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Service Above Self

We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Historic Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom
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Phone:  208-344-7070   Email:  nkchinn@msn.com  


Home Page Stories
Outstanding Students from Boise High School and Bishop Kelly High School
Jacob Russell, Bishop Kelly High School
Along with a 4.0 GPA through six semesters at BK, Jacob also volunteers for many school and community causes;  Volunteers extensively at the Bill Wassmuth Center for Human Rights (Ann Frank Memorial); Campus minister at BK and planning of spiritual life events; Active in the BK Program Assisting the Homeless Scholar (PATHS) program by tutoring and serving those at City Light Shelter, Interfaith Shelter, and Hays Shelter; Hosts new or visiting students at BK.
Jacob is a member of National Honor Society and has been selected by several Bishop Kelly teachers for outstanding academic achievement awards.  Not only do the instructors and staff at BK select him for awards but the Idaho High School Activities Association recognized him for his academic success.  He was recently selected to receive the Knights in Armour Award from Lyle Pearson.  These students are chosen by their coaches and teachers of their High School for Academics, Sports, and Citizenship. 
Academics are one thing for Jacob but he also participates in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track.  He hopes to attend a college in the Pacific Northwest or in France. 
Isabella Archibald, Boise High School
Isabella has a 4.0 GPA at Boise High and is a member or board member of several organizations.  She is Treasurer and Board Member of Onestone.  As a board members she is helping with the new alternative High School sponsored by Onestone. She is Vice President of the Writing Assistant Center, and Founder and member of the Green Team at Boise High. 
Almost every day you can find Isabella running or mountain biking in the Boise Foothills.  She is an alpine skier; a swimmer, and loves Basque dancing.  When she wants to relax she plays the violin.
Isabella is definitely an Outstanding student.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and an AP scholar with distinction Award recipient  Boise High principal says that she is an unique young person who is very civic minded and service oriented.  She naturally cares about others and is very genuine.  She hope to go to college in Colorado or California and focus on the Sciences, Mathematics or Pre-med.
Sponsorship Opportunities available: 
10 tickets
Name and logo on website (not flyer)
Name and logo featured on table top tent at stand-up cocktail tables
Option to provide “swag” items for hand-out during the event
All for only $250
    Be a sponsor, purchase tickets, but whatever you do - COME OUT AND HAVE FUN!!!!!!

  Cassie Maxwell, a student at Borah High School, is an excellent example of an Outstanding Student, who works very hard for success as a student, a positive peer influence, and a contributing member to both her local community and global community.  Her mother says that she is the peacemaker in the home and the first to step in and help with dinner or help her younger sister with homework.  She is a really good teenager and actually acts like she likes her mom. 
     Cassie was fortunate to be a part of the Osso Orphanage Volunteer trip int  he summer of 2016. She traveled to Ecuador to volunteer at the Orphanage, helping to build relationships with many of the special needs children and the experience left her with a yearning to continue helping special needs students. 
      At Borah, Cassie is a Peer Mentor in the Special Education Resource Room Program.  Mrs. Whal, the Special Ed teacher, explains "Having Cassie in my classroom has been fantastic.  She is truly a natural at helping others and making them feel a part of her team.  She treats the students in my program with respect, making sure they know she cares about them through her actions and her words." 
     Cassie is in the top 25% of her class with a 3.98 GPA.  She is active in extracurricular activities at Borah, participating in Tennis, French Club, and Photography Club.  She is planning on going to College to study education and is looking forward to a career as a Secondary Special Education Teacher.
Thank you to the generous individuals from the Boise Club who contributed financially.  These included Laurie Zuckerman, Don Reiman, Kevin Allen and John Davis and all others who helped mak this grant possible. 
   Between the end of July and the 26th of August, seventeen students from around the world came to Idaho.  They will be staying with host families until the school year ends next June.  While in Idaho they attend school, participate in sports, become a member of their host family and share will us their culture.  When they go home, they will have a much better understanding of the United States and Idaho. 
    This past weekend the students attended Orientation at Camp Sawtooth.  Here are a few goals and concerns about their stay. 

My goals for exchange

My concerns or worries right now

·      Make a lot of friends. (8 mentions)
·      Learn English / improve English (8 mentions)
·      Be more independent (4 mentions)
·      Go to a rodeo (all)
·      Play futbol / soccer (2 mentions)
·      Travel through the USA (2 mentions)
·      Discover new culture, way of life (3 mentions)
·      Teach people about my country
·      Go to a football game
·      Go to Boise
·      Go on a hike
·      Go skiing
·      Go to a concert with my friends
·      Eat different food
·      Become a sports/outdoor person
·      volunteer at an equestrian club
·      volunteer for children who need help
·      Be more outgoing.
·      Open up as a person
·      My goal for my year as and exchange student is to have that feeling, when I [must return] home to Demark, that I have had the best year of my life and that I actually don’t want to leave the people and the city around me.
·      Challenge myself to do my best during and after exchange
·      Be more free, be more “me”
·      I hope to find my life goal and discover who I wanna be
·      Find a second home on the other side of the world.
·      I’m afraid of not having friends (4 mentions)
·      I’m worried about my English learning (2 mentions)
·      Worried about becoming friends with my host brother
·      Worried that I don’t understand everything at school.
·      I’m afraid of not having “enough” fun
·      I’m afraid of feeling that I’m lost
·      Scared I will not be able to fit in at school.
·      Worried about being alone in school
·      Worried that I will not find myself in high school – outsider exchange student.
·      Worried that I cannot run the 7 miles for Cross Country
·      Cheerleading
·      Worried about being tired
·      I am concerned about if I don’t become really close to one of my families.
·      Worried about getting homesick.
·      Worried about my flight back [worried about leaving next year]
     Angie Smith gave an update on Stronger Shines the Light Inside, a photographic exhibition of Boise area refugees. On September 1st, it will install in Boise, in front of City Hall, on 10th and Bannock, and in the Grove Plaza. The project has been featured on the White House Blog (with Boise highlighted as one of the most welcoming cities for refugees), and in Wired magazine and National Geographic. She is having an opening reception on 9/1/16 7 – 10 pm at the Linen Building. She could also use some help on her installation crew. For more information visit www.strongershinesthelightinside.com
On September 11, in the New York Times magazine, she will publish a photo essay with Syrian graduating seniors from Boise high schools, and then later in The New Republic Magazine.    Mark Smith is bursting with pride!!!
  Kevin Learned introduced the Vivid Roots team and announced that they were donating $5,000 to a water project grant, sponsored by the Blue Lakes/Twin Falls Club.  Vivid roots is a for profit company but donates a portion of their sales of hats and t-shirts and water bottles and other merchandise to clean water projects around the globe.    These are young men with a start-up company but know the value of giving back.
The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation grants the Salvation Army $1,000 for their school backpack program.   Nancy Chinn presented the check to Major Robert Lloyd.  Each year the salvation army fills backpacks for low income students to take to school.  Imagine going to school the first day of the semester and not having any supplies to do your work?  The students are more than thrilled to have the same things that other kids at school have.  The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation is pleased to donate to such a worthwhile organization. 
GBRF is a foundation supported by Rotarians from Ada County Clubs investing their time, money and expertise doing good for Ada County.  GBRF grants approximately $40,000 to non-profit organizations in Ada County every year.
            GBRF is FOCUSED on Education & Youth, Arts & Culture, Health, Caring & Social Services, Recreation & Outdoors.
            GBRF BELIEVES that by giving to existing organizations, more people can be served.
            GBRF KNOWS that by working together, Rotarians can make a substantial contribution to the community.
            GBRF has been in existence since 1984 and is now approaching a corpus of $900,000 with the goal being $1,000,000.  The organization is funded by Rotarians, families and friends of Rotary members in Ada County
  Bob McQuade attended the Rotary International Conference in Seoul recently.  He said that he wasn't sure that he would go because of the cost but he is now so glad he did.  He came home even more excited about Rotary and all that we do.  He learned that Rotary begins right here at club meetings.  This is where fellowship comes in and friendships are made.  But each club is part of something much, much bigger.  41,000 people signed up for the conference and Bob said that it was exhilarating to be in a room with 40,000+ people who he had something in common with.  There are 1.2 million Rotarians in the world and we all share the international programs and world wide understanding. 
     Bob made new friends from Belgium, Scotland, Germany, Korea, Africa, Bangladesh and many from the US.  He can know keep up with all of them and it started right in Boise in the Crystal Ballroom at a Rotary meeting. 
Ken Howell had a surprise for President James and the club.  As a club, we have been working toward the goals needed to obtain the Presidential Citation.  The goals were lofty and Rotary International discovered that the goals may have been a little too strict.  So, RI decided to give Presidential citations in Gold, Silver and Bronze.  He presented President James with a Silver Presidential Citation for reaching 7 out of 8 goals. 
  This award is for all the members as a club.  Together we met the goals and we should all be proud.  To see all the goals for the Presidential citation go to  Presidential Citation  We accomplished all the Goals except Membership. 
Our club has sponsored several exchange students from Ecuador and has sent several students to that country.  Many of our club members have friends that have been affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred recently.  Following is a letter that Kevin received.  If you would like to donate write your check to the Rotary Club of Boise Foundation, or give your cash or credit card to Nancy at the meeting on Thursday.
Thank you for your concern about this severe 7.8 earthquake that has hit our country. The situation is very, very bad, mainly in one of the Provinces of the Coast called Manabi, where we have 8 clubs. Cities and villages are almost completely devastated. There is a dead Rotarian from the RC of Portoviejo as well as the mother of the President of the same club due to that the buildings where they lived went down.
The present count is more than 700 people dead, figure that will certainly go up since there are thousands of missing and injured persons.  There are also thousands of homeless people that have lost everything. 

As a District, we initially set up an emergency plan carried out through the 8 clubs of Manabi assisting the victims, concentrating mainly on the supply of bottled water, canned tuna, and insect repellents. Supply of small water purification plants has been started to lower the costs of provision and transportation of potable water.
We have been monitoring how the situation has been developing, and have decided, besides keeping the initial plan but with a lower emphasis, to undertake a new phase, emphasizing the supply of water purification plants for small communities and starting assistance for the reconstruction of homes through the supply of building materials.
We will now concentrate on these actions.

I must state that fortunately, all the country and of course the Government, as well as foreign countries, have responded with donations of all kinds, like food, clothing, medicines and others, but  in a certain way these articles are not needed, at least for now.  This is the reason why we are changing our approach to help people in reconstructing their homes.
  Lenore Smith Was Honored  for service above self by her son and friends at the meeting last week.  Lenore and her husband had a son with special needs and because of Lenore's faith in herself and her son, he is now living on his own and working.  Although he has cerebral palsy  and is deaf he has flourished in society.  The world is different today because of Lenore's love and Service Above Self.  Lenore was honored with a Paul Harris Fellow by James Bedal.