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Special Zoom Meeting today at 4:00 p.m.!
President Kevin Allen invites you to join in on our first club zoom meeting at 4:00 p.m. today.  Here is how you can participate:
Simply click on the zoom link below.  If you haven't used zoom before, it will download a small client to your computer.  It's like the mic on your computer will work just fine and you won't need to use the dial in numbers listed.  Kevin
If your computer doesn't have a microphone, you can dial in via one of the following numbers:
The meeting ID is:  790 150 5062
Looking forward to catching up today!
Regular Meetings Cancelled through April 14, 2020
From President Elect Beth Markley,
Let's Connect!
Hello all. President Kevin noted in his email on Sunday that we'll be launching a series of video chats for members. These will be small group sessions focused on fellowship and fun. To help facilitate this effort, please participate in this brief survey, and stay tuned for more information.
Not familiar with video conferencing? Here's a short tutorial on the tool we'll be using called Zoom. You can join a meeting from your computer or dial in with your phone (not as easy as falling off a log, true, but less complicated than signal fires).
As with all new ways of operating, it may take us a couple of tries to get the hang of things so bear with us.
We're still Raffling
Even though our Rotary District Conference has been cancelled (except for the Remote Club Luau on Friday, May 15), we're continuing with our district raffle. This is an important fundraiser. Last year we raised more than $60,000, with proceeds benefitting the Rotary Youth Exchange program and individual clubs.
Why participate? I'm glad you asked. The prizes are amazing!
Grand Prize: A $4,500 travel voucher for the winner and one for the seller $4,500 travel, plus $4,500 for the the club associated with the winning ticket. Travel vouchers can be used for any commercially available travel offered by AAA.
Wondering how long it'll be before you set foot on a cruise ship or airplane again? Chin up! These suckers don't expire, and you'll need to get out. Proceeds can be broken up to pay for multiple trips, and the prize is transferrable.
Second Prize: A condo stay in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, plus $1,000 for airfare.
Third prize: A $500 Best Buy gift card. 
Tickets are $10 and come in booklets of 10.
I will mail these booklets to each of you next week. Let me know by Friday, March 27 if you would like more than one booklet. Also, if you plan on doing what I do and buying an entire booklet yourself, let me know that by then, too. I'll skip the mailing, fill out a booklet for you, and we will send you a bill from the club. Easy peasy!
Thanks all. Stay sane. Stay home. Sending you a virtual hug.
Yours in Rotary,
President Elect Beth
Rotarian activities while in quarantine
What are you doing while in quarantine?  Here are what some of your fellow rotarians are doing:
Bill Agler says:  “Marti and I are well.  Walking and biking on the Greenbelt are regular occurrences.  We still play tennis a couple of times a week and manage to maintain social distancing.  The rifle competitions I usually do every weekend are closed down but I can still go out into the BLM land and shoot.  As a matter of fact the whistle pigs are sensing our weakness and are getting ready to march on the city.  I will do my best to stop them.  If you want a movie to make you forget all the stress of the day then watch or re-watch Legally Blond.  It is just a bit of fluff but that’s just what we needed.”
Jerry Schroeder writes:  “Nothing new from my end but hopefully the club members will be relieved to know that I am continuing to practice the piano in preparation for a gallant return to the next club meeting.  (That should be worth a buck or two)”

David Riffe writes:  “Kristin and I have been working hard for our clients. During out downtime we have been watching Homeland and trying to get our kids motivated to get outside.”

Karl Kurtz writes:  “I am playing golf and have some great walks with my wife on the Greenbelt.  Trying to stay safe.”

Marilyn Bickle writes:  “We are enjoying our McCall life, but the Downtown Boise Rotary club is one of the things I really miss. Hope to make a meeting when we find our next ‘normal.’"
Doing something you want to share with the club?  If so, send an email to President Kevin Allen at or myself at  We'd love to hear from you!
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