Upcoming Speakers
Dec 10, 2020 12:00 PM
Professional Speaker/Trainer, TEDx Boise
Dec 17, 2020 12:00 PM
Director of Community Partnerships, City of Boise
Dec 24, 2020 12:00 PM
Merry Christmas! Hanukkah Sameach! Joyous Kwanzaa!
Dec 31, 2020 12:00 PM
Happy New Year!
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Upcoming Events
Club Board Meeting
Dec 17, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
Beyond IPA - Rotary Virtual Beer Tasting
Dec 22, 2020
5:30 PM – 7:00 PM
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Club News
Notes From the November 19th Club Meeting
Happy Dollars
  • Patty Burnham was happy to have a new job, selling office equipment for OEC on Americana.  Congratulations Patty!
  • Todd Fischer fined himself for having muted our Asst. Governor, Mike Markley, to avoid letting him recruit our guest Sayoko Kuwahara to another club during the breakout session.
  • Rourke O'Brien was happy to have skied at Bogus on a perfect day with his youngest son.
  • Russell Strader was happy to have celebrated a birthday that makes him newly eligible for government health benefits, which he hopes he will not need.  Happy Birthday Russ!
  • Ken Howell was happy to be attending his first Rotary meeting in a few weeks, and to see so many friendly faces, especially Marcia Wing, Gordon Brookover and Jim Steele.
  • Jerry Schroeder was (very) happy to see his property taxes go down, full credit to Bob McQuade ($3!)
  • Bob McQuade doubled Jerry's contribution as happy as he was to hear of Jerry's enthusiasm for his tax assessment.
  • Marcia Wing was happy to have an 'interesting week' that ended well.  A planned trip to Arizona to celebrate Thanksgiving was postponed a few days so her husband could have emergency surgery to implant stents.  Thank you St. Luke's!  All is well and they got to Arizona late on Thursday.
  • Wayne Schneider was happy to celebrate his birthday.  Happy Birthday Wayne!
  • Lavern Gentry was happy for Marcia, glad that her husband is alright and they were able to get to Arizona.  Happy we have such a good health system here in Boise!
  • Jim Steele was happy to match Jerry's $3 property tax celebration; thank you Bob!  And happy for Marcia and her husband for his successful surgery.
  • Beth Markley was happy to have help monitoring the chat and hand raises during these calls. 

Visiting Rotarians and Guests

  • Chelsie Hess, Managing Director of Sylvan Learning Boise, who is looking for opportunities to support the community.
  • Sayoko Kuwahara, wife of Rourke O'Brien.
  • Mike Markley, our District Assistant Governor who was confined to President Beth's basement.
  • Rob Onnen, a past Rotary Club of Boise member from 1985-2002, who was back in town for a visit.
  • New members Patty Burnham and CJ Travis were attending and said Hello.
Rotary Virtual Beer Tasting:
Save the Date: Tuesday, December 22nd, for Rotary's alternative holiday event - a virtual beer tasting!
Beyond IPA! The event will feature selections from our local Firkin Frolic and a guest presentation by local restauranteur and beer aficionado Dave Krick.
Purchase up your six pack of local beers specially assembled for this event from Hops and Bottles, 1420 W. Grove Street, in advance and join your fellow Rotarians in an evening of fun and fellowship! 
Last Week's Program
Our speaker last week was Chris Blanchard, of IndieDwell, a certified B Corporation that builds modular, affordable housing solutions that are energy efficient, sustainable, healthy and durable.


Have you missed a meeting because you can't find the zoom link? It's the same from week to week. Put it in your recurring calendar listing so it's handy!
As always, if possible, please name your profile and consider turning on your video while in the meeting. It helps us ensure security (no Zoom bombers), and helps you engage with your fellow Rotarians.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For prospective members who sign up while we're meeting remotely, the club will waive the one-time membership fee and the community benefit charge (which, while we're meeting remotely, supports meals for Interfaith Sanctuary), email Membership Chair Richard Davey for more details.
More About Your Membership
While we are meeting remotely, we will continue to include the standard meal charge of $77.34 in our bi-monthly invoices, only now it will be called "community benefit," to reflect where the money is really going. When we cannot meet over meals, your payment helps us keep our lease on the meeting room and storage space, and also benefits our community (most of our meals are donated to Interfaith Sanctuary). This all enables a seamless return to our in-person meetings once it is safe.
For those who continue to pay for this community benefit thank you.
If you are not able to catch a live zoom meeting, email for a link to a recording of the meeting later.
Funday Sunnies by Jeff Leedy