Luke Lamey, Bishop Kelly High School
Luke is a member of the BK Debate Team.  That team has qualified for the national debate competition and they will be traveling to Las Vegas for that competition. 
Luke has received the ISHAA award for outstanding leadership and excellence in interscholastic activities; the Fr. James Rodenspiel Award in Cross Country for leadership, character and work ethic: and he is currently the school chapter vice president of the National Honor Society. 
Along with keeping his 4.0 GPA and ranking number one in his class of 194 he volunteers for On Stone where he is designing project to tackle the issue of stress in students, bike safety, and Health and fitness.  He is Club Treasurer for the Economics Club where they focus on raising money to make microloans to entrepreneurs in developing nations.  As a member of P.A.T.H.S. he tutors homeless students in the Treasure Valley.  In 2016 he traveled to Haiti to help build a medical clinic in Dan Dann.
Luke enjoys public Speaking and Political Science.  He has been accepted to several universities and will decide where he will attend soon. 
Grace Abel, Boise High School
Boise High recognized Grace because of her outstanding attention to service, both within Boise High and the greater community.  Grace has a true passion and sincere desire to help others and make her school and community better places.  The enthusiasm with which she approaches her academic and service life are contagious.  She is always seen about campus with a smile on her face, a friendly hello in her voice, and a kindness for her school mates and teachers.  She is often the first one to show up for an event of game and is continuously offering support and assistance, often picking up loose ends that others had not even noticed.  Grace Abel is the Heart of the Brave at Boise High School – a student who works hard in all aspects of her life. 
Grace is the current VP of Boise High Student Body; She participates in the National Honor Society; is president of the pep squad; has received the Heart of the Brave Award. 
Grace volunteers for many including the Marian Pritchett Booth Memorial Home, the Aquarium of Boise, Idaho Food Bank, Teens Against Tobacco Use, and the Anne Frank Memorial to name a few.