What an interesting time we’ve had over the last few months!  And who knew about Zooming last March?!?  Governor Brad has approved Phase 4 of the COVID-19 reopening.  We’re aiming to gather in the Crystal Ballroom on June 25th for a live lunch featuring the Changing of the Guard for a new Rotary year.
After carefully considering our members’ survey responses for the Reopening, and with the help of Todd Fisher’s wizardry, we’ll be live in the Crystal Ballroom AND conduct the meeting on ZOOM, as well, for those who haven’t gotten haircuts or would rather still “meet” in the comfort of their homes.  RSVP’s for the live meeting?  Only 47 seats for lunch…
So, here’s how our first meeting hopefully will go (with apologizes at the outset for a “great abundance of caution”).
  • Arrive noonish as usual, masked-up, and expect to have your temperature taken by one of our terrific medically-trained members, using a forehead gun.  A reading of over 100.4 degrees F, will likely be followed by the polite but strong suggestion that one returns home and Zooms in for the meeting.  Hopefully, there will be no one like that, but having the temperature check assures all members present of a higher level of confidence that all is well.  Antiseptic gel will be available and encouraged for “hand washing.”
  • We’ll not use the badge boxes for the first few meetings, so no need to search.  But at the moment of arrival, although the occasion takes on the aspect of a reunion, please refrain from handshakes or hugging, and maintain the proverbial social-distancing.
  • Then, it’s immediately onward to the food line, still MASKED-UP, which will be served cafeteria-style by our caterer, using disposable plates and utensils.  And grab a bottle of water.  Sorry, no coffee or punch (those darned pitchers).  After the meeting, it will be your responsibility to dispose of your own lunchware.
  • And into the ballroom.  Surprise!  Only three persons per table, not six, to ensure that our social distancing passes the Four Way Test.  (Hopefully, soon we’ll be able to increase the seating to four/table, and then back to six. But at the start we gotta see how this goes…) We’ll still do Happy Bucks, dutifully recorded for billing, but no cash, checks, pens, pads or cups on the tables.
Having fun yet? Well, as Phase 4 permits, it’s going to be a great and memorable live Rotary meeting on June 25th, and in the spirit of Rotary, let the excitement build!
Yours in Rotary,
Phil Brubaker
Club Administrative Director