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Service Above Self
We meet Thursdays at 12:00 PM
Historic Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom
802 W Bannock St.
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  Cheryl Godbout:  Editor
  Todd Fischer:  Photography

Jason opened in prayer
Visiting Rotarians and Guests- 
  • Donnie Web- new annual director of the salvation army
  • Two Rotarians from California
    • AnnMarie and Tom they are looking to join our club
  • Austin Ludwig- Strategic Tax Solutions, Interesting facts about Austin, he likes to impersonate Borat. He also has a large shed in his house that has ten tons of rock, he is a rock counter. He must have good friends who help him move!
  • Mike, he is a recent retiree from US Army (34 years of service). Now works for Ada county district court working with veterans. He will be coming back in Feb to talk to the Club about his service.
  • Steve- He is from California, he is a recovering attorney, and is looking for a new career. He is moving to Boise, random fact he is related to Mason Fuller
  • Visiting Rotarian from Port Angeles 
  • Joanna Madden- guest and is the new best friends with Bill Agler
3 things:
Ada County is not a dry county, reminder Firkin Frolic is on Feb 14, 2019. Bring your valentine and come enjoy some beer!
Upcoming events:
  • Bell ringing Dec 21- Contact Bill Wooley for this event. On each table is a sign up sheet for Ringing of the Bells for the Salvation Army. Meeting on Friday Dec 21, 2018 at 11:45AM to get hats, bells, and buckets in the lobby to head out for 1 hr. If you have a Rotary hat or shirt please wear them! 
  • River of Life Jan 3rd- we will be serving dinner 
  • Century Scholars April 16, 2019- Ron will be the MC
  • District Celebration- Kevin Allen is here begging for help. The District celebration is moving to Boise this year. Kevin is looking for fun things to do on a Saturday afternoon in May. Andy is going to try to set up Capital Tour he will be leading the Tour from Russia.  There is a zoo tour lined up already, but we are looking for help with more events! Contact Kevin with ideas or if you’d like to help him set up these events. 
Christmas Party
Christmas party was last week! Thanks for everyone who helped make this event great! Todd took some great pictures of the event, the families had a great time!
Outstanding student
  • Naomi Valla- She is a student at Frank church high School. She brought her teacher and her mother. She really enjoys being able to volunteer for her school. She is involved in blood drives, giving tours of the Denis Technical Center, or helping students in class. She is among the highest performing in her class. Currently, she is taking courses for college credit and working towards her CNA certification. She hopes to become continue her studies and become an RN.
  • Jackson McEwan- He is a student at Capital High School. He brought Casey and Rob (mother and father). As a school representative he brought Janelle, who happens to also be his aunt. He has done all of his education in the Boise School District, four years spent at the Treasure Valley Math and Science Center. He is a hardworking leader and good role model for other students. He is a member of the Key club and active in student government. He was the Sophomore class president and currently the treasurer. He has been involved in the YMCA Youth in Government and has been on the State planning Committee for the past year, he is the only high school student currently on the committee. In our community, Jackson has been involved at One Stone. He has completed over 20 serve e projects through Project Good and has served on the Board of Directors for One Stone for the past two years. He doesn’t know what his future will hold, but hopes to study Global Health at Yale.
Linda Sue showed a news clip about the Camp fire. The video highlighted her daughter who is a 3rd grade teacher form Paradise. The community is devastated and needs help. School restarted on the 3rd of December with 48 students. Linda Sue has a list of items that they need, you can contact her if you’d like to help out (ie donate items, money, etc) 
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  • Jerry Schroeder is happy today because he received a noticed from Salvation Army which stated they will be doubling their match on the contributions made this season. Jerry was also happy and complimented everyone on their singing, if you can’t sing better than you talk you shouldn’t sing. Her enjoys hearing the club singing well and he congratulated everyone! Also if you’d please remind the president that this is a singing club, we haven’t had a club song in awhile and Jerry would like to get back to the music! 
  • Paul is happy today because his birthday was in November he forgot to make a donation at that time. Today he is making a  Bill Wooley birthday donation, which is the dollar amount for every year of life plus $1.
  • Gary Guenthetr is $20 happy because he just got back from a family vacation in Texas- he got to see his grandchildren, his grand daughter performed in the Nutcracker. He was at Texas A & M and got to see the arrangements being made for George W. Bush’s memorial. While in Texas he learned  the Texas two step. President Dirk offered to sing a song and let him show everyone his new dance moves.
  • Chuck is happy today, because his son graduated from Oklahoma in May and recently a Kevin Murray (from OK) won the Heisman Trophy. This makes two years in a row  that the winner of the Heisman Trophy has been from the same school. He went to a school that lost all of their football games and is happy he now he gets to cheer for a team that wins. Chuck made a bet that if Oklahoma wins on Dec 29th he will donate $100, if they lose he will donate $50.
We were reminded that Rotarians can take a red Salvation Army bucket to their office for donations, knock on random people’s car windows, etc and all donations collected will go towards the Boise Downtown Rotary total. 
Our Speaker
Speaker- Jeff Leedy spoke today about his art Career. He grew up in Long Island, moved to California, and then to Idaho. He has been a Rotarian for 5 years now. He started his formal art training at the age of 15, earned a degree from Syracuse in Fine Art. 
  • Jeff started his career in advertising. He learned there is a lot of unknown politics in the advertising career. He worked in advertising for about 15 years, then decided he need to do something different. 
  • Next, Jeff became an illustrator. He did this for about 8 years before making the transition to a fine artist and working for himself. 
  • He started doing work that he found humorous. One of his first pieces was of a swimmer smoking, this won an award at a Bulgarian Humor Art show. 
  • He started his work focusing on cats and dogs, making pieces of art with comical titles and showing how animals have become apart of our lives. 
  • After doing cats and dogs, Jeff elected to start working human portraits and started with comical pieces of lawyers. He focused on the court room. He has since transitioned to capturing different human behavior. 
  • One of his most popular prints is called “ Heaven” which highlights a toilet with plenty of reading material.  This is a very popular print for wives to get for their husbands. 
Jeff stated he has been blessed to see the humor in life, he understands there are terrible parts of life, but is grateful to see the humorous and fun parts of life. He has been participating in art festivals and shows for the past 30 years, his best feedback he receives is “ Your art makes me happy!” He is very grateful for the ability to make people happy.
Recently , Jeff started doing commissions, this has been bringing a great deal of joy. He does original paintings for customers, usually about family members and more recently pets. He enjoys getting to know the story with each photo. 
He has a few books available as well.  Coffee table books “Has my art made you laugh?” (?) and smaller books “theres a person inside every cat/dog”
Jeff is experimenting with a fourth career- he is working on a video series, he hopes to become a replacement for Andy Rooney. 
Thank you Meaghan Pryde for taking the meeting notes!
Russell Hampton
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