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Rich Demerest gave the invocation
Visitors and Guests
Jason Billister introduced Visitors and Guests
Eden Irgens and Patrick McKeon were visiting from the Coeur d'Alene Friday Lunch Club
Jolene Anderson was visiting from the Rotary Club of Magnolia
Rob Onnen was visiting from the Port Angeles Washington Club
President Dirk introduced his guest and boss, Jack H. Ruby
James Slover introduced his guest, Steve Popish
Ken Howell introduced his guest and Mom, Joyce Howell
Kevin Learned introduced his guests, Gary and Tuong Awh
Three Things
District Celebration 
Mark your calendars for the upcoming District Celebration (aka District Conference) which will be held from May 17-19 at the Convention Center in BOISE!!!!!
Tree Planting is coming.  70 volunteers are needed for March 30th.
Morley Nelson was a long-time member of the club.
Beth Markley announced that applications for outbound students who will be less than 18 1/2 by 2020 are available on the club website.  There is still a need for host families who live withing the school district that the kids will attend.  
Sad Note - James Bedal's father passed away.
Chuck Clark was sad because he has been gone for the last few weeks as his older sister passed away just shy of her 75th birthday.
Mark Smith was happy for Open Air Galleries that will be posting historical photos and some newer photos around town.  These have been done by his daughter.
Jeff Leedy was happy to be well on the mend from his abrupt meeting with a granite floor in a museum last year.  
Jerry Schroeder was happy to have Kevin Learned in the club!  (Someone please check on Jerry as he has been especially generous these past few weeks!!)
David Bennion had a tough basketball season, but he is still thankful for all of the good things in his life!
Kevin Learned was happy to have taken his grand kids to ski in McCall and had a wonderful time.  He was visibly upset to tell the group about Bob and Marsha in Guatemala.  They were Peace Corps volunteers and taught school there.  They were very helpful to the Rotary initiatives in their area.  A home invader broke into their home and murdered Bob and injured Marsha.  Marsha is in Seattle for Bob's funeral.  Marsha was the driving force and Bob was her support.
Laurie Zuckerman was happy, but thought she would have some alone time with her kids and exchange student away, but not so.  She was happy to have attended the NW Youth Exchange in Denver and see our district win the Bronze Award for the first time!
Bea Black was happy for her son who is a St. Patrick's Day Baby and that Century Scholars is in good financial position.  
Dave Silva was happy for Jeff Leedy and his transition from portrait painter to Abstract Painter!
Bill Agler led the club in Oh What a Beautiful Morning
President Elect, Kevin Allen reminded the club that he will be selling district Raffle Tickets soon.  50% goes to the Rotary Foundation, 25% to Rotary Youth Exchange and 25% to the Club.  3rd Prize is a $500 Best Buy gift card.  Second prize is a week in Mexico at La Paz.  First Prize is $4500 travel voucher for the winner, $4500 travel voucher to the seller AND $4500 to the club!  Bring your checkbook!!!
Our Speaker

Angelica "Angel" Pilato, PhD, Lt. Col., USAF, (Ret.)

Dr. Pilato was the first woman Air Force officer assigned to manage an officers' club. She served more than five years on active duty in the United States, Europe, and Thailand.

After her tour in Southeast Asia, Angel returned to civilian life. She transitioned to the Air Force Reserves as a training specialist and retired as a Lieutenant Colonel.

Angel earned a doctorate degree from Oregon State University. She has held management positions at a Fortune 500 company, a top 10 university, and a non-profit organization. Angel is a Rotarian and resides in Oregon.

During the 60's, a lot was going on in the world.  The first Irish Catholic President was elected.  In 1961, The Peace Corps was established.  In 1963, Kennedy was assassinated.  The Women's movement was reignited.  Civil Rights were the call of the decade and of course there was Sex, Drugs and Rock and Roll.
In 1964, Angel was attending Michigan State and there was SNOW.  She decided to join the military.  She started with the Navy where she was asked if she could type and could she swim.  No.  She asked if they let girls on the ships and they said no.  She still does not know why they would require her to swim.  In addition, they would send her to Rhode Island which had SNOW.  No deal.  Then she went to the Air Force where the recruiter was friendly and cute.  He told her that the Air Force lets ladies do everything.  They would send her to San Antonio where there was no SNOW and the recruiter was cute, so she signed up.
Angel asked the recruiter what to expect and he said, "tests and long parties."  Unfortunately, she never got to see San Antonio because she had so many demerits that she never left the base.  She was marching on the wrong foot, etc.  She failed the Strategic Air Command test.  The CO told her that she had to passed the test and explained that it was like football.  Football???  She did finally pass the test.  Oh, and those long parties.  They were when you put on your fatigues and policed the camp for cigarette butts and trash.  They did give her a Dream Sheet that asked where she wanted to be stationed.
Her first assignment was in Omaha, Nebraska where they have SNOW.  
While in Nebraska, she discovered that one of the Sergeants was stealing booze and fudging on his time.  She went to the bookkeeper and told her to doc his time.  He told her to keep her hands off his time card.  She told the Chief what had happened and three weeks later she found herself at her second assignment.
Where the CO said "No Woman is going to run my officer's Club"  That CO left and was replaced by one who was married to an Air Force officer.  He did not have the same issues.  
She was promoted to her third assignment in Bitburg, Germany where the CO said, "We are glad you are here!!"
The German base was a reward for the fighter pilots who had served in Southeast Asia.
Angel volunteered to serve in Udorn Air Base in Thailand.  A strange thing happens when you send men overseas without adult supervision.  Mischief and Mayhem.  The officers club had strippers on Saturday night, Topless Tuesdays and mini miniskirts.  Angel had to decide if she was more interested in Morals or Morale.  She chose Morale.
These men are the last ACE's in Aviation History.  Unfortunately they were all killed.  
The officers regularly drove a jeep into the lobby of the officer's club after a MIG kill.  One night, they attempted to drive a truck in.
That did not go well.
The club was renamed Angel's Truck Stop.
There was always a "champagne" toast after a successful flight.
And they would be dunked in Green Slime.
And, of course, there was always someone to Kiss them Goodbye.
One of the first stories in the book is about Captain Leo Tarlton THomas, Jr.  He was the hottest pilot and flew the fastest plane, but the only thing he wanted to do was to go home to see his new baby boy.  He only had one more combat sortie where he was killed.  It was very devastating.  Years later, she received an e-mail on her website from his son who was now 40 years old.  
President Dirk closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
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