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Jul 30, 2020 12:00 PM
CEO, Bank of Idaho
Aug 06, 2020 12:00 PM
Co-owner, Georges Cycles
Aug 13, 2020 12:00 PM
CEO, Ball Ventures Ahlquist
Aug 20, 2020
State Director, Idaho Small Business Development Center
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Russell Hampton
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From the July 23 Club Meeting
Happy Dollars
Russell Strader committed $46 for his 42 mile ride over the July 4th weekend in the Sawtooths, $35 for his 28th wedding anniversary, $58 for another long bike ride, $20 for our speaker Julia Kertz Grant who is a friend from Boise Cascade days.  He is also happy that Congress set aside lands for public use.  This donation will get him to next Paul Harris level!
Jeff Leedy was $20 happy for his wife Elaine's birthday, her new job helping high school students find apprenticeships, a 'free' new roof, and health and well-being.
Richard Davey was $20 happy for his two daughters' birthdays, turning 2 and 4, and good health.
Dirk Manley was $20 happy he saw Kevin Learned biking up Shaw Mountain Rd, and that he saw his parents today and received fresh eggs and cantaloupe from them.  
Kevin Learned was $20 happy for the terrific job the YMCA is doing, thanks to Dave Duro. 
Beth Markley was $10 happy her Mom is able to go the the YMCA during 'masked only' hours and feel safe; thanks to Dave Duro.
Ken Howell was $20 happy he could get a haircut, and that he discovered how to mute people in Zoom, particularly Kevin Learned (??!)
Todd Fischer had $20 sad dollars today; Julia mentioned her 17 year old son, which made him think of cancelled RYLA, 100 kids will miss out on that experience this year.
Jim Steele was $20 happy that his COVID test came back negative despite some symptoms, and the test itself was not too bad.
Alecia Murray was $20 happy that despite the fact her 13-year old stepson had COVID, it did not spread to anyone else in the family.
Julia Kertz Grant (our guest speaker) was $20 happy because her child participated in RYLA several years ago and still talks about what a wonderful experience it was.

Rourke introduced his wife, Sayoko Kuwahara, as his guest.
Thanks to those members who are continuing to pay their full dues! While we can't meet over lunches, our caterer is still making meals and delivering them to Interfaith Sanctuary.
Rotary poll
We had another poll! (answers in bold) Thank you to Phil Brubaker for putting these together for us.

Paul Harris was a _______ by profession.
1. Doctor
2. Potato Farmer
3. Lawyer
4. Architect


RI’s international polio eradication efforts began in 1979 in which country?
1. Borneo
2. Phillippines
3. India
4. Pakistan

Last Week's Program
On Thursday, July 23, we heard from Julia Kertz Grant, of Hancock Natural Resource Group, presented on How to make Money and have Fun while Restoring the Environment. During her talk, Ms. Grant challenged the audience to think about the intersection of start-ups, corporate sustainability and ecosystem services.
Information About Reopening
While Idaho is now in Phase 4 of its reopening plan, Ada County has been bumped back to Phase 3.  We had hoped to resume in-person/zoom hybrid meetings at the Crystal Ballroom on June 25th for Changing of the Guard, with strenuous safety protocols in place, but a recent spike in COVID cases county-wide forced us to revert back to an online meeting for the annual changing of the guard. 
For now, we will continue with remote meetings until further notice. If you are not able to catch a live meeting, email for a link to a recording of the meeting later.
Funday Sunnies by Jeff Leedy