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Todd Fischer:  Photos  Cheryl Godbout:  Editor

Visitors and Guests


Beth Markley introduced visiting Rotarians Tom Olivola, Caramel by the Sea; District Governor Terry Jones; Cary Albright – Boise East

Mark Smith introduced his wife Jeannine Smith, who is active in service work in Africa

Bill Woolley introduced Meaghan Pryde, DVM, who will be joining the club next week


Paul Schmidt introduced his wife Marty Schmidt who is attending to hear the program



District Governor Jones presented President Ron with a certificate for award of good effort for the funds the club has raised for Polio Plus.  He shared since 1985, the cases of polio have gone from 350,000 a year to 10.  Over 2 ½ billion people have been vaccinated through Rotary efforts and we are this close to eradicating polio.


Bob McQuade interviewed Kevin Allen for a history moment.  Kevin was born in Montana and moved to Boise as a kid.  His playground was as far as his bike could take him.  He went to Whittier, North and Boise High and then on to Boise State University where he received a business management degree.  He went to work for ProCare, the family business, eventually becoming the owner. He has stepped away from that for a new business venture, Executive Temp Consulting.  Kevin likes to be active and stay moving.  He goes to the gym and likes to hike TableRock in the morning.  He joined Rotary in 2011 and Andy Erstad was his sponsor (and is also his uncle).  He feels Rotary’s principles align with who he is and he stays because there is important work to do.  He has been involved in leading the community development committee and the world service committee.  He will be our vice-president.


President Ron highlighted an important statics in the MLB AL East…the Yankee’s are in first place with 126 games to go.


Tom Olivola presented a banner to President Ron from the Caramel by the Sea Rotary – they have been in existence since 1950, have a substantial endowment and give out about $250,000 a year in grants.


President Ron presented Paul Harris awards to Susan Mahoney (Paul Harris Fellow) and Paul and Marty Schmidt (Paul Harris +6).


Dirk announced that all district raffle tickets must be turned in by next Friday morning. 25% of the proceeds of tickets sold go to our club.


June 27 is the changing of the guard at the Idaho Botanical Gardens, sign up sheets are on the tables.


Laurie Zuckerman announced that she’s recruiting volunteers to water all the plants that were planted at Hidden Lakes.  Once a month, Saturday morning at 8am through the summer.


Next week Coach Harsin will be the speaker – the format will change to accommodate his schedule.  Please let Ron or Todd know if you’re brining guests so they can get a good food estimate to the caterers.





Bill Agler led the club in Happy Birthday in honor of Marty Schmidt’s birthday.



Happy Dollars were fast and furious to accommodate more time for the presentation.

Kevin Learned is happy that Jeannine Smith introduced herself as his boyfriend

Susan Mahoney is happy for Andy Erstad and his efforts on the Children’s Hospital Advisory Board

Mark Smith is happy for Dan Johnson’s 94th birthday on May 7

Laurie Zuckerman is happy for Carey Albright, there is a great video he did on the district rotary website

District Governor Jones is happy for all the help and support he’s gotten from different members of the Boise Rotary (Todd, Beth, Kevin, Laurie, the list goes on)

Dave Bennion says GO BRONCOS!

Tom Wilford is happy that Jeannine gave Kevin a hug

Tim Bower is wondering who this Andy Erstad is?


Our Speaker   

Dwight introduced Andy Erstad, 5th generation Idahoan, active club member, lineage of Rotary members and an accomplished architect.  He worked under Charles Hummel and is presenting to the club today on ‘Where we were, Where we are, and Where we are headed’ with architecture.


Andy’s presentation was very visual and consisted of many wonderful photos, several historic and some as new as a few hours ago.  Boise started like most western towns, a postal and stage stop for materials heading to the Idaho Basin.  Fast forward a few years and there are streets, multi-story buildings, power lines and Boise is the seat of the state – that shifting from Lewiston.

Photos of Main Street looking west over a period of years shows the Ada Theater (what became the Egyptian) and many building that were wood encased in Masonry and brick.

The old Boise City Hall was torn down and replaced with the current building.  Sometimes, we don’t quite get it right when looking at preserving.  The new steel art structures and plaza are meant to add a modern look.  Originally, the building housed both the city and county offices, but then they outgrew that setup, the County moved out into the newly build courthouse.  The earthquake in the early 80’s moved the ground enough to shift some steel supports for the building and if you look in the parking garage you can see the steel that was used to steady the building.

Idaho National Bank, which became the Simplot HQ, which became a now vibrant part of downtown with retail.

The Fire Station was renovated to what it is now and many of the original features were returned to the building.

He presented the capital building renovation…it was one of the most professionally gratifying things he has done to serve on that commission for 20 years.  Two days before the opening and dedication, the contractors and their families attended a gathering. He was so pleased to see the pride in their work that all these people had and the delight in being part of a historic project that will be around for more than 100 years and make architecture sing.

He showed one of the first and tallest Art Deco buildings, which happen to be the building we were sitting in, the Hoff Building.  In the background of a modern photo is the LEED platinum Banner bank building.

The Idanha shown over the years gives you an idea of the urban center Boise is becoming.

He showed the 5th & Main intersection and the Veltex gas station that they worked on.  At the time the city felt it was a contributing building, a classic example of deco.  They had to show it had been compromised and was no longer contributing – the Veltex building that was deigned has a beautiful flow with the residential above the historic and offset.  The plaza on the corner was also a concession to the community – giving up space that could be leased for a place to gather.

The last couple of slides showed some newer building, including the new Simplot HQ.  He talked about how the ridges in the building signify the roots of the company in agriculture and the roots in Idaho.

Architecture is about places to gather and moving forward, he’s interested in seeing the balance between old and new.

Upcoming Events    
 Serving Dinner at River of Life the first Thursday of every month.   6:45 to 7:30 


  Thank you to Mindy Plumlee for taking the meeting notes.
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