Capital High - Sara Alis
This is Sara's first year at Capital High School but she easily stands out from our student body.  Hard work and service to others are the hallmark of Sara Alis.  Sara's positive outlook on life makes her a natural student leader.  Her high level of involvement and service to her community through the time she donates to local food and clothing banks is continually impressive.  Also, she is a valued member of the youth supporting the Special Olympics through her dedication to special needs children playing basketball.  Through the Summer of Hope program Sara gathered gift cards to help a young refugee family.  Sara recently decided to focus her senior project on helping raise funds for The Closet which is an organization that provides free clothing to teens in need.  Sara has been a competitive athlete in three sports while taking on rigorous classes.  It is in both school and extra-curricular activities that Sara impresses everyone with her gift to lead other students, solve problems and serve others in need. 
           Sara’s strong moral character has consistently led her in the right direction.  This is the result of her strong connection to her family and personal values. Sara exhibits outstanding time management skills and a tireless work ethic. She is actively planning to attend university next year.  She will be highly successful at whatever she chooses in life given her innate leadership qualities, boundless energy, high intellect and integrity.
            Sara continues to achieve success as a young woman by rising above life’s obstacles. Sara is passionate about the projects that she commits to.  She is generous with her time and skills.  She assists her peers with their challenges and is a true team builder.  Sarah has earned respect and admiration from Capital High's staff and we could not think of none more perfectly fit for this unique award than Sara Alis.