Between the end of July and the 26th of August, seventeen students from around the world came to Idaho.  They will be staying with host families until the school year ends next June.  While in Idaho they attend school, participate in sports, become a member of their host family and share will us their culture.  When they go home, they will have a much better understanding of the United States and Idaho. 
    This past weekend the students attended Orientation at Camp Sawtooth.  Here are a few goals and concerns about their stay. 

My goals for exchange

My concerns or worries right now

·      Make a lot of friends. (8 mentions)
·      Learn English / improve English (8 mentions)
·      Be more independent (4 mentions)
·      Go to a rodeo (all)
·      Play futbol / soccer (2 mentions)
·      Travel through the USA (2 mentions)
·      Discover new culture, way of life (3 mentions)
·      Teach people about my country
·      Go to a football game
·      Go to Boise
·      Go on a hike
·      Go skiing
·      Go to a concert with my friends
·      Eat different food
·      Become a sports/outdoor person
·      volunteer at an equestrian club
·      volunteer for children who need help
·      Be more outgoing.
·      Open up as a person
·      My goal for my year as and exchange student is to have that feeling, when I [must return] home to Demark, that I have had the best year of my life and that I actually don’t want to leave the people and the city around me.
·      Challenge myself to do my best during and after exchange
·      Be more free, be more “me”
·      I hope to find my life goal and discover who I wanna be
·      Find a second home on the other side of the world.
·      I’m afraid of not having friends (4 mentions)
·      I’m worried about my English learning (2 mentions)
·      Worried about becoming friends with my host brother
·      Worried that I don’t understand everything at school.
·      I’m afraid of not having “enough” fun
·      I’m afraid of feeling that I’m lost
·      Scared I will not be able to fit in at school.
·      Worried about being alone in school
·      Worried that I will not find myself in high school – outsider exchange student.
·      Worried that I cannot run the 7 miles for Cross Country
·      Cheerleading
·      Worried about being tired
·      I am concerned about if I don’t become really close to one of my families.
·      Worried about getting homesick.
·      Worried about my flight back [worried about leaving next year]