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Nov 12, 2020 12:00 PM
Co-CEO, Zamzows
Nov 19, 2020 12:00 PM
Idaho Lives
Nov 26, 2020 12:00 PM
Happy Thanksgiving!
Dec 03, 2020 12:00 PM
Sales and Marketing Manager, IndieDwell
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Rake Up Boise
Nov 14, 2020
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM
Club Board Meeting
Nov 19, 2020
11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
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Club News
Notes From the October 29th Club Meeting
Happy Dollars
  • Paul Schmidt was happy we can still get together virtually; it's not the same as in person, but good for now.
  • Vern Gentry was happy to be Dave Bennion's personal secretary.
  • Dave Bennion was happy to have Vern Gentry willing to help straighten him out.
  • Dick Smith was happy to have enjoyed a two week vacation camping along the Oregon Coast, but also happy to  be back to Boise for the Fall weather.
  • Laurie Zuckerman was happy for her daughter, who is living in Japan, celebrating her 29th birthday.  Laurie is also happy to have a car full of seedlings and many Rotarians willing to help plant them despite weather forecast this weekend.
  • Marcia Wing was happy to contribute to PolioPlus, since she missed opportunity to join the PolioPlus Society a couple weeks ago.
  • Richard Davey was happy for two comped glasses of wine at the Sunday night Rotary event, which provided a nice date night for Richard and his wife.
  • Jeff Leedy was happy to have been at the Rotary event at Ocho, and because he just finished a commissioned painting of a big Lab licking a kitten, and his wife gave it a thumbs up!
  • Katie Marconi was happy to have finished her first marathon, and lived to tell about it.  Congratulations!
  • Jim Steele was happy to be celebrating his 59th Wedding Anniversary.  Congratulations!

Visiting Rotarians and Guests
Two new Rotary members attended:  Patty Burnham, who was a Rotarian in Annapolis and is happy to join our club now that she has moved to Boise; and Mark Houston, a 30-year veteran of the Boise community and the current CEO of Bright Bank. Sayoku Kuwahara was also visiting as Rourke O'Brien's guest.

Rotary service projects:
Rake Up Boise
Our club is adopting a few small- to medium-sized yards in Boise's north end to rake up on the morning of Saturday, November 14.
Email Ryan Erstad to sign up or for more information.
Firkin Frolic
This year the Firkin Frolic will be an outdoor event on Friday, June 11, on the Basque Block, Boise. SAVE THE DATE!
Last Week's Program
Our speaker last week was Carolyn Holly, Vice President of Idaho Business for Education.
Carolyn spoke of the organization's Close the Divide program to put computers and internet connectivity into the hands of some of the 30,000 Idaho children who wouldn't be able to participate in school remotely otherwise.
She also described the organization's youth apprenticeship program, headed by Maureen O'Toole, for which they have hired a number of people and plan to place 400 young people.
Have you missed a meeting because you can't find the zoom link? It's the same from week to week. Put it in your recurring calendar listing so it's handy!
As always, if possible, please name your profile and consider turning on your video while in the meeting. It helps us ensure security (no Zoom bombers), and helps you engage with your fellow Rotarians.
IMPORTANT NOTE: For prospective members who sign up while we're meeting remotely, the club will waive the one-time membership fee and the community benefit charge (which, while we're meeting remotely, supports meals for Interfaith Sanctuary), email Membership Chair Richard Davey for more details.
More About Your Membership
While we are meeting remotely, we will continue to include the standard meal charge of $77.34 in our bi-monthly invoices, only now it will be called "community benefit," to reflect where the money is really going. When we cannot meet over meals, your payment helps us keep our lease on the meeting room and storage space, and also benefits our community (most of our meals are donated to Interfaith Sanctuary). This all enables a seamless return to our in-person meetings once it is safe.
For those who continue to pay for this community benefit thank you.
If you are not able to catch a live zoom meeting, email for a link to a recording of the meeting later.