Posted by Kevin Allen on Mar 22, 2020
Recent events surrounding the COVID-19 Pandemic are often described as "unprecedented."  And of course in many ways, they are.  However, this isn't the first time the Rotary Club of Boise has experienced a pandemic.  
With free time on my hands, I've been perusing our book "Rotary Club of Boise, The First 100 Years."  Upon our club's founding in 1917, it was lead by C.A. Barton.  President Barton's term was marked by two major events:  World War I and the Spanish Flu Pandemic.  In January 1919, the club resolved to pledge its support to help those suffering from influenza and to prevent the spread of disease.  Over 100 years later, we're still working to those ends.  We continue to push polio toward extinction & in the midst of the current pandemic, we look for creative ways to be of service.  Several members have contacted me to say "keep billing my dues & use the money to help however it can."  Many others have asked how they can help.  Glad you asked:
  • Although we're not having our usual Thursday lunch meetings, your meal charges are being put to good use.  Our caterers will continue to prepare meals which I'll deliver to our most vulnerable citizens at Interfaith Sanctuary.  
  • Check in with us from time-to-time.  Let us know how you're doing & how you're passing the time.  Volunteer to lead small group Zoom meetings to stay connected.
  • If you're a senior citizen who needs help with grocery shopping or other tasks, several club members have volunteered to help.
As I wrap this up, thank you all for your positivity & generosity.  You continue to prove that Rotarians are the most amazing people in the world.  Stay well!