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Oct 08, 2020 12:00 PM
President, CWI
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Russell Hampton
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Notes From the October 01 Club Meeting
President Elect Scott Learned presided over the meeting in President Beth's absence.
Happy Dollars

Ken Howell was happy for two reasons:  (1) Kevin Learned sent a message about a raft trip on the Middle Fork in 2022, which Ken looks forward to joining, and (2) In honor of our guest speaker today, Tamara Cameron, of the Boise Farmers' Market.

Kevin Learned was also happy for a couple reasons:  (1) He has rafted the Middle Fork about 15 times and says it's a must-do trip.  There are still spots available; contact him for information.  (2) He will be at the Farmers' Market this weekend and hopes more folks will volunteer; he needs a bagging buddy.

Bea Black was happy for Lost Grove Brewing, which is celebrating its third anniversary.  This is her son's business, and she is proud of how he has pivoted to adjust to COVID impacts.

Bea also mentioned that she did her very first raft trip with Kevin Learned years ago and it was awesome.

Nate Lining (our guest) was happy that today is Oct. 1st, just 14 days from elk hunting season.  This is his favorite month of the year.

Richard Davey was happy that Nate was willing to join the meeting even though it's just virtual.​

Visiting Rotarians and Guests:

Visitors included Nate Lining, guest of Richard Davey and a fellow CPA who is new to Boise. Rourke O'Brien's wife Sayoko Kuwahara also joined as a guest.

 New member and Red Badger Michael Talbot was attending, glad to see him.  

Rotary service projects

Rotarians were once again out in force at Boise Farmer's Market on Saturday, October 3rd!

Planting Peace

For another opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors with our Rotary friends and family, after all the Zoom meetings and political upheaval, we will put aside our differences and loss and PLANT PEACE!
Enjoy the great outdoors, AND help the City of Boise restore critical wildlife habitat by transplanting native shrubs from our canceled spring planting to their permanent home between the Boise River and Willow Lane Athletic Complex.  Choose a date & time that works for you and your family: 
·         Sat, Nov 7, 10 am - 1 pm, 
·         Sun, Nov 8, 10 am-noon, or
·         Sun, Nov 8, 1:00 pm - 3:00 pm.
Please click this link for details and to sign-up: Boise River Peace Planting
Last Week's Program
Our speaker last week was Tamara Cameron, market manager of the Boise Farmer's Market.
Information About Your Membership
While we are meeting remotely, we will continue to include the standard meal charge of $77.34 in our bi-monthly invoices, only now it will be called "community benefit," to reflect where the money is really going. When we cannot meet over meals, your payment helps us keep our lease on the meeting room and storage space, and also benefits our community (most of our meals are donated to Interfaith Sanctuary). This all enables a seamless return to our in-person meetings once it is safe.
For those who continue to pay for this community benefit thank you.
If you are not able to catch a live zoom meeting, email for a link to a recording of the meeting later.