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Welcome to Boise Rotary
Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Historic Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom
802 W Bannock St.
Boise, ID  83702
United States
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Dwight Pond gave the invocation
Visitors and Guests
James introduced visitors and guests
Honorary Members, Shirley Fields and Marianne from District were in the house!
Bryan Weavers was visiting from the Centennial Club
Paul Schmidt brought his lovely wife, Marty
First day for President Dirk!
President Dirk has three items for meetings:
Mental Floss
George Washington had only one tooth when he was sworn in in 1789.  (It appears that President Dirk is faring much better in the dental department.)
President Dirk recognized those who have been members for more than the 37 years that he has been alive. (Anyone feeling old??)
Kevin Allen send President Dirk and article from St. Cloud where the local Rotary Club led a $3.5 Million renovation of Eastman Park.  Today, the event held there generate $100,000 a year for projects.  (Can you say Lofty Goals?)
The Rotary License Plate is here.  Get yours now at your local tag office and support Rotary!
Beth Markley announced that Marcos has gone back to Argentina.  She is now awaiting her new exchange student, Andrea, from Denmark.  She made a shout out to Meaghan PrydeMeaghan grew up with Rotary Exchange students and although she does not have a large enough house to host one, she offered to take students along when she does things in the area.  Thank you, Meaghan!!!
Marianne presented Paul and Marty Schmidt their recognition for becoming Bequest Society members. 
Kevin Learned thanked everyone for their hard work in raising funds for the foundation, BUT the year is over and it is time to start all over again!!  He gave a big thank you to Kevin Allen and Mindy for the software to be able to do the Paul Harris reports.  All members will getting reports of their giving so they know where they are.
Marianne talked about the Magic Valley Beer Festival.  It will be on August 4th in Twin Falls City Park.  Proceeds will benefit Scholarships for the Alternative High School and a project by the Optimist Club to assist kids who have aged out of the foster care system.
President Dirk recognized Paul and Marty Schmidt for becoming members of the Bequest Society.
Upcoming Projects
Join Rotarians on July 21st at 8 a.m. to water the trees at Hyatt Hidden Lakes.  Help to make sure that all the baby trees grow and thrive!
Don’t forget about volunteering at River of Life on the first Thursday of every month from 6:30 to 7:45.
Past President Ron announced that the Berkley Club in California wants to do a Living Room Conversation program with our club.  He is looking for volunteers to coordinate.
Dave Silva announced that on July 18th, Drug Free Idaho will be showing a film by Colorado outlining the negative impact of marijuana legalization.
RYLA will be July 26-29th.  Todd Fischer is looking for judges for student projects on Thursday, July 29th from 5-8:30.
President Dirk talked about his experience at the Rotary Convention in Toronto where the focus was on Peace, Sustainability and Polio eradication.
Happy Dollars
Vern Gentry paid up on the Yankees/Red Sox bet he made with Ron.  He is actually a Yankees fan, but he took the opposing side.
Kevin Learned was happy to part with his last remaining dollar after Amy asked him if he had any money.  He was half happy for now Past President Ron and half happy that his youngest son turned 42 yesterday.
Past President Ron was happy to be Past President.  He was happy for Vern’s honesty and integrity in volunteering to make good on the bet.
David Riffe was happy on behalf of Meaghan Pryde who is doing the Seattle Bike Ride.
Todd Fischer was happy that this is the first year that he has been able to go to the Beer Festival as RYLA is now a week earlier and does not conflict as it has for the past seven years.
Marianne was happy for her 50th High School Reunion.
Ken Howell was happy for Bea Black for today’s speaker and for Cheryl Godbout for providing recommendations for florists for the Zone Conference and volunteering to produce the Tribute Video. 
Andy Erstad was happy for President Dirk and that his neighbor, Jim Steele called him to let him know that the golden plums on his tree are ripe.  He was also happy to have had the opportunity to serve at River of Life and encourage everyone to spend 40 minutes doing so as well. 
Bill Agler let the club in R.O.T.A.R.Y.
Our Speaker
Dwight Pond introduced our speaker, Darrel Anderson, President and CEO of Idaho Power. 
Darrel donated twenty happy dollars for Ken Howell.
Darrel is a CPA by trade and an Oregon State Graduate.  He is in his fifth year as CEO for Idaho Power.  He is very interested in enhancing the image of Idaho Power.  As a monopoly, he wants people to feel that they would choose Idaho power even if there was another power company in the marketplace.  Idaho Power has been serving customers for 100 years and its journey continues.  Safety is top of mind of every Idaho Power employee, especially since they lost two of their family members recently in off-the-job accidents.  Their motto, Safety Starts with Me, is not just words to them.  Think Twice before You Go is paramount. 
Idaho Power has some of the lowest energy costs in the nation. 
Coal currently accounts for about 18% of the total energy production and it is being gradually phased out.  As of June 1st, Idaho Power was able to reduce prices by 7%.  Some of it was the pass through of President Trump’s tax cuts.  Idaho Power generates competitively priced energy at 7.5 cents compared to 10.5 cents nationally.  Cyber Security for the energy grid is a great concern.  In the last ninety days, Idaho Power has been pinged by Russia seventy five million times and by China seventy five million times as well as Iran, Croatia and the Ukraine.  All wireless devices are potential entry points and it imperative that we stay ahead.  Blockchain, Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency provide big opportunities for power companies, but also a threat as they need a tremendous amount of processing power and suck up a lot of the available capacity.  Idaho Power employees 2,000 people who are very active in the community.  There are three dam complexes on the Snake River in Hells Canyon.  It is currently up for relicense an the only sticking point is a 2 degree Celsius variation in the water coming from the plants.  There is negotiation going on with Oregon regarding the reintroduction of fish above Hells Canyon. 
President Dirk closed the meeting with the 4-way Test. 



Upcoming Events    
 Serving Dinner at River of Life the first Thursday of every month.   6:45 to 7:30 


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