Our club has sponsored several exchange students from Ecuador and has sent several students to that country.  Many of our club members have friends that have been affected by the devastating earthquake that occurred recently.  Following is a letter that Kevin received.  If you would like to donate write your check to the Rotary Club of Boise Foundation, or give your cash or credit card to Nancy at the meeting on Thursday.
Thank you for your concern about this severe 7.8 earthquake that has hit our country. The situation is very, very bad, mainly in one of the Provinces of the Coast called Manabi, where we have 8 clubs. Cities and villages are almost completely devastated. There is a dead Rotarian from the RC of Portoviejo as well as the mother of the President of the same club due to that the buildings where they lived went down.
The present count is more than 700 people dead, figure that will certainly go up since there are thousands of missing and injured persons.  There are also thousands of homeless people that have lost everything. 

As a District, we initially set up an emergency plan carried out through the 8 clubs of Manabi assisting the victims, concentrating mainly on the supply of bottled water, canned tuna, and insect repellents. Supply of small water purification plants has been started to lower the costs of provision and transportation of potable water.
We have been monitoring how the situation has been developing, and have decided, besides keeping the initial plan but with a lower emphasis, to undertake a new phase, emphasizing the supply of water purification plants for small communities and starting assistance for the reconstruction of homes through the supply of building materials.
We will now concentrate on these actions.

I must state that fortunately, all the country and of course the Government, as well as foreign countries, have responded with donations of all kinds, like food, clothing, medicines and others, but  in a certain way these articles are not needed, at least for now.  This is the reason why we are changing our approach to help people in reconstructing their homes.