.
Thank you for your concern about this severe 7.8 earthquake that has hit our country. The situation is very, very bad, mainly in one of the Provinces of the Coast called Manabi, where we have 8 clubs. Cities and villages are almost completely devastated. There is a dead Rotarian from the RC of Portoviejo as well as the mother of the President of the same club due to that the buildings where they lived went down.
The present count is more than 700 people dead, figure that will certainly go up since there are thousands of missing and injured persons.  There are also thousands of homeless people that have lost everything. 

As a District, we initially set up an emergency plan carried out through the 8 clubs of Manabi assisting the victims, concentrating mainly on the supply of bottled water, canned tuna, and insect repellents. Supply of small water purification plants has been started to lower the costs of provision and transportation of potable water.
We have been monitoring how the situation has been developing, and have decided, besides keeping the initial plan but with a lower emphasis, to undertake a new phase, emphasizing the supply of water purification plants for small communities and starting assistance for the reconstruction of homes through the supply of building materials.
We will now concentrate on these actions.

I must state that fortunately, all the country and of course the Government, as well as foreign countries, have responded with donations of all kinds, like food, clothing, medicines and others, but  in a certain way these articles are not needed, at least for now.  This is the reason why we are changing our approach to help people in reconstructing their homes.

  Lenore Smith Was Honored  for service above self by her son and friends at the meeting last week.  Lenore and her husband had a son with special needs and because of Lenore's faith in herself and her son, he is now living on his own and working.  Although he has cerebral palsy  and is deaf he has flourished in society.  The world is different today because of Lenore's love and Service Above Self.  Lenore was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow by James Bedal. 

  New Member Jon Davis was introduced last week.  Jon received his Masters from U of I, is a Vietnam Veteran, was the CEO of hospitals and retired from Washington State Department of Health.  He has two sons and everywhere he goes he makes sure that he joins a Rotary Club.  Welcome Jon to the club.


Rotary Night at Zoo Boise, May 4, 5:30-8:30pm

Enjoy a special private evening for Rotarians, family and friends to experience Zoo Boise.  In addition to viewing the animals on a beautiful spring evening without the crowds, you will have a chance to feed the giraffes, walk with the wallabies, learn about Rotary's global grant for mobile clinics in Mozambique and plans for Zoo Boise's innovative Gorongosa National Park Exhibit.  Food and drinks will be available. Tickcts are $20 per person and $10 for childern 16 and under.  All proceeds go towards the Rotary Gorongosa Global Grant and Zoo Boise's Gorongosa National Park Partnership.
The focus of this year' s Rotary global grant is on tranport for and training of health workers to reach thousands of people living in poor remote villages around Gorongosa so they can receive basic mdical services. The new exhibit at Zoo Boise will support the conservation of animals in Gorongosa National Park. See Idaho Public Television's documentary The Idaho Gorongosa Connection at
Please RSVP to Nancy.  We will need a head count by April 29.

  Marianne Barker presented a Paul Harris Fellow to Diana Fields on April 14th, 2016.  Diana will wear it with pride in honor of her dad, Dick Fields.  Diana's mother, Shirley was with her to accept the award.  We all still miss Dick Fields but know that his legacy lives on through Shirley and Diana. 

The Ethics in Business Program honored three of our own members.  Meg Carlson, Marty Cullen (accepted by his daughter, Maddie) and Shelley Smith Eichmann.  All eleven honorees are winners in their ethical practices.  Congratulations, Meg, Marty and Shelley. 

History Moment
Bob McQuade interviewed Angie Purcell about Bob Purcell, a very special past member of our Club.  Angie would come with Bob to every Rotary meeting, wheeling him into the room in his wheelchair. 
            Bob (Purcell) was born in Payette but was raised in New Plymouth.  Angie says he was a home-body but a very busy guy.  He was a political animal lobbying for many things.  He even lobbied for the implementation of the sales tax in Idaho.  A lot of his friends wouldn’t talk to him and customers went elsewhere.  But, as we know, the sales tax was implemented. 
            While Bob was working at J.C. Penney, he initiated a day to give blood.  That is what we know today as a “Blood Drive.”  He convinced the store owners to become part of the political system and lobby on behalf of retail stores. 
            Wherever Bob lived, he belonged to a Rotary Club.  He loved being part of something that made a difference in the community and the world. 

April 12th is the 11th anniversary of Century Scholars.  If you want to join us in celebrating Boise students and teachers, please let Nancy Know and she will sign you up.  The event begins at 5:00 PM at the Jordon Ballroom and costs $25.00 for dinner.  As one teacher said “Century Scholars is the academy awards to teacher.”  Come and see how this event affects so many students, families and teachers. 
April 14th is the Ethics in Business Lunch.  The Ethics in Business lunch will take place on April 14th at the Crystal Ballroom at noon.  We have 11 nominees to honor and one to give the ultimate honor of being number one in the Valley. 


Since 2000, Boise Rescue Mission Ministries has been providing help for homeless women and children in Boise, ID through the ministry of City Light.

This shelter for women and children offers a safe haven of hope and love, providing emergency services such as meals, shelter and clothing, as well as education, work-search assistance, mental health counseling, addiction recovery through the New Life Program, and children’s programs.

Funding has reduced for mental health services, which many of these families need badly.  Boise Rotary has donated $2,300.00 to the shelter to be used for mental health services.  This equates to 50 individuals able to access this health care. 
Annually, during the Holiday Season, Boise Rotary hosts a Christmas Party for the women and Children at City Light.  This party may be the only place where the mothers and the children receive a present and make it know that they matter. 
Whether homeless, escaping a domestic violence situation, addicted or struggling, all women and their families are welcome to the City Light Home for Women & Children. We will never turn anyone away for food or a clean bed due to lack of space.

International Grant for Sierra Leone
From The Rotary Foundation:  Congratulations! Your global grant application for funding for the grant entitled "Commercializing cassava as a poverty-reduction strategy in Sierra Leone" submitted by the Rotary Clubs of Boise and Freetown, has been approved by The Rotary Foundation. The award is in the amount of US$221,428.
The Rotary Foundation approved the club's Global Grant to reduce poverty in Massory Sierra Leone using an approach that can be duplicated widely throughout Western Africa.  The Global Grant is funded by individual contributions, club contributions, and matching funds from three districts and The World Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  The grant total is $221,428, which is the largest amount ever granted to Rotarians and clubs in District 5400 that anyone can recall.  The project’s focus is generating sustained jobs and profit for the community by commercializing cassava production.  Our project partner, Village Hope, has the factory building constructed and is awaiting the equipment that will be funded by this grant.  Sierra Leone, and other Western Africa countries, were hard hit by the ebola crisis, with the economy coming to a halt as nearly all travel was banned.  The ebola crisis also delayed this grant as our partner Rotary club in Freetown Sierra Leone was completely focused on combating the deisease.  The Global Grant will be a big step for the Massory community allowing them to generate the needed funds for schools, health care, water, sanitation, and other community driven improvements.  A big thank you to all those in our club that helped make this Global Grant possible.

Todd Fischer
World Service Committee Chair 

   Outstanding Students Frank Church High School and Capitol High School
Special Guest Speaker:  March 3  Dr. Mark Conversino
Topic:  "Russia and the Final Collapse of the Post-Cold War Order in Europe"
     Dr. Mark Conversino, Strategic Advisor and Professor, School of Advanced Air and Apace Studies, Air University, is scheduled to speak at a Special Rotary Lunch on Thursday, March 31st.  Dr. Conversino will visit from the Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base in Alabama and talk about “Russia and the Final Collapse of the Post-Cold War in Europe.”
            Dr. Conversino previously served as Dean of the Air War College, earning the Air Force Award for Meritorious Civilian Service, after retiring from active duty with the Air Force.  He has also written a book – “Fighting with the Soviets:  The Failure of Operation FRANTIC.”
            Fighting with the Soviets provides the first comprehensive look at Operation FRANTIC--an ambitious but doomed Allied enterprise that produced the war's only significant Soviet-American military venture and demonstrated just how complex and demanding coalition warfare could be.
       Using Ukrainian air bases, FRANTIC was designed to help deliver the knockout blow to the Nazi war machine, while minimizing the severe losses experienced by Allied air forces in daylight bombing campaigns over Germany. In theory, it allowed American bombers to reach targets deeper in Germany, divert Luftwaffe air support away from Normandy, and provide additional cover for battles on the Soviet's western front. American strategists also hoped that the operation would forge closer ties with the USSR and encourage the ever wary Stalin to provide access to Siberian air bases for use against Japan.
        Conversino, however, shows that things did not quite go as planned. After an early period of comradely euphoria, relations between Russians and Americans chilled amidst cultural differences and grew even icier in the wake of the Luftwaffe's decimation of Poltava airbase and Stalin's indifference to the Polish resistance in Warsaw. And, as the Red juggernaut pushed ever deeper toward Berlin, Stalin's support for FRANTIC faded altogether.

Marcia Wing took us down nostalgia lane to meet one of Boise Rotary’s Founding Fathers, Joel Lambert Priest.  Joel was involved in Boise Rotary before it became a club.  He was Secretary of the group of men which conceived the idea of Boise Club and applied for our charter.  Once the club was chartered he became of member of the board of directors.
            Joel was born in Henderson, Kentucky in 1870 and started his career in the newspaper industry in that city.  He then moved to Chicago where he worked for both the Chicago City Press and the Chicago Record, covering events such as the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893.  He continued his career in Salt Lake City where he reported on events as diverse as the return of Utah troops from the Philippines after the Spanish-American war, the Democratic National Convention in Kansas City in 1900, and the San Francisco disaster of 1906.
            Joel left newspaper work at the age of 38 to move his family to Boise where he became the industrial agent for the Oregon Short Line Railroad which later because part of Union Pacific.  His job involved a lot of travel to such places as the Chicago Exposition in 1909, the Pacific Coast in 1911, San Francisco, and San Diego.  In 1916 he met with the Governors of Oregon and Washington and even attended two games of the World Series in 1917. 
            Joel’s sense of humor was widely noted.  In 1947 the Statesman included an article called “A Pig Tale” which read: They say Idaho’s premier tale-teller, Joel Priest, Sr. was stopped cold only once.  Speaking at a Kiwanis luncheon, Joel told of visiting in Blackfoot and admiring a litter of suckling pigs.  “MMMM”, he said, “roast a suckling pig with an apple in its mouth…nothing better.”  Naturally the pig owner offered to send a suckling to Boise for Joel.  Six or eight months later, Joel received a call from the freight office – “Say, Mr. Priest, you’d better come right down.  Somebody’s sent you a pig.”
            Joel was mightily pleased, hurried right down to the office, his mind full of visions of a delectable suckling pig.  But when he arrived, there was no suckling pig…there was a huge 5---pound porker!
            At this point in the story, Ike Wescott spoke up with the punch line that stopped Joel right in his tracks:  “Shucks, Joel, it probably was a suckling pig when it started out.  But your freight line is so blamed slow, the pig grew en route.” 
            In spite of the plethora of travel and other activities, Joel remained active in Rotary until 1940 when he resigned so that he and his wife could travel extensively during their retirement. 
            It is always a pleasure learning about our founding fathers interesting history. 

Rotary Youth Leadership Awards is an intensive leadership training program for young adults. District 5400 hosts incoming juniors through outgoing seniors in high school for a 4-day leadership camp at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls, Idaho. Talented young people will attend seminars, workshops and participate in experiential exercises in the form of a ropes course throughout the camp.

RYLA 2016 will be held August 4-7.  Students sign up for RYLA by filling out the application form here: by May 1st.
- See more at:

Ethics In Business:  Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer.
       Consider nominating business people you know who have Integrity, a Sense of Responsibility, an Emphasis on Quality, Discipline, and a Sense of Teamwork.  For nomination forms go to Our Club Page and download the form from the site, or contact Nancy Chinn for a nomination form. 

 Outstanding Students Johanna Di Lulo, Boise High School and Aisea Odencrantz, Bishop Kelly High School.
            Johanna’s Dad had Lou Gehrig’s disease and died when she was 7 years old.  After his death, Johanna became the home office manager and her mother says that she is the best home office manager ever!  She has used her organization skills to become an athlete, student, dancer, and volunteer.  She is an accomplished Soccer and Basketball player and is the Soccer Team captain at Boise High School this year. 
            Johanna has been awarded an Athletic Scholarship to play D1 Soccer at Eastern Washington University. And was chosen the All Conference Player in 2015-16.  In addition to her studies and sports, she volunteers at the Id. Botanical Gardens, the YMCA, and for clubs and teams at Boise High.  Her teachers at Boise High say that she is Hard Working, Reliable, Strong, and Mature. 
            Aisea is a member of Oinkari Basque Dancers and is a volunteer instructor for the Boise’ko Gazteak (age 8-10 Basque Dancers).  She also volunteers and is a Board member of One Stone, Inc. helping with Echo-Suicide Awareness and Prevention Project, Break through 2015, and Realize-healthy relationship awareness project among others. 
            Aisea is the co-captain of the B.K. debate team winning several awards including 3rd place 2015 Debate State Championships and Public Forum Debate.  She has been named as a State qualifier in radio Broadcasting and semi-finalist in Oratorical Analysis.  Her teachers say that she is a wonderful young woman who volunteers extensively in the community.  She plans to study either International Business or Finance as an undergraduate, and then hopes to attend Law School. 

   Rotary Club of Boise Sweetheart Ball
February 27, 2016       Hillcrest Country Club   
Mark your calendar for the SweetHeart Ball Feb 27th. Appetizers and No Host bar from 5:00 - 6:00 Dinner from 6:00 to 7:00 and the band starts at 7:00.  The cost is $50 per person. Your choice for dinner is Grilled Salmon with Meyer Lemon vin blanc served with  rice pilaf. OR Prime Rib with herb potatoes. Both Entrees come with fresh rolls and seasonal vegetables.  It also comes with your choice of a mixed green or spinach salad. Topped off with Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee.   Bring your SweetHeart and join your Rotary family at our SweetHeart Ball. 

Mark your calendar for the Sweet Heart Ball Feb 27th. Appetizers and No Host bar from 5:00 - 6:00 Dinner from 6:00 to 7:00 and the band stars at 7:00.  The cost is $50 per person. Your choice for dinner is Grilled Salmon with Meyer Lemon vin blanc served with  rice pilaf. OR Prime Rib with herb potatoes. Both Entrees come with fresh rolls and seasonal vegetables.  It also comes with your choice of a mixed green or spinach salad. Topped off with Vanilla Bean Cream Brulee.  When you make your reservations Please put P for Prime Rib, G for Grilled Salmon, M for Mixed Green Salad and S for Spinach Salad. Also make sure you put the number of people coming.  See all you Sweet Hearts at the Sweet Hearts Ball.

- See more at:
  Business ethics is the behavior that a business adheres to in its daily dealings with the world. The ethics of a particular business can be diverse. They apply not only to how the business interacts with the world at large, but also to their one-on-one dealings with a single customer.
       Consider nominating business people you know who have Integrity, a Sense of Responsibility, an Emphasis on Quality, Discipline, and a Sense of Teamwork.  

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