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Notes From the November 19th Club Meeting
Happy Dollars
  • Kevin Learned was happy to see Beth Mahn, Alicia Murray, and Dan Johnson in attendance.  He is especially happy and proud that son Scott Learned was just named to the list of Outstanding Attorneys in Idaho.  Way to go, Scott!
  • Jeff Leedy was happy to celebrate 32 years of marriage to the same woman - Elaine - who proposed to him in front of a hospital with the compelling sales pitch "Where are you going to get a better deal?" Congratulations Jeff and Elaine!
  • Paul Schmidt was happy to celebrate his 75th birthday, and continue the Bill Wooley tradition of donating to PolioPlus to commemorate the day, and another donation to our club's foundation for a good year ahead.
  • Chuck Clark was happy that ESPN Game Day will be in Norman, OK, home of the University of Oklahoma.
  • Molly Guenther was happy for the funny coincidence of holding a cup from O'Connells in Norman, OK from a past visit to University of Oklahoma for a baseball game.  Cheers to Chuck!
  • Andy Erstad was happy to have attended Rake-Up Boise, where he saw many Rotarians including his son Ryan Erstad and nephew and past Rotary President Kevin Allen.  He is proud of Ryan, who organized our Rake Up Boise participation as well as other community service projects.
  • Marcia Wing was happy to honor Shane Bartlome, who raised a remarkable young man in son Boone.  Boone has been an inspiration to her and many others.
  • Beth Mahn offered up happy dollars in honor of her father, Gary Mahn, who is undergoing a 45-day medical treatment.   
  • Shane Bartlome appreciated the shout out to Boone, and was happy and proud to see all that he has accomplished.
  • Todd Fischer matched Paul Schmidt's gift to our club's foundation.
  • Vern Gentry offered happy dollars in honor of Boone Bartlome.
  • Kevin Allen was happy to match his Uncle Andy's gift, and thankful that Andy introduced him to this Club and helped turnout folks for Rake Up Boise.

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
New Rotary member Patty Burnham said hello, and Rourke O'Brien introduced his wife, Sayoko Kuwahara.

Rotary service projects:
Rake Up Boise was a huge success this year, thanks to Ryan Erstad:
  • 18 Rotarians and family/friends
  • 6 yards
  • Somewhere around 90 bags of leaves
  • More dog doo than we'd like
Last Week's Program
Our speaker last week was Kim Kane, of the Idaho Lives Project, whose mission is to foster resilience and connectedness throughout Idaho school communities to prevent youth suicide.
Nationwide, about 1 in 5 students have had thoughts about suicide, while far fewer attempt it, and fewer still are successful. It is still the second leading cause of death among adolescents. Most suicidal teens display warning signs, some of which may include threats of suicide, symptoms of depression, alcohol or drug use, a preoccupation with death, and taking steps to prepare for death.
The organization provides a school based suicide prevention program. For more information, visit their website or contact Kim directly at
Have you missed a meeting because you can't find the zoom link? It's the same from week to week. Put it in your recurring calendar listing so it's handy!
As always, if possible, please name your profile and consider turning on your video while in the meeting. It helps us ensure security (no Zoom bombers), and helps you engage with your fellow Rotarians.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For prospective members who sign up while we're meeting remotely, the club will waive the one-time membership fee and the community benefit charge (which, while we're meeting remotely, supports meals for Interfaith Sanctuary), email Membership Chair Richard Davey for more details.
More About Your Membership
While we are meeting remotely, we will continue to include the standard meal charge of $77.34 in our bi-monthly invoices, only now it will be called "community benefit," to reflect where the money is really going. When we cannot meet over meals, your payment helps us keep our lease on the meeting room and storage space, and also benefits our community (most of our meals are donated to Interfaith Sanctuary). This all enables a seamless return to our in-person meetings once it is safe.
For those who continue to pay for this community benefit thank you.
If you are not able to catch a live zoom meeting, email for a link to a recording of the meeting later.
Funday Sunnies by Jeff Leedy