International Grant for Sierra Leone
From The Rotary Foundation:  Congratulations! Your global grant application for funding for the grant entitled "Commercializing cassava as a poverty-reduction strategy in Sierra Leone" submitted by the Rotary Clubs of Boise and Freetown, has been approved by The Rotary Foundation. The award is in the amount of US$221,428.
The Rotary Foundation approved the club's Global Grant to reduce poverty in Massory Sierra Leone using an approach that can be duplicated widely throughout Western Africa.  The Global Grant is funded by individual contributions, club contributions, and matching funds from three districts and The World Fund of The Rotary Foundation.  The grant total is $221,428, which is the largest amount ever granted to Rotarians and clubs in District 5400 that anyone can recall.  The project’s focus is generating sustained jobs and profit for the community by commercializing cassava production.  Our project partner, Village Hope, has the factory building constructed and is awaiting the equipment that will be funded by this grant.  Sierra Leone, and other Western Africa countries, were hard hit by the ebola crisis, with the economy coming to a halt as nearly all travel was banned.  The ebola crisis also delayed this grant as our partner Rotary club in Freetown Sierra Leone was completely focused on combating the deisease.  The Global Grant will be a big step for the Massory community allowing them to generate the needed funds for schools, health care, water, sanitation, and other community driven improvements.  A big thank you to all those in our club that helped make this Global Grant possible.

Todd Fischer
World Service Committee Chair