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  Cheryl Godbout:  Editor
  Todd Fischer:  Photography

Jason Billester opened in prayer
Visiting Rotarians and Guests- 
District Governor Jennifer Deroin
Mike Roach from Boise Southwest Club
Scott Learned introduced his guests, Les and Candi Walker and Libby Wight
Beth Markley introduced her guests, her son Jack Markley and our exchange student from Denmark, Andrea Fich.
3 things:
Which reminds us that:
Ada County is not a dry county, reminder Firkin Frolic is on Feb 14, 2019. Bring your valentine and come enjoy some beer!
Upcoming events:
January Rotary Social
When:  January 16th, 6-8:30 pm
Where:  Dick and Sandy Smith's, 2277 S. Swallowtail Lane
What:  Escape winter for the evening by learning to make fresh guacamole (from genuine Cookin Vallarta recipe); or just enjoy sampling guacamole and chips while drinking margaritas.  
What to bring: Anything you would rather drink than margaritas, or other snacks.  
Tropical attire or attitude is appropriate!
Century Scholars April 16, 2019- Ron will be the MC
Paul Harris Fellows
Past President Ron awarded Gary Guenther his Paul Harris Plus 4 award and Fred Reed his Paul Harris Plus 5!
District Governor Jennifer Deroin took a moment to recognize Ken Howell for his work on End Polio Now.  
Ken reminded the club that in 1984 when Polio Plus began, there were 1000 new cases of polio per day in the world.  In 2018, there were 29 cases.  These results were because of the efforts and advocacy of Rotarians around the world.  
Jennifer awarded the club a certificate of appreciation for the club's outstanding financial support.  
President Dirk officially retired Past President Ron's Blue Badge and presented him with the club's Century of Rotary book and the 100th anniversary banner!
Tom Stitzel thanked all of the bell ringers, Bill and Virginia Wooley and Bob Lloyd for all their help with the Salvation Army bell ringing project.  The club raised $7,500 in donations and a total of $12,000 after matching donations!
Today's Happy Dollars will benefit Century Scholars
President Dirk was happy for his first Elk
Shelly Eichmann was happy for Ken Howell
Ken Lansing was happy for Century Scholars
Meaghan Pryde was happy for her birthday this month, but sad because she will be leaving the club at the end of the month to return to Chicago to pursue a new opportunity.
Chuck Clark acknowledged that Oklahoma did not prevail, but was happy for Century Scholars.
Tom Stitzel was happy for his hip surgery.
Mason Fuller was happy that Chuck was able to admit that Oklahoma lost.
Matt McMurry was happy for nine years of providing clothes for people in need.
Todd Fischer was happy for spending the holidays in Europe visiting exchange students.
Chris Ellis was happy that he will be welcoming a new baby in May.
Paul Smith was happy for the Henry Ford Foundation
Past President Ron was happy for Century Scholars
David Bennion was happy that his cardiologist guaranteed his heart until he got into the parking lot.
District Governor Jennifer Deroin was happy for Century Scholars.
Our Speaker
Dave Silva introduced Charles Jones who is the owner of the Stinker Stores.
Charles grew up in Idaho and went to the University of Idaho.  Gasoline in the Southwest is an emotional subject and Charles believes that most people thing it should be free!
Stinker Stores were originally started by Farris Lind who was a crop duster.  He opened his first gas station in 1936 in Twin Falls when he was 20.  He was known for  quirky road signs, many of which had an equally quirky message on the back side.  Lind contracted polio in 1963 from a bad vaccination.  He continued to run his company from an iron lung, but he never lost his trademark sense of humor.  He passed away in 1983.  
For the last 40 years, common knowledge held that we would run out of crude oil.  Shale and fracking has changed the game.  More oil is now being discovered than is being consumed.  The Permian Basin in West Texas has made us completely energy independent.  The United States is the largest producer of crude oil in the world.  The US has the largest reserves of crude oil.  There are no dry holes in a shale field.
Gasoline has the most transparent pricing of any products.  Competition sets the price.  
Each state sets their own tax on gasoline which has a direct impact on the price.
All of our gasoline is refined in Salt Lake City.  From there, it is pumped through a pipeline to Boise and north.  The Department of Defense established PADD's which are distribution areas.  We are in PADD IV.  PADDIV consumes the least oil because of the relatively low population.  Pipelines only go one way and all of the gasoline pumped into Boise must be consumed in Boise.  When more gas is pumped than is consumed, then gas goes on sale.  All gas, regardless of the brand, comes from the same pipe.  When it arrives and is pumped into the additive tanks, where the different brands add detergents.  
There is no incentive to build a refinery in Boise because of the low population.  
Russell Hampton
National Awards Services Inc.