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Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Historic Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom
802 W Bannock St.
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United States
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  Kevin Allen:  Editor
  Todd Fischer:  Photography
  Katie Marconi:  Notes

Visitors and Guests
Dwight Pond gave the invocation
Todd Fischer introduced Visitors and Guests
Visiting Rotarians 
  • Tom Olivola from Carmel, CA
  • Rob Onnen from Port Angeles, WA
  • Dr. Robert Sanders (introduced by Ryan Erstad): practicing chiropractic, fan of ultimate frisby
  • Barron Richner (introduced by Scott Learned): employer and community manager from Primary Health, Masters in Health Science, native of Caldwell, ID
  • Robert Howell (introduced by Dave Smith): “Rap” Howell, father was a Rotarian of the O’Hare Rotary Club, owns the Green Clean Company
  • Anne Marie Olivola (guest of Tom Olivola): wife of visiting Rotarian, second time visiting the club and both want to join the club
  • Bill Overton (introduced by Dwight Pond): neighbor of Dwight in Eagle, worked in tech industry, ministry, and is now working as a financial planner
Kevin Allen filled in for President Dirk.  
Del Parkinson filled in on piano.
Three Things
Butterflies in Bloom, Zoo Boise
We did light gardening & planted flowers in the exhibit on Saturday, May 11th.
   Clayton, son of Randy Munns
   Kylie, daughter of Randy Munns, planting verbena
Todd Fischer, coaching pruning techniques & promoting the brand at the same time!
Kevin Allen, putting finishing touches on a tree stump made into a flower planter.
From left to right:  Cooper Munns, Kylie Munns, Randy Munns, Kevin Allen, Todd Fischer, & Tim Bower.  Photo by Lindsay Munns.  Thank you for spending a beautiful Saturday morning at the zoo!
Boisetarian Editor-in-Chief Needed
See Kevin Allen if interested.
Raffle Tickets
Stubs & payment are due Thursday, May 16th
Raffle Before the Raffle - Kevin raffled off some great prizes!
  • Ken Howell won a free oil change at Dowdy's Automotive, courtesy of John Davis
  • Dick Smith & Paul Schmidt won scarves from Otavalo, Ecuador
  • Kiel VanInwegen & Shane Bartlome won wine from Dunham Cellars, donated by Kevin Allen & Pro Care Landscape Services
Next week's Raffle Before the Raffle will include a painting by Jeff Leedy, another oil change at Dowdy's Automotive, & more great bottles of wine from Dunham Cellars.  
District Celebration
"Kindling the Spark Within" May 17th - May 18th
Happy Dollars
Happy Dollars will go towards Greater Boise Rotary Foundation
  • Rob Onnen: for the fellow Rotarians that taught him the difference between being a member of a Rotary Club and being a Rotarian
  • Randy Munns: celebrating 11 years of marriage
  • Russell Strader: in honor of our speaker
  • Rich Demarest: in honor of Jerry Schroeder donating tickets for show
Bill Agler led the club in singing "This is My Country" as Del Parkinson tickled the ivories.
Our Speaker
Dr. Lee Parton, Boise State University Department of Economics
NC State grad; joined BSU in 2018
Introduced by Laurie Zuckerman
Topic:  Examining the Circular Economy
  • Are we measuring well-being?  Do our policy goals make sense?
  • Macroeconomics and the Circular Economy
    • Growth as a mandate
      • Refer to Federal Reserve Act of 1913, Section 2A
    • Showed a picture of a building sign that read “Is the economic growth killing the planet?” which had been posted in Boston outside of a conference for Economists
    • Is GDP growth the right measure?
      • Domestic household production
      • Economic well-being
      • Happiness
      • Opportunity and access
    • Kate Raworth asks, “is indefinite growth sustainable?”
      • Oxford University, author of “Doughnut Economics 7 Ways to Think Like a 21st Century Economist”
      • Meet the needs of all within the means of the plant
      • Tend the economic “garden”
      • Design to distribute
      • Create to regenerate
      • Be agnostic about growth
    • Graph: Hypothetical GDP Growth shows continual increase over time. Is that sustainable?
    • The Doughnut Economy
  • The Doughnut Economy Quantified
  • Microeconomics and the Circular Economy
    • William McDonough and Michael Braungart, authors of “Cradle to Cradle: Remaking the Way We Make Things”
      • Current cradle to grave philosophy is unstainable
      • We discard valuable resources
      • One size fits all is insufficient
      • Solutions require radical design thinking
    • Cradle to Grave Product Life Cycle (Linear Economy)
      • Showed a picture of a landfill
      • The linear economy is extractive and resource are scarce
      • A simple example of recycling and resource scarcity
        • 100 tons of a rare earth metal exist
        • Assume 90% of the material can be recovered after each use
        • Recycling this resource yield potential 1000 tons of virgin + recycled material
        • Unsustainable
    • Cradle to Cradle Product Life Cycle
      • Design products with planned reuse or upcycyling
      • Incorporate modularity into design
      • Capture valuable waste
      • Reduce, reuse, recycle
      • Gives way to “Butterfly” economy
  • Examples of Circular Design
    • “Cradle to Cradle” is printed with Durabook technology
    • Book Design
      • Treeless synthetic paper
      • Ink can be recovered with a mild solvent
      • Designed to be infinitely recycled (upcycled) across industries
    • Unilever Supply Chain Analysis (2014)
      • $437 million in total savings
      • $231 million in material savings
      • More recycled plastic in products
      • Reducing aluminum
    • Patagonia
      • In store repairs
      • Online options to sell used closes
    • Zipcar in UK
      • Each rental replaces six private cars
      • Parked cars are inefficient use of space
    • Rent the Runway
      • High fashion for every consumer
      • “Access is the new ownership”
    • Veka Windows (German Window producer”
      • Purchased PVC recycling startup
      • Windows last 30 years and 10 recycles
      • Closed loop recycling = mitigates risk
  • Benefits of Circular Design
    • Mitigate material and reputational risk
      • Closed recycling à material supply control
      • Savings on raw materials
      • Avoid negative connotation associated with raw materials
      • Mitigate risk associated with long supply chains and developing countries
    • Consumer and investor demand
      • Corporate social responsibility is valued in the marketplace
      • Shareholders Join chorus demand green disclosures
      • Consumer demand for sustainability
  • Implementing Circular Design
    • Consider where value can be captured along the supply chain
    • Leveraging “green” reputation and brand advantage
    • Explore partnerships
  • More Information: recommended books
    • The Guide to the Circular Economy by Benton et al
    • Doughnut Economics by Kate Raworth
    • Cradle to Cradle by McDonough & Braungart
  • Contact Information:
President Elect Kevin closed the meeting with the Four Way Test.
Join us on May 16th as our own Jason Billester tells us about the Boise Rescue Mission & their work in our community.
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