Last Week’s Speaker:   

Last Week’s Speaker:    
Susan Mahoney introduced Cherie and while telling of all her accomplishments Cherie had to stand up and ask her to stop.  Cherie said “I love you, But stop.”  And that is Cherie.  She would rather “do” then be honored for what she has done.   
            Cherie loves Rotarians for the good they do – and not just at Christmas time.  She has also been a presenter at RYLA for 15+ years, talking about Cultural Competence. 
            Cherie talked about the upcoming legislative season and what we might expect:
                        Justice Reinvestment – They need to look at the best way to spend the allocated money and what changes to make.
                                    Public Defense:  Idaho has a limited number of Public Defender.  The wait is long for those who need a public defender and while they wait they are often incarcerated.  Many more public defender are needed.
                                    Incarceration:  Minimum sentences are often harsh and not necessary for those with minor infractions.  With the safety of the community in mind, the legislature must take a look at changing the mandatory sentences, look at support for those returning to society and provide resources to those who are set free.  In her opinion, this include tech training while incarcerated. 
Education:  Idaho has turned funding to 2009 levels but needs to do more for our educators.  She wants every high school graduate, in Idaho, to receive a letter from a public university or college inviting the student to come to their institution after graduating.  Of course, higher education needs to be more affordable for everyone. 
The Legislature will also be looking at Voting Rights, Water Rights, Sage Grouse and the law suits that Idaho has brought in the recent past. 
            As always, an exciting agenda for the legislature
Passing the "hat" for Salvation Army.