Past Club Presidents 1967 - 2066


On August 3, 1967 John Barnes, the new President of Boise State College, spoke to the Club.

Dick Vandenburg, Chairman of the Special Events Committee, conducted the December 14 meeting at Bogus Basin so that the membership could view the improvements that Rotary's contribution has made.

Dues were raised to $34.00 per quarter on January 16, 1968 due to increase in postage, and the meal cost increased to $2.00.

The Rotary team again won the Y-Lympics on February 6, 1968. President Gus was fined $21.00 for not attending the event.

After 51 years, the Boise Rotary Club left the Owyhee Hotel to make room for the Ore-Ida Processing Center. The last meeting took place on May 16, 1968 and master host, Phil Murelaga, Owyhee Manager and member of the Club provided a memorable departure with hard hats, prime rib, banana leis, songs and the beginning of the demolition by President Gus. In the 51 years the Boise Club has grown from 50 members to over 200. In the words of Colonel Clarence Bragg: “We have survived two world wars, a police action and 2652 luncheons".

On May 23, 1968 the Club moved its meeting place to the Downtowner where Rotarians Marion Stillwell and John Pengilly are Innkeepers. Idaho Governor Don Samuelson was the speaker for the first meeting.

President-elect Don Bailey inherited the ermine robe a year earlier than he planned and took over from Gus Rosenheim on July 1, 1968. Loryn Kopan, formally elected President in April and slated to begin his term in July was transferred by the Veteran's Administration to Montana in July.


On July 9, 1968 quarterly dues were raised to $38.50.

At the August 20, 1968 meeting Gene Dorsey and Del Low presented the financial problems of the YMCA. The club voted to invest $2500.00 in 7% debentures. (The Club forgave the bonds when they matured.)

Russ Viehweg made an appeal, on September 24, for funds to send the children from the Children's Homes on a Steam Train Excursion to Huntington, Oregon. The members assured the trip by giving the needed $450.00.

As of November 15 the Club needed $1098.00 in contributions to reach the 300% level of gifts to the Rotary International Foundation. The goal was met.

At the November 22, 1986 meeting the Club donated two rescue toboggans to the Bogus Basin Ski Patrol.

Past President Gus Rosenheim almost had his fellow Rotarians rolling in the aisles as he introduced the October birthday honorees.

On April 24, 1969 four students were awarded scholarships to the University of Idaho Summer Music Camp.


Bob Beatty, a future Assistant Secretary of Health and Welfare under President Nixon, and Cyril Radcliff developed the plan for a major Youth Service Project. The project was known as "RSVP" which stood for Rotary Student Vocational Program. Student teacher/counselors and a Rotarian would be teamed and would invite students to explore vocational possibilities.

Music scholarships for a student at the University of Idaho and Sun Valley Music Camp were increased.

On February 4, 1970 the Club gave the YMCA $1000.00 for their Special Education Swimming Program.

The Club gave the Boise Art Association on April 28, 1970 $1500.00 for their Summer Art Program.

The District Conference was held in Boise with DG George Fields presiding.

A program to send U. S. Servicemen in Vietnam "ditty bags" was organized.

The custom of having new members serving on the button board was started.

Membership increased by ten percent.


Youth Service Project "RSVP" was started and continued for approximately 10 years. It required a lot of personal time and coordination between the school's counselors and Rotarians.

Meal cost was increased to $2.75 on January 26, 1971.

Outward Bound received $100.00 on March 22.

At the May 25 meeting the Club gave the Easter Seal Society $500.00 for audio equipment.


President Norm announced on January 10, 1972 that the following Rotarians had 100% attendance: George Fields, Harold Finch, Norm Lee, Jake Stephens, Tom Reynolds, Leon Scott, Sam Smith and Winfield Jones.

The Boise Rotary Club sponsored the first new Rotary Club in Boise. The Boise Southwest Club was granted a charter on January 20, 1972.

The program for the March 30, 1972 meeting was presented by New Club Members, headed by Bill Woolley, consisted of tantalizing potpourri of fun, entertainment, information and games of skill. The games of skill pitted the new members against older members and the losers contributed to the Rotary Foundation.

The following contributions were given to: World Partner Alliance $300.00, Day Care Center for Retarded Children $250.00, Friends of the Elderly $50.00, Salvation Army $100.00, Boise Green Belt $300.00, Summer Workshop for Teachers $300.00 and Boise Hot Line for Drug Abuse $100.00.

On June 8, 1972 John Roning and Bill Woolley chaired the huff and puff extravaganza at Crane Creek Country Club. John Sailors hit seven golf balls into the canyons and at the award ceremonies John Roning presented him a bag of cement so he could cement the canyons.


On July 3, 1972 Mary Lynette Myers, of Boise and a graduate of Boise State College, received a Rotary Foundation Scholarship to study at the University of Stockholm. She was the Boise Rotary Club's first scholarship winner. Roger Martell was responsible for her arrangements.

The Ada County Association of Retarded Children was given $250.00 on July 24.

After President Farley finished fining everyone in attendance, Dick Forney introduced the speaker, Ken Griffiths a London attorney, who roving Dick met in the African bush.

U. S. Secretary of Interior Roger D. Morton spoke to the Club on September 7, 1972.

On November 30 Rotarian Morley Nelson presented his film “Eagles, Hawks and Birds”.

Governor Cecil D. Andrus spoke to the Club on May 31, 1973. The title of his speech was "How to Get Along with the Lt. Governor in 10 Words or Less".


The Club purchased $1000.00 of Series D 6% Debenture due June 1, 1985 issued by Bogus Basin Recreational Association. (This was forgiven on maturity)

Donations for the Rotary year 1973-74 were: Handicapped Children $600.00, Scholarships $300.00, International Youth $400.00 and Good Samaritan Home $1000.00.


Loryn Kopan replaced John Sailors as President-elect when IBM transferred John to New York.

On September 19, 1974 Frank Chipperfield, a Rotarian from Melbourne, Australia and Secretary of the State Electric Commission spoke to the Club.

At the October 2 meeting President Loryn was in a fining mood and all the proceeds went to the United Way. Membership now stood at 244.

Eagle Scout Kim Larsen, Boise High Orator, won the Rotary Regional Competition and met with U. S. President Gerald Ford in February.

Senator Frank Church spoke to the Club on October 31 on the subject" Why I Favor Witches and Hobgoblins".

At the December 16 meeting the following donations were made: Salvation Army $339.88, $1000.00 to the Good Samaritan Home and $500.00 to the Student Loan Fund at BSU.

On June 23, 1975 a film on the 1974 World Series was shown and hot dogs and beer were served for lunch.


President Jordan started the tradition of singing "Here We Have Idaho" as part of our opening ceremony.

The Club donated $1000.00 to the Good Samaritan Home.

President Rich was known as the fining President. His typical fine was $50.00.


Rather than have many small projects it was decided for the first time to develop a large project that would span several years. John Chapman was named chairman to explore and find a project. His recommendation was to build a playground in Ann Morrison Park that was handicapped accessible. He worked with John Cooper, Boise City Parks Director in developing the plan for the playground. The board approved the project in May 1977 with a budget of $25,000.00.

The Club donated $1250.00 to the YMCA for kitchen improvements.

The District 542 Conference was held May 12-15, 1977 at the Roadway Inn, Boise with DG Robert S. Gibb presiding.


John Chapman worked with John Cooper, Boise City Parks Director in developing the detailed plan for the Candy Cane Playground with ground breaking scheduled for the fall 1978. The total cost of the playground would be $50,000.00 with the Rotary Club providing $25,000.00

In March 1978 the Club donated $100.00 to Junior Achievement.


Ground breaking ceremonies took place in September 1978 with our President Bodmer, Barbara Allumbaugh, Vice President Boise Board of Park Commissioners and Mayor Dick Eardley turning the first shovels of dirt. The Candy Cane Playground was completed and opened in November 1979.

On December 15, 1978 Dr. Richard Buffington was named to Chair the Boise Rotary Club creation of the Robert S. Gibb Scholarship at BSU. Bob Gibb was our club President 1966-67 and District Governor 1976-77 who lived and breathed “The Four Way Test”. The Robert S. Gibb Memorial Bridge, connecting Julia Davis Park and BSU, was named in his honor.


Cy Radcliff, a Past President, chaired bringing "Crime Stoppers" to Boise. The club provided the first $1000.00 of reward money and subsequently continued to fund this project.

On November 20, 1979 30 members attended the ceremony dedicating the New Candy Cane Playground in Ann Morrison Park. Retiring Park Board member Alice Dieter and Major Dick Eardley accepted the $25,000.00 Rotary check from Special Project's Chairman John Chapman. President Bill Forney and past presidents Bill Woolley, John Crim and Bernie Bodmer, in whose administrations the project was initiated and developed, made brief remarks. A student band from North Junior High provided music, students from Garfield School test ran the playground equipment and John Chapman on the slide and Bernie Bodmer on the teeter-totter performed for TV. A handsome bronze plaque at the site recognized the Rotary Club's sponsorship.

The Club donated the following in 1979/1980: $500.00 Elks Rehabilitation Hospital, $720.00 Junior Achievement, $356.00 YMCA, $500.00 Boy Scouts and $1500.00 Health, Hunger and Humanities.


On August 14 the Club sponsored a ride for Boise Valley Sunset Home residents on the Tour Train.

President Dick initiated a program with Bill Hatch of KBOI presenting a daily summary of the news at each meeting.

October 13 was declared Cece Jordan Day. He celebrated 50 years of being a Rotarian and was awarded a Paul Harris Fellow.

R. C. Pasley on December 12 led the Club's Salvation Army Bell Ringers and raised $4411.84.

Cy Radcliff led the Group Study Exchange team to India in January. He wrote: "Traveling by car in this country is a harrowing experience. We are in the interior where the roads are narrow and poorly maintained. You try to hold the center of the road, contending with people, bullock carts, goats, trucks, buses, bicycles, water buffalo, pushcarts, you name it. You aim directly at the opposition and hold your ground, hoping the other guy will chicken out"

George Richardson was recognized for his leadership in the formation of the new Meridian Rotary Club on March 5, 1981.

On March 23, 1981 Cecil D. Andrus, the 42nd U. S. Secretary of Interior, spoke to the Club.

At the May 19 meeting $100.00 was given to Junior Achievement.


President Stan tried to improve the dress code with the wearing of ties and chided those attending in their gardening attire.

Attendance was improved by 30% due to excellent programs.

$1000.00 was donated to Crime Stoppers. This Community Service Project is a real winner. Citizens have become very active in combating crime and the project is having phenomenal success.


At the August 16 meeting Mike McMurray, Chairman of the International Youth Project Committee, introduced our two international students who will be in Boise for the school year.

On October 25, Past President Dick Bullington presented the Club with a $500.00 check for the Bob Gibb Memorial Fund. Dick and BSU President John Keiser propositioned Boise Rotarians that they would run so many laps around the stadium in return for contributions to the Bob Gibb Memorial Fund. Dick got sick and Rotarian John had to run alone.

Tom Stitzel led the Rotarians as Salvation Army Bell ringers and raised $7514.22.

On January 15 Dan Stern reported on the Rotary Young Artist Competition held at the BSU Special Events Center and the winner will perform with the Boise Philharmonic in February.

Rick White worked hard and took his assignment on the Attendance Committee seriously. A long list of Rotarians had preceded him in the impossible dream of improving attendance. President Dan said, " Poor attendance helps the treasury."


Under Tom Wright the Community Service Committee in 1983 funded the Child Care Outdoor Learning Center for children of BSU faculty and students on the BSU Campus, with a grant of $35,000.00.

The committee of Dr. Richard Forney, Lyman Wilbur, John Alsip Jr. and Cy Radcliff proposed and developed the Boise Rotary Foundation which was incorporated February 24, 1984. Originally it consisted of our club but has been expanded to include all six Ada County Rotary Clubs and is now named The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation. Today the endowment is over $600,000.00.

Donations made in 1984 were: $235.00 Handicapped Children and $500.00 Senior Citizen.


The Robert S. Gibb Fellowship was started, whereby individual Rotarians giving $1000.00 or more will be designated a Robert S. Gibb Fellow and be presented with a printed certificate. The month of June 1985 was designated the Boise Rotary Foundation Month.

Under Chairman Larry Kissler the Rotary Club assisted in raising $12,000.00 for the Restoration of The Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island.

Crime Stoppers has recovered over $1,000,000.00 of stolen property since the project was started in 1980.


President and future District Governor Phil in 1985 created a committee of past presidents, Stan Burns, Clair Bush, Chuck Hummel and Joe Robinson to recommend a major project. From this grew the Willow Lane Soccer Project.

The Club contributed $5000.00 to The Birds of Prey Foundation so that Rotarian Morley Nelson could produce a film on the activities of birds of prey.

New songbooks and gold colored table bowls were introduced.

The Club contributed $250.00 to the Boise Hotline, $350.00 to the Holiday Parade Association and $250.00 to the Rotary Rose Bowl float.


On September 15 the Club gave $250.00 for the Rotary International Float in the Rose Parade in Pasadena on January 1, 1987. In addition $1000.00 was given to the Boise Hospice Program.

Bruce Cadwell won the Rotary International Golf Tournament held in Sun Valley September 19-23.

On November 13 $500.00 was given to Crime Stoppers.

The Rotary Bell Ringers raised $6500.00 for the Salvation Army.

On April 27, 1987 Pat O'Connor, Chairman of World Community Service Committee, advised that used dental equipment, through the efforts of Dr. Jarl Gibson, had been donated for use in Guatemala. The equipment was moved from Coeur d’ Alene to Boise, through a donation by Bill Woolley's Tennyson Transfer, for refurbishing by Mountain States Dental. Toby Gandy arranged for the Air Force to fly the equipment to Guatemala.


Steve Brown is a third generation President of the Boise Rotary Club. His father, Boyd Brown, and grandfather, Harold Finch, were Presidents of the Club.

During Steve Brown's term over $100,000.00 was raised and pledged for the Willow Lane Soccer Project. In addition Rotarian and Adjutant General of the Idaho National Guard, Darrell Manning committed the Guard Engineers to move the dirt to create the field. The field is used as Boise High's home field.

Jarl Gibson chaired the club's Polio Plus campaign and raised $70,000.00.


On August 18 the annual Rotary Picnic was held in Julia Davis Park with rides at the Fun Zone Amusement Site.

On September 21 President Pat announced that the Board of Directors approved a $200.00 donation to the Rotary Rose Parade Float Project and $1000.00 to the Salvation Army Booth Home.

President Pat fined Jack Rucker, Donn Miller, Leon Doane, John Crim and Jack Little $25.00 each as our speaker Rotarian Dale Blickenstaff mentioned the Moore Financial Group.

On May 13 $200.00 was donated for Students to attend Business Week sponsored by Idaho Association of Commerce and Industry.

U. S. Senator Steve Symms spoke to the Club on May 28, 1989.


President Newhouse led the dedication of the Willow Lane Soccer Complex on October 19, 1989.

The first women members of the Boise Rotary Club were Judge Deborah A. Bail and Tamara C. Brandstetter who joined the Club on October 12, 1989.

At the December 14, 1989 meeting Dennis Wheeler, President and CEO of Coeur d’ Alene Mining Corporation spoke to the Club.

On February 8, 1990 six Rotarians; Wayne Travis, Hal Hall, Tom Charrey, Jack Waddill, J. Pat O’Connor and Jim Massie were honored for their perfect attendance.

The March 8, 1990 program consisted of three speakers. Michael D. Crapo, President Pro Tempore Idaho State Senate, Rear Admiral David R. Oliver Jr., Nuclear Submarine Base Commander and Michael Swindell, West Point Cadet presented a very interesting and varied program.


In 1991 fund raising was started for the original YWCA's Battered Women and Children Shelter. This project developed into the Community House with our club contributing over $50,000.00.

Kathleen Simko was a member of District 5400 GSE team to Sweden in 1991. Upon return, she joined the Rotary Club of Western Treasure Valley and joined the Boise Club in 2003.


The 75th Anniversary of the Boise Rotary Club was celebrated with a dinner at the Red Lion Riverside on May 21, 1992. Dr. Gus Rosenheim served as master of ceremonies. The Boise Rotary Club produced a professional movie on the 75 years of Rotary in Boise and it was premiered at the 75th Anniversary dinner.

Gary Mahn and his wife Kathy led the GSE Team to Bavaria in the fall of 1991.

On June 24, 1992 Rotarian "Bullet Bob" Kiesel spoke to the Ontario, Oregon Rotary Club. His subject was winning the Gold Medal with the 400 Meter Relay Team at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games.


Gil Gilbertson led the GSE team to England in 1993. Team member Vicky Cutshell joined the Boise Rotary Club upon their return.

The Boise Southwest Rotary and the Sunrise Club joined with the Boise Rotary Club in changing the Boise Rotary Foundation to the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation. With this change all Rotary Clubs in Ada County would participate in the Foundation.

Money was raised in December to provide Christmas presents for sixteen needy young people nominated by the YMCA.

The Club raised $13,340.00 for the Salvation Army by manning the Bell Ringing Kettles.

$3000.00 was donated to the Community House in lieu of gifts for the ladies at the Rotary Ball.

The Club and the Southwest Boise Rotary conducted a Shoe Donation Event. This was part of the Frankie Laine’s Concert at the Morrison Center with over 4000 pairs of shoes being donated to the homeless.


In 1993 Ed Dahlberg and the Community Service Committee outlined the need for better immunization of preschool children and started working with Central District Health. The following year the committee led by Jim Donald with a technical assist from Baldy Pontefract provided the hardware and software to track immunization for Central District health at a cost of $5000.00. From this Rotary District 5400 developed immunization into a statewide project.

President Fields initiated regular monthly meetings of the presidents of all the Ada County clubs, to discuss joint activities and other topics of mutual interest and to share ideas for programs and projects.

A vocal minority of members expressed their concern that our invocation prayer was not “Ecumenical”. President Dick asked Gil Gilbertson and the Chaplain Committee to present their recommendation. In January the Club started using”Ecumenical Invocations Only”.

The District 5400 Conference was held May 1994 in Sun Valley with DG Philip Sansotta presiding.


Entertainment by various musical and theatrical groups was instigated once each month. President Gilbertson opened each meeting with a cartoon shown on the overhead projector.

Under President Gil the Club formally adopted the policy of “Ecumenical Invocations Only”.

Athletic equipment valued at $600.00 was sent to the Republic of Georgia for the Friends of Georgia project.

Kevin Learned received a Rotary Foundation grant to teach for the summer of 1994 in Guadalajara, Mexico.

Kevin Learned worked with Gaberiel Acevado of the Guadalajara, Mexico Rotary Club on a joint project to assist a school for underprivileged children in Guadalajara. The Boise Rotary Club contributed $5000.00. In February 1995 Rotarians Ann Hester, Kevin Learned, Tom Wilford and Bill Woolley visited the school and attended the 75th Anniversary Celebration of the Guadalajara Rotary Club. It was truly a gala affair with bottles of tequila on each table.


The club made a major contribution to the new Shakespeare Theater on the Boise River.

In February 1996 Rotarians Kevin Learned, Phil Sansota, Tom Stitzel and John Wagers attended the Festival of Brotherhood sponsored by the Rotary Club of Guadalajara in Mexico.

At the September 14, 1995 meeting David Frohnmayer, President of the University of Oregon spoke to the Club.

On November 2 George Wilhelm honored Rotarian Alan Lambuth as Senior Volunteer of the Month for his service to the Discovery Center of Idaho.

Governor Phil Batt spoke to the Club on February 1, 1996.

The first joint meeting of all Boise Rotary Clubs took place on February 7, 1996 at the Boise Center on the Grove.

The Club honored Lyman Wilbur by singing Happy Birthday for his 96th Birthday on May 9, 1996.

Rotarian Ron Gardner, news anchor on Channel 2, kept all awake at each meeting with his “News One Liners”.


In addition to the $50,000.00 gift to the Community House, the Club led by President Kissler completed landscaping the property.

At the September 27, 1996 meeting Dr. Charles P. Ruch, President of Boise State University and future Rotarian spoke to the Club.

On November 14, 1996 Tom Stitzel noted that November is Rotary International Foundation Month. He presented a Paul Harris Fellowship to Cecil Andrus paying tribute to the former Governor’s life long example of “Service Above Self”.

Steve Trott, U. S. Applete Court Judge, and President of the Boise Philharmonic Association spoke to the Club on December 19, 1996.

President Kissler was hospitalized due to a near fatal automobile accident and Vice President Jim Everett stepped in as acting President.


After a strategic planning session, with Jim Everett, Dan Stern and Kevin Learned, it was decided to create opportunity for more hands on projects. The club had a great history of financial support of projects but had few projects that required the member's labor. This was the start of participating in "Rake Up Boise", "Paint The Town" and Shaffer Butte Picnic area clean up.

Shane Hill proposed the Whitney School Reading Program in 1997 to assist students to better understand the importance and enjoyment of reading. Jerry Schroeder and Tom Stitzel contributed to the program.


Junior Achievement was given a contribution in 1999 and Tom Hays, Baldy Pontefract and Pierce Murphy were teacher-advisors to the Jr. Achievement companies.

The Boise Rotary Club hosted a breakfast on September 22, 1998 for Alberto Cardenas, Governor of the State of Jalisco, Mexico and five members of the Guadalajara Rotary Club. At the breakfast the sister club agreement with the Guadalajara Rotary Club was signed.


The Club's by-laws were modified to reorganize the Service Committees into Service to Communities and Service to Individuals and the creation of the Financial Support Group.

A joint project with the Rotary Club of Guadalajara, Mexico to purchase hearing aids for children at a school for the deaf and blind in Guadalajara was completed with a matching grant. This was the first time our club used a matching grant. The cost of the project was $30,000.00 with the Boise and Guadalajara clubs contributing $5000.00 each, District 5400 $5000.00 and Rotary International $15,000.00. Don Lojek, Cindy Olson and Mark Smith attended the formal dedication in Guadalajara.

The District 5400 Conference was held in Sun Valley with DG Richard C. Fields presiding.


The Club returned to the Crystal Ballroom as its permanent meeting place.

President Gary missed his first meeting as President and Vice President Pam covered for him.

The annual picnic was held at “Boondocks” on August 24, 2000.

On November 2, 2000 President Gary introduced himself to the Club and thanked Pam Ahrens and Scott Richardson for filling in so well.

The Club participated in “Rake Up Boise” on November 18, 2000.

The Boise Rotary Club donated $2500.00 to help put on the Cancer Kids Christmas Performance and Party on December 23, 2000.

At the February 8 meeting Mike Rettig introduced Natasha, the leader of our Russian Visitors.

The group was sponsored by the State Department, the Boise Rotary Club and Sunrise Rotary were hosts while the group of 13 educators were in Boise. The purpose of the visit was to gain insight for their private school operations.


Pam Ahrens was the first woman President of the Boise Rotary Club.

The history committee under Chuck Hummel started presenting "vignettes" of Boise Rotarians in 2002.

The District 5400 Conference was held in Sun Valley with DG Larry Kissler presiding.


Polio Plus was the major campaign of Rotary International for 2002-2003. Kara Craig, Steve Leonard and Kiel Van Inwegen lead our club's fund raising for this worthy project. Kara Craig was chairman of the All Rotary Dinner and Silent Auction to raise funds for Polio Plus.

Bob Maynard was chairman of the Project to Upgrade the MK Nature Center.

In June of 2003 the club contributed $500.00 to the Small Village Foundation for their project in Ghana.


Under Chairman Tom Hays the Veterans Memorial Walk Archway in Veteran's Park was started with completion scheduled for the fall of 2004. The budget for the project was $100,000.00. The Southwest, Metro and Sunrise Rotary Clubs contributed along with VFW and Idaho Veterans selling Commemorative Bricks. The Boise Club contributed $10,000.00.

In March 2004 the Club participated in its first project in Ecuador. With a matching grant and a $5000.00 contribution from our club a van was purchased for the El Parvulario School for handicapped children in Quito, Ecuador.

The Boise Rotary Club received the RI Presidential Citation Award.

Kevin Learned led the GSE team to Nigeria in 2004. Team member Denise Dunlap-Taylor joined the Boise Rotary Club shortly after returning from Nigeria.


The Veterans Memorial Walk Archway in Veteran's Park was completed and dedicated in the fall of 2004. Mayor Carolyn Tertling-Payne, VFW, Parks and Recreation and local National Guard dignitaries were in attendance.

The All Valley Rotary Centennial Luncheon was held February 23, 2005 under the chairmanship of David Bennion. More than 200 Rotarians, guests and dignitaries gathered at the Boise Center on the Grove to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of Rotary International.

$5000.00 was raised for Tsunami Relief and $1200.00 of computer equipment was given to Whitney School.

Don Lojek led the Rotary Group Study Exchange to Argentina in April 2005. Team members Alecia Hoobing and Beth Markley joined the Boise Rotary Club after returning from Argentina.

In May 2005 the club contributed $4800.00 to the Small Village Foundation for their water purification and preschool for orphans projects near Durban, South Africa.


The Scholarship Committee, chaired by Mary Monroe, developed the 1st Annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars program. The dinner honored 100 graduating seniors in the City of Boise and a number of top performing educators. Each honored student exceeded the minimum program grade point average requirement of 3.75 and represents the best in music, the arts, service to the community, athletics and academics.

In April 2006 the club contributed $2000.00 to the Small Village Foundation for their project in a preschool for orphans located near Durban, South Africa.

The Boisetarian was converted to email.

The membership process was streamlined with 60 days deleted from the time required to approve a new member.

The Peace and Conflict Resolution Committee was established. Working with the Boise Police Department, the Boise and Meridian School Districts programs were developed to deter cyber, classroom and playground bullying.


President Bennion was concerned by the poor attendance of the club and felt better programs would improve attendance. He asked Past President Pam Aherns to chair the program committee and improve the quality of the programs. The Committee produced the finest programs the club has enjoyed in many years.

The Century Scholars Committee chaired by Mary Monroe put on the 2nd Annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program honoring 100 Graduating Seniors on May 2, 2007.

The El Parvulario School project in Quito, Ecuador was completed with $16,000.00 used to purchase sewing machines. This project started in March 2005 with approval of the matching grant. The Boise Club contributed $3500.00. Jo Beecham and eight girl scouts from Southern Idaho worked with the school along with several other projects in Ecuador supported by other District 5400 clubs.


The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation received The Outstanding Community Foundation Award on November 15, 2007 given by the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

D. K. Lee, Incoming President of Rotary International from South Korea, spoke at the Rotary $100.00 Dinner at the Owyhee Hotel on November 8, 2007. Proceeds ($25,000.00) from the dinner went to Polio Plus.

The Ada County Board of County Commissioners awarded the Making History Award to Rotarian Charles F. Hummel.

In October 2007 Jack Lavin, Kevin Learned and Don Lojek journeyed to Ecuador to review the club's projects. The 50 Rotary Clubs in Ecuador held a Fair outlining their various projects that need assistance.

Richard Fields was appointed chairman of the Zone Institute covering Rotary Zones 25 and 26. The Institute will bring over 350 Rotarians to Boise in the fall of 2008.

The Century Scholars Committee chaired by Mary Monroe put on the 3rd Annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program honoring 100 graduating high school seniors on May 5.

President Murphy closed each meeting with "The Four-Way Test".

District Governor Gene Day recognized Kevin Learned and Don Lojek as "Rotary Ambassadors For Exemplary Service Above Self” on February 14, 2008.

The Ada County Joint Rotary Club Luncheon was held March 13, 2008 at the Grove Hotel, Boise. Carolyn Terteling-Payne was honored as a Bob Gibb Fellow and Dr. John Kriz, DDS, received the Paul Harris Fellow award.

The History Committee under Marcia Wing presented "History Minutes" on selected historical events of the Boise Club. At the April 24, 2008 meeting Bill Woolley and Kevin Learned presented an overview of the past 40 years of service by the Boise Rotary Club. Twenty- three Past Presidents were honored.


The Zone Institute covering Rotary Zones 25 and 26 was held in Boise October 1-4, 2008. On Friday October 3, 2008 the Rotary Zone luncheon was held at BSU in the Jordan Ballroom with over 500 Rotarian in attendance and John Kenny, RI President-Elect, the speaker.

Tom Stitzel once again led the Club's Salvation Army Bell Ringers on December 5. The Boise Rotary Club has participated in this program for over 50 years.

The Club again teamed with Trout Unlimited in the annual Boise River Stabilization Work Day on December 6.

The Boise Rotary Club lost two members with over 50 years of service. George Wilhelm passed away February 2, 2009 and Ernest Green on March 16, 2009. The Club honored each with recognition of their passing.

On February 5, 2009 President Ken Howell gave an “Annual Programs Fund 101” presentation. He explained the importance of “Every Rotarian, Every Year”. He further explained how funds are used and disbursed at the local, District and International levels to help continue Rotary goals. In order to fund these goals it is important that every Rotarian meets the minimum $100.00 donation each year.

President Ken reported on “Polio Plus” and Marilyn Schuler, a polio survivor, discussed the need to eradicate polio. The Club raised over $5000.00 for Polio Plus at the March 5, 2010 meeting.

Mason Fuller, his wife Angie, Tami Brandstetter and Terry Gustavel traveled to Ecuador April 25 through May 3, 2009. They established channels to bring used medical equipment to Ecuador by working with Quito Colonial and Bahia de Caracas Rotary Clubs. This exploratory trip was made possible by a grant from Rotary International, which covered the cost of airplane tickets and expenses in Ecuador.

The World Service Committee, chaired by Diana Booth and Phil Sansotta, on April 16, 2009 announced the “Deliverer of Dreams” a Caravan of Buses from Boise to Mexico to deliver school supplies and the buses to needy schools in Mexico. The committee worked with the local Mexican Consul, two Rotary Clubs in Mexico and Rotarian Stan Olson, Superintendent of Boise School District.

Thanks to Stan Olson, the First Student School Bus Corporation and the Boise School District the Caravan will have two buses, surplus school supplies, equipment and furniture for delivery to the needy schools in Mexico. Don Lojeck will captain the Caravan to Mexico. Don, Dave Silva and Todd Fischer will drive the buses to Tucson where they will be stored pending custom clearance. After receiving clearance the buses will be driven to Cuidad Obegron and Novejoa, Mexico.

The Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program Committee headed by Bea Black produced the Fourth Annual Scholarship Dinner and Awards Program on April 29, 2009 at the Jordan Ballroom at BSU. At the dinner over 100 scholars and teachers from Boise High Schools were honored for their scholastic achievements.

The Senior Services Committee under Robert VandeMerwe delivered for the fifth year roses to Mothers in area nursing homes on Mother’s Day.

The Education Committee under Wendy Shoemaker provided dictionaries to third graders in five Boise grammar schools. This is the third year the club has given dictionaries to third graders. The first year they were provided to Whitney and the second year to Whitney and Jefferson Schools.

Dick Smith and David Bishop led the the Boise Rotary Club on June 13, 2009, once again, to participated in” Paint the Town”, where members painted senor citizen homes.

On June 11, 2009 John McGuire was honored for his sixteen years of perfect attendance.

The Club ended the year with a gain of one in membership.


The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) was held August 5-10 at the College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls. This is the eleventh year that Nancy Lemas has directed RYLA. In an informal atmosphere, outstanding young people spend a week in a challenging program of leadership training, discussions, inspirational addresses and social activities designed to enhance personal development, leadership skills and good citizenship. RYLA was started in 1959 in Australia and Rotary International adopted RYLA as an official program in 1971. The Boise Rotary Club has participated in RYLA for over 25 years.

F. Willard Robinson (Robbie) celebrated 50 years in Rotary on September 3.

Don Lojek, Dave Silva, Todd Fischer and a professional driver from the First Student School Bus Corp. drove the buses for the “Deliverer of Dreams” to Tucson on September 5-8 where they were stored until custom clearance is received. Rotarians from Ciudad Obegon picked up Don Lojek, Todd Fischer and Cindy Olson in Tucson and drove them to see the facilities in Cuidad Obregon and Novojoa where the buses and school supplies will be used. The Mexican Rotarian honored the Boise Rotarians with a fiesta in their honor.

The Club under Bob Maynard on September 19 once again participated with Trout Unlimited in the Boise River Habitat Project.

Tom Hays led the Club in the reading program at our new partner school- Jefferson.

At the October 22 meeting Kristin Armstrong, the Gold Medal winner at the Bejing Summer Olympics, spoke to a record number of Rotarians.

On November 11 Dan Long from the Sunrise Rotary Club challenged the Club to raise money and food for the Hunger Bowl. The bowl benefits the Idaho Food Bank, the Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army. The Club raised $805.00.

On December 2 Jerry Schroeder and his wife Connie attended the Rotary International Concert at Lincoln Center, New York that benefited Polio Plus.

Tom Stitzel on December 11 led the Rotary Bell Ringer and raised $5079.11 for the Salvation Army.

Finally on March 11, 2010 permission for entry into Mexico of the buses and school supplies for the” Deliverer of Dreams” was obtained. Don Lojeck and Dave Silva flew to Tucson and drove the buses to Nogales where they met the Mexican Rotarians. Stan Olson flew to Tucson, rented a car and followed the buses to the border. Unfortunately clearance at the border was not simple. After many hours of discussion, reviewing manifests, stamping papers and reloading the buses clearance was granted and the buses were driven to Cuidad Obregon arriving at 1 AM on March 12, 2010. Later that morning the children greeted the Rotarians with signs and balloons to express their thanks. At the Obregon Jesus Corral Ruiz Library the official presentation of one of the buses was made. This was followed by the presentation of the other bus at Navojoa where a yellow ribbon was cut. Following the presentation the Mexican Rotarians had a celebration for the Boise Rotarians in a building that the Rotary Club of Navojoa had built for the community. The children in Sonora will appreciate the Boise Rotary Club’s effort for a long time to come.

On April 8 Robert Vandemerwe, Chairman of the Senior Service Committee, presented the Senior Volunteer Award to Father Donald J. Riffle. He also announced that on May 6 roses would be sold and the Club would deliver roses on Mother’s Day to area nursing homes.

The Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program Committee headed by Bea Black produced the Fifth Annual Scholarship Dinner and Awards Program on April 20, 2010 at the Jordan Ballroom at BSU. Over 500 attended the dinner where the young scholars and teachers who influenced them the most were honored. The seniors came from all the high schools in Boise. This year the Southwest and Sunrise Rotary Club assisted with financial support.

Don Lojak was honored as our” Rotarian of the Year ”on April 29 for his untiring efforts in leading the “Deliverers of Dreams” buses to Mexico. The Idaho Statesman on May 2 published a feature article on this effort and called it “The Trip From Hell”. A copy of the article is in the Rotary office.

The GSE Team from Brazil spoke to the Club on April 29.

The District 5400 Conference was held in Sun Valley May 21-22, 2010 with DG Kevin Learned presiding.

The Club participated once again in “Paint The Town” on June 12.

The All Club Family Rotary Picnic took place on June 16 in Julia Davis Park. At the picnic fund raising for the Rotary Grand Plaza to be built in Julia Davis Park was kicked off. All the Clubs in Boise committed to raise $150,000.00 and the Boise Club would contribute $53,000.00.

On June 28 The Boise Rotary Family Day took place at Crane Creek Country Club. Following the golf tournament, tennis, hiking and swimming the “Changing of the Guard” Dinner was held. The History Committee presented President Tami with a first edition copy of the History of the Boise Rotary Club.


RYLA, the leadership training program for young people, was held August 5-8, 2010 at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. Nancy Lemas once again chaired the event. Many positive responses to this program have been received under her leadership.

On September 23, 2010 Larry Roberts of KBOI TV and radio, a member of our club, gave an entertaining program on Mass Media, its history and transformation.

Todd Sawyer, on October 14, 2010, gave a presentation on the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation, which was started by the Boise Downtown Rotary Club in 1984. The Foundation now includes seven other Ada County Rotary Clubs. The Foundation provides grants to local nonprofits and since 1984 over $400,000.00 has been distributed. The endowment of the Foundation is over $765,000.00.

At the October 14, 2010 meeting President Agler stated that our goal is to add one net new member this year. This goal is a bit more ambitious than it might seem as we have attrition of 20 members per year.

As co-chairman of Rotary District 5400 $1,000,000.00 Dinner October 30, 2010 in Twin Falls, Dick Fields led 18 members of the Boise Rotary Club in $10,000.00 bequests to the Rotary Foundation. The dinner was a success with over $1,000,000.00 in commitments.

At the November 4, 2010 meeting Paul J. Schneider, The Voice of the Broncos, reminisced on key sports related events that occurred over the last 40 years.

On November 7, 2010 Richard S. Vandenburg, a member of the Club since 1964 passed away. Dick was a major booster of all that is Boise and Idaho. He received the 2010 Rotary Governors' Unsung Rotary Hero Award and was a Bob Gibb and Paul Harris Rotary Fellow.

Dave Baker led the Boise Rotary Club in "Rake Up Boise" on November 13, 2010. He also chaired our Club participation in "Paint The Town" project on June 11, 2011.

Under Chairman Wayne Schneider, the Student of the Month Committee continued to honor Students of the Month from the five public high schools and Bishop Kelly High School.

At the December 2 meeting Shelley Eichmann announced that the "Fun Group of Ladies" raised $300.00 for the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation.

Bob Rice led the Rotary Club's Salvation Army Bell Ringers on December 10. The Club raised $3712.31 for the Salvation Army.

At the January 6, 2011 meeting the Club paused with lowered heads to mourn the passing of Bill Simons who had been a member of the Club since December 16, 1971.

John Barker presented a check for $1000.00 from CH2M Hill to the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation. John submitted a grant request to CH2M Hill's "Dollars for Doers" as a result of all the volunteer work he has done on "Rack Up Boise" and other Rotary community service projects.

The annual Rotary Ball was held February 11, 2011 at the Arid Club.

Once again the Boise Rotary Club presented dictionaries to third grade students at seven Boise Elementary Schools. The dictionaries are personalized and the children can take them home. Betty Munis chaired this project.

At the February 17 meeting Past President Ken Howell presented the Club's status towards our goal for the Rotary International Foundation Annual Programs Fund. He urged all members to contribute even small amounts. The Club has only reached 58% of its goal.

On March 10, at the Dennis Technical Education Center, the Club held its first meeting

on the "Rotary Club Visioning" which is the process to determine what our Club will look like in ten years. At the April 28 meeting Incoming President Marilyn Bickle presented Visioning 2016 which is a vision and strategic plan for the Club. The goal is to have a strong and vital club where the members are active and engaged. The group generated 111 ideas.

On March 25 the All- Rotary "Ethics in Business " luncheon was held with Katherine Harris receiving the Award. Marty Cullen and Larry Roberts of our Club were nominated for the award.

Mason Fuller was awarded the Small Business Administration's "Young Business Person of the Year". At the April 14 meeting Mason thanked the members of the Club who mentored him.

Boise State University President Bob Kustra spoke to the Club on April 14.

The Club hosted the five member GSE Team from India on April 18-22. Dave Bennion was chairman of the event.

On April 19 the 2011 Boise Rotary Century Scholars Dinner was held at BSU honoring the top 100 Graduating Seniors from the Boise High Schools and their teachers. Over 500 attended the event chaired by Bea Black.

Robert Vandemerwe chaired the Senior Service Committee which sold roses for Mother's Day. The proceeds were used to present a rose to women in nursing homes/assisted living centers in Boise.

At the May 5 meeting to kick off the Polio Plus Fund Raiser a video was shown and George IIliff spoke about his personal experience with polio. Over $3500.00 was raised with contributions from the members at the meeting.

At the May 12 meeting Caleb Chung inventor of "Furby" was our speaker. Seedling trees were made available to commemorate Arbor Day.

The District Conference was held in Sun Valley May 13-15. The Boise Rotary Club won three awards: Integrity, Leadership and Club Service.

At the May 26 meeting to honor Memorial Day Dave Silva along with guest singer Judith Reppell led the Club in singing "God Bless America".

On June 2 President Bill announced that the Boise Rotary Club was at 65% of its goal for donations to the Rotary Foundation Annual Programs Fund. With only the month of June left to meet our goal he announced that the Club would offer matching points for one time donations made in the month of June 2011. This means that for each dollar of a onetime donation the Club would provide matching credit towards a Paul Harris Fellowship up to $500.00. The Club reached 103% of its goal of $21,505.00 by June 30th, 2011.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony and dinner took place on June 27 at Crane Creek Country Club after the annual golf, tennis and swimming day. Mark Roby chaired this excellent event.


The Boise Rotary Club was honored to have as President a second generation Rotarian. Her father Stanley Burns was President 1981-1982.

The All Club Rotary Picnic was held July 12 in Julia Davis Park.

At the July 21 meeting Ken Howell announced that the Club raised $22,076.50 for the Rotary International Annual Programs Fund for 2010-2011, coming in at 103%. The goal for 2011-2012 was $16,000.00.

Tim Brady and Ken Howell at the July 28 meeting made a special Paul Harris Fellow presentation to Ryan Winterswyk who was a finalist in the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation walk-on award. In August 2010 the Springdale, AR. Rotary Club partnered with the Brandon Burlsworth Foundation in creating the first ever national football walk-on award. Ryan was a senior defensive end for Boise State, graduated in May and was enrolled as a graduate student.

RYLA, the leadership training program for young people, was held August 4-7, 2011 at the College of Southern Idaho. Nancy Lemas once again chaired the event. The Boise Club sponsored five students.

The District Governor, Kathleen Simko, a member of our Club, made her official visitation on August 18.

The Club, under Chairman John Barker, sponsored exchange student Valeria Ayala Joramillo from Ecuador this year. She attended Boise High.

Tom Hayes was chairman of the Reading Program at our partner school Jefferson Elementary School. The Club has participated in this reading program for over 10 years.

Mike Jun, the new Publisher of the Idaho Statesman spoke to the Club on September 22.

At the September 29 meeting, Diane Rampelberg of Canine Companions for Independence and Dustin’ Paw, spoke to the club. In addition, she brought two dogs that were the stars of presentation.

Kevin Learned led the Club membership in visiting all other Boise Rotary Clubs.

Our Club joined the six other Boise area Rotary Clubs in a “Sock Hop” at the Boise Center. The event chaired by, Leslee Hoover, netted more than $25,000.00 to benefit the Rotary Grand Plaza that will be build during the renovation of Julia Davis Park.

Joe Corlett was profiled in the October issue of” Business Insider”, an Idaho Statesman Weekly Magazine. Joe flies physically disabled persons to the wilderness areas of Idaho that are not accessible by road. The costs are paid by a non-profit organization that Joe started.

The Student of the Month Committee, under Wayne Schneider, continued to honor Students of the Month from the five public high schools and Bishop Kelly High School.

Commander Brian Sittlow of the USS Boise spoke to the Club on October 27. The Commander and five members of the crew were in Boise as guests of the USS Boise Committee.

Kevin Allen led the Club in “Rake Up Boise” on November 19 with 11 members participating.

The Boise Rotary Club, led by Tom Stitzel, once again rang bells in downtown on December 16 and raised $4493.15 for the Salvation Army.

Members of the Club placed an ad in the Idaho Statesman on January 8, 2012 highlighting the “Four Way Test”. It ran as the Idaho Legislature was opening its session. Jack Lavin chaired this project. A copy of the advertisement is in the Club History File in the Rotary Office.

Mayor David Bieter spoke to the Club on January 12. He indicated that Boise businesses are growing even with the tough economy and we need to support and fund public transportation, a central library and parks.

Jim Donald of the History Committee presented the History of the “Four Way Test” on January 12.

At the February 2 meeting Lt. Governor Brad Little was the speaker.

Under Chairman Mark Roby the Club celebrated the annual sweetheart dance with a Las Vegas style event at Hillcrest Country Club on February 10. The evening included cocktails, an excellent dinner, dancing and gaming; fun was had by all.

The Club on February 23 gave $2000.00 to Genesis World Mission for their medical clinic in Malindi, Kenya. This donation plus last year’s $4000.00 completed the project.

The third Annual “Ethics in Business” luncheon was held on March 15 in the Crystal Ballroom. BSU MBA students chose the recipient from the nominations submitted by the Boise area Rotary Clubs. The honor is for business leaders who serve their business and community, thinking more of others then themselves. Dave Silva of our Club was one of the nominees. Mike Shirley, President of Bogus Basin Mountain Recreation Area was the “Ethics in Business” Recipient for 2012. Larry Roberts was the keynote speaker.

Denis Stevens, the Canadian Counsel General, spoke to the Club on March 22. His office is in Seattle and he is a member of the Seattle Downtown Rotary Club.

The Club’s website has been redesigned and installed on March 22. Kristen Dudley and Shannon Morgan led this effort. In addition the Boisetarian in its new format is available from the website.

During April and May the Education Committee, under Betty Munis, presented 328 dictionaries to third graders in six Boise grammar schools.

Bea Black and her Century Scholars Committee had another very successful event on April 17. With over 500 people in attendance, the 103 top students from the Boise High Schools were honored along with their significant educators who made a difference in their life.

On April, 12 U. S. Congressman Raul Labrador spoke to the Club. He focused his presentation on the national debt and indicated three things needed to be done: simplify the tax code, regulatory reform and spending cuts.

David Bennion coordinated the visit of the Group Study Exchange Team from Argentina during the week of April 24.

The Senior Service Committee, under Robert VandeMerwe, sold roses to the members on May10. The proceeds from the sale were used to give roses on Mother’s Day to Meals on Wheels and to women in area nursing homes.

Under the direction of Kevin Allen, members helped clean up the Greenbelt on April 28 and planted flowers in the outdoor pots at City Hall on May 12.

The District Conference was held in Sun Valley on May 18 and 19 with our member, Kathleen Simko, leading the conference as District Governor. The Club won the Humanity in Motion Award, the Membership Award, the Club Service Award and the Public Image Award.

At the May 31 meeting Dick Fields announced that the Club had raised only $12,200.00 towards our goal of $16,000.00 for the Rotary International Annual Programs Fund. In order to motivate the members Dick presented President Marilyn his check for $1000.00. She indicated that the Club had $1000.00 from the District and asked the membership for additional contributions. Members pledged $2100.00 which put the Club over our goal of $16,000.00 by $300.00.

Ken Howell at the June 7 meeting asked the Club to increase their contribution to the Rotary International Annual Programs Fund. The members pledged over $4000.00.

On June 7 the History Committee honored Gordon Brookover and Gil Gilbertson for 50 years of membership in the Boise Rotary Club.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony and dinner took place on June 25 at Crane Creek Country Club after the annual golf, tennis and swimming day. Mark Roby once again chaired this marvelous event.


President John McGuire has maintained perfect attendance since joining Rotary in May 1993.

Ken Howell was named Rotarian of the Year 2011-2012.

RYLA, the leadership training program for young people, was held August 2-5, 2012 at the College of Southern Idaho. Natalie Lemas chaired the event. The Boise Club sponsored seven students at RYLA.

Jade Nissl was our Outbound Exchange Student. She graduated from Boise High and spent the year living with her host families and attended school in Ecuador.

Amber Clontz was our Ambassadorial Scholar and spent the year in South Africa. The program promotes international understanding and friendly relations among people of different parts of the world.

Dr. Robert Kustra, President of Boise State University, spoke to the Club on October 4, 2012. He outlined the many things that have happened in the last ten years at BSU. Enrollment is up to 20,000 students, there are 2500 faculty members, 17 ongoing major construction projects, and several additional graduate and doctorate programs. Today BSU is a full-time residential campus.

The Julia Davis Gala was held October 12, 2012 at the Boise Center benefiting the Rotary Plaza at Julia Davis Park. Over $35,000.00 was raised.

The Student of the Month Committee, under Wayne Schneider, continued to honor Students of the Month from the five Boise public high schools and Bishop Kelly High School.

Donna Jacobs, Don Lojek, Beth Markley, Shannon Morgan and Kathleen Simko went to Guatemala October 24-28 to visit farms and review the workings of “Semilla Nueva”. This charity helps Guatemala’s poorest farming communities gain economic independence and rejuvenate their land through hands-on education and collaborative sustainable agriculture projects. Nine area Rotary Clubs contributed to Semilla Nueva’s Global Grant initiative. The Boise Club contributed $1000.00 and with matching grants $60,000.00 was raised. John Gulley, Emmett Rotary, contributed a pickup truck to the project and Don Lojek drove the truck to Guatemala in January 2013.

Barbara Morgan professor at BSU and former Astronaut spoke to the Club on November 1, 2012. She indicated that although NASA is no longer flying space shuttles, there is still a vibrant Space Program in the U.S.

Kevin Allen led the Club in “Rake Up Boise” on November 10. Twenty Rotarians participated and enjoyed fellowship while doing good for someone in need.

At the November Board Meeting the “Rule of 85”was adopted. If your age and years of service add to 85 or greater you may ask to be put on the” Rule of 85”. Those on the” Rule of 85”only pay Rotary Dues and the cost of the meal for the meetings that they attend.

Dr. Richard Forney passed away on November 13. He was President of the Club 1960-61 and District Governor for two years, 1979-80 and 1980-81. The first term the District included southern Idaho and Utah. Our District 5400 was split off from Utah under his leadership and he was the first DG of District 5400. Dick was an ultimate Rotarian, always giving.

Dr. Duane Nellis, President of the University of Idaho, spoke to the Club on November 29. He spoke of the many outstanding programs the University has which include the state of the art water resources research center, satellite law facilities, integrated design lab and animal research facilities.

At the December 6 meeting the Boise Police Department expressed their appreciation for our member’s contributions to the “Internet Crimes Against Children” program.

On December 14 the Club led by Tom Stitzel and Bill Woolley Rang Bells for the Salvation Army raising $5211.50. John Stennett announced that the Boise Rotary raised more money than any other Boise service club.

The annual Christmas party was held December 20. In addition to Rotarian’s children and grandchildren women and children from the City Light Shelter were guests.

At the January 3, 2013 meeting Ron Gambassi interviewed Phil Sansotta, Dick Fields, Bill Woolley and Charles Hummel, all Past Presidents, about their experiences in their lives, careers and Rotary.

The Club led by Betty Munis once again provided dictionaries to 363 third graders at eight schools. One of many thank you notes: “Thank you for those great and epic dictionarys! My favorite part of the dictionary was the longest word in the English language. I’m going to keep it until I’m dead.”

Cecil Andrus, former Governor of Idaho, was our speaker on January 31. He spoke of his concerns for nuclear waste storage in the state and the low funding for education.

At Hillcrest Country Club on February 8 the Boise Rotary Casino Night and Celebration was held.

Stephen S. Trott, U. S. Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, spoke to Club February 14 on Abraham Lincoln.

The fourth Annual “Ethics in Business” luncheon was held March 21 in the Crystal Ballroom. Sixteen individuals were nominated including Kara Craig, Rich Demarest, Jim Everett, Ken Howell and Nancy Lemas from the Boise Rotary Club. The honor is for individuals and businesses that live by the Rotary 4-Way Test in their personal and business life. Dan Long, retired owner of A-l Plumbing was the “Ethics in Business” Recipient for 2013.

On March 28 Charles Hummel of the History Committee presented an outstanding vignette on Ben Eastman, one of the Founding Fathers of the Boise Rotary Club.

Bea Black and Diane Booth and their Century Scholar Committee put on the eighth annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program at the Jordan Ballroom on the BSU Campus on April 16. Over 500 people attended. The program honored Boise’s top 100 Graduating Seniors and their significant educators who made a difference in their life.

On May 4 and 11 the Community Development Committee under Kevin Allen assisted in preparing the YMCA Camp at Horsetheif Reservoir for summer visitors. On May 11 the committee planted flowers and cleaned the flower beds at the Butterfly Exhibit at Zoo Boise.

The Senior Service Committee, under Robert VandeMerwe, sold roses to members on May 9. The proceeds from the sale were used to give roses to women in the area nursing homes on Mother’s Day and to women who receive “Meals on Wheels”.

At the District Conference May 17-18 in Sun Valley Ken Howell was nominated for District Governor 2015-16. The Boise Rotary Club received the following Awards at the District Conference: End Polio Now Recognition, Presidential Citation 2013, Club Service, Foundation Giving, Integrity Award and Humanity in Motion for the Overall Promotion of the Mission of Rotary. The Club received $1300.00 for the Integrity and Humanity in Motion Awards.

Members of the Boise Rotary club contributed to the culvert project which provided access to the Medical Clinic in Malindy, Kenya. With matching grants from the District and RI plus support from other clubs over $34,000.00 was raised.

The Zoo Fiesta Changing of the Guard Ceremony and Dinner was held June 17 at Zoo Boise.

On June 27 Jim Steele, spokesman for the History Committee, honored Richard Adams for 50 years membership in the Boise Rotary Club.

On June 28 under Kevin Allen members of the Club assisted the Boys and Girls Club in putting on their Olympic Games.

This year the Boise Rotary Club exceeded its goals for contributions to the RI Foundation, Polio Plus and the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation.


The annual All Club Picnic took place on Tuesday, July 30, at Julia Davis Park. The weather was beautiful and the picnic was well attended by members from the area clubs.

The leadership training program for young people, RYLA, was held August 1-4 at the College of Southern Idaho. Natalie Lemas-Hernandez chaired the event. The Boise Club sponsored six students to RYLA.

On August 8 President Erstad changed the traditional starting time of the meeting to 12:15 PM from 12:30 PM.

Jade Nissl, our Exchange Student to Ecuador, spoke to the Club on August 15. In addition to meeting lots of new friends she had the opportunity to travel the country including the Galapagos.

The Membership Committee, chaired by Mark Smith, has started the” Member of the Day”. This is a Rotarian who is available before the meeting to greet people who do not have a sponsor and wish to join Rotary.

At the September 12 meeting all Members who served in the Military were honored.

Paul Schmidt’s committee led the Club in Rake Up Boise on November 16.

Starting on October 3 the Club had the speaker sign a new book and donate the book to an elementary school in Boise. At the present time the books are given to the Ronald McDonald House. Inside the book is a sticker with the Four-Way Test and the speaker’s signature.

The Julia Davis Gala was held October 18 at the Riverside Hotel. $ 32,000.00 was raised. The project goal of $150,000.00 has been reached. Eight Boise area Rotary Clubs are working together to develop the Julia Davis Rotary Plaza.

Under Kelly Wood the Club served meals for the City Light Women and Children on October19.

Past President Pierce Murphy, the new Seattle Police Department’s Oversight Director, was featured in a Seattle Times article.

Bill Woolley led the Club in the Salvation Army’s Bell Ringing on December 13. A good turn-out of Rotarians raised $6227.21.

The Club, under Betty Munis, delivered 425 dictionaries to third graders at eight schools this year.

The annual Christmas Party was held December 19. Again this year women and children from the City Light joined us for dinner and the children had the opportunity to visit with Santa and receive gifts.

Our Ambassadorial Scholar, Amber Kluntz, is going to South Africa to study Linguistics.

The Student of the Month Committee continued to recognize outstanding Students of the Month from the five Boise public high schools and Bishop Kelly High School. Eight students were recognized this year.

On January 30 District Governor Marianne Barker presented the Club with the “Every Rotarian Every Year” banner for the year 2012-2013. This is given when every member of a Rotary Club makes a contribution to the Rotary Foundation.

Scarves, from Ecuador, were sold on February13 to benefit the El Parvalario, a special needs school in Quito, Ecuador. Kevin Allen matched each sale dollar for dollar. Enough money has been raised to purchase a new van, which cost almost $30,000.00, for the school.

The Club gave $2000.00 to the Microcredit bank project in Esmeraldas, Ecuador. In addition to making loans, training and capacity building are supported by the project. The Rotary Foundation provided $75,518.00. Five Districts, sixty-four Rotary Clubs and some individuals also contributed to the $182,712.00 project. This is the largest Global Grand Project in the country of Ecuador.

The Club donated $2000.00 for improvements and renovations to schools in Pintag, Ecuador. The project is sponsored by a Minnesota Rotary Club.

Our Club has two Major Donors to the Rotary Foundation. Dick Fields and Kevin Learned have given at least $10,000.00 to the Foundation.

Guillermo Ordorica, Consul of Mexico spoke to the Club on March 20. He described his responsibilities here and stressed how important his consulate is to the area.

Casino Night, with a western theme, was held April 4 at Hillcrest Country Club. The attendance could have been better but over $1200.00 was raised for RLYA.

The ninth annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program was put on by the Century Scholar Committee under Bea Black and Diane Booth. Over 500 people attended the event at the Jordan Ballroom on the BSU Campus on April 15. The program honored Boise’s top graduating seniors and their significant educators who made a difference in their lives.

Past President and Past District Governor, Richard “Dick” C. Fields died unexpectedly on April 23. In addition to Rotary he led many civic and legal organizations including the Boise Philharmonic, the Salvation Army, the Learning Lab and was honored by a number of Legal Organizations. Dick lived the motto of Rotary “Service Above Self”.

Bob Lokken, CEO of White Cloud Analytics, member of the Governor’s Task Force on Education and incoming chair of the Idaho Business for Education, spoke to the Club on April 24. The Task Force’s recommendations were for Structural change and Infrastructure to support that change.

The Club participated in three Spring Community Projects. On April 26 the Zoo Boise Butterfly exhibit was cleaned up, shrubs pruned and flowers planted. On May 3 and 4 the Club assisted in preparing the YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir for summer’s use. On June 27 Randy Spiwak led members in assisting the Boys & Girls Club in running their Summer Olympics.

Several times this year the Club under Paul Schmidt’s committee assisted in serving dinners at the River of Life Mission.

The Senior Service Committee, led by Robert VandeMerwe, sold roses to members on May 8. The proceeds were used to give roses to women in nursing homes on Mother’s Day and to women who receive “Meals on Wheels”.

At the May 8 meeting David Bennion donated a basket he had won in a raffle from Casino Night, which contained a week’s stay in McCall. The basket was auctioned and Nancy Lemas purchased the basket for $2500.00. The $2500.00 raised was given to the Rotary Foundation as a Memorial to Dick Fields.

The fifth Annual “Ethics in Business” luncheon was held May 29 at the Center on the Grove. Jessica Flynn from our Club was among the nominees for the award. Gary Multanen of Best Bath in Caldwell was the “Ethics in Business” Recipient for 2014. This award is given to the individual in business who lives by the “Four Way Test”.

The Changing of the Guards took place at Zoo Boise on June 23, 2014.


At the July 3 meeting President Bail announced that the starting time of the weekly Rotary meeting would return to the historic time of 12:30 P.M.

Under Paul Schmidt's leadership the Club served dinner once a month at the River of Life.

Judge Alan Schwartzman, Idaho Senior Appellate Judge, spoke to the Club on July 10. He indicated that it was his 12th time to speak to the Club and his last.

On July 10 Shirley Fields was inducted as an honorary member of Boise Rotary.

Guillermo Guille, our exchange student from Argentina 2014-15, graduated from Boise High and was a member of the golf team.

At the July 10 meeting $318.00 was raised to purchase water for the homeless. Dirk Manley used his contacts at Fred Meyer to match our donation.

Long time member and past president, Gil Gilbertson passed away on July 17. At the July 31 meeting Kevin Learned and Tom Stitzel recognized him.

Natalie Lemas-Hernandez chaired RYLA, the leadership training program for young people. It was held August 7-10 at the College of Southern Idaho in Twin Falls. There were 72 campers with 10 junior leaders, two RYLA mentors and six Rotarians in attendance.

On August 14 members contributed $500.00 and the Club matched it to purchase school clothing and school supplies for City of Lights children.

At the September 11 meeting the Club honored those who lost their lives and those that were directly affected by the terrorist attack on the New York Twin Towers. Also during the meeting school supplies were sorted and packed for delivery to four elementary schools with the greatest needs: Whittier, Whitney, Garfield and Taft.

Ken Howell and his wife, Beradine Marconi, were honored as major donors to the Rotary Foundation on September 25. Major donors have given at least $10,000.00 to the Foundation.

On Friday October 17 the Presidents of the eight area Rotary Clubs presented a check for $150,000.00 to the City of Boise for the Rotary Grand Plaza in Julia Davis Park. The Boise Club contributed $39,500.00.

Members of the Boise Rotary Club, led by Kara McKernan, on October 29 painted bowls for Idaho Foodbank's Empty Bowls Fundraiser.

At the October 30 meeting President Bail announced the forming of our Club's 501(c)(3) Foundation. The Foundation has two basic purposes: fund worthy local or international projects in a timely fashion; allow the Club to help worthy international project by making them eligible for a District Block grant under the new Rotary “Future Vision” Foundation giving plan. A raffle was held to establish the seed money for the Foundation. The winner of the raffle was announced on December 11. Kevin Allen was the winner of the raffle. He won $1000.00 in cash and gift cards worth $9000.00. He graciously donated the $1000.00 back to the Club and requested it be given to Semilla Nueva. The raffle netted $1262.80 for the Foundation.

Paul Schmidt led the Club in participating in Rake Up Boise. One grateful homeowner donated $25.00 to Polio Plus.

On November 20 Marcia Wing presented a History Moment on Founding Member of the Boise Rotary Club: Walter E. Pierce.

The Boise Rotary Club is the sponsoring Club for an international grant being submitted to RI for Semilla Nueva.

On December 4 Kevin Learned was honored with the Dick and Shirley Fields Award for 2014. The award recognizes members of the Boise Rotary who have consistently and generously supported the financial goals of Boise Rotary.

On December 18 our annual Christmas Party was held with 45 women and children from the City of Lights as guests.

Once again the Boise Rotary rang bells for the Salvation Army. $4030.26 was raised on December 19.

The Rotary Leadership Institute was held in Boise October 18, 2014, December 6, 2014 and January 10, 2015. Beth Markley and John Davis completed the course.

At the January 29 meeting Paul Schmidt was chosen as the Rotarian who goes above and beyond for the Club. He was given a special Paul Harris Award by District Governor Rick Phillips.

Members brought non-perishable food items to the February 26 meeting. The food was loaded in James Bedal's pick up and delivered to the Salvation Army. In addition members donated $315.00 in cash.

Jim Steele presented a History Moment by interviewing Bob McQuade on February 26.

Betty Munis once again chaired the delivery of Dictionaries to seven Elementary Schools in Boise. 374 Dictionaries were presented to the students.

The Student of the Month Committee, under Cynthia Olsen, continued to honor the outstanding students from the five Boise public high schools and Bishop Kelly.

The Century Scholar Committee, led by Bea Black, put on the Tenth Annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program on April 14. Over 500 people attended the event in the Jordan Ballroom at BSU. Rory Jones, former School Board Member, was the keynote speaker. The program honored Boise's top graduating seniors and the educator who made a significant influence on their academic development. One educator came from New Mexico and two from California to attend the event.

At the April 16 meeting Chuck Hummel, President 1969-70 and a member since 1958, was presented a framed photo, taken by Tim Bower, of the Federal Building in Boise. Members of the Club autographed the back of the photo. The building was his favorite to design.

Robert Franz brought smiles and laughter to the April 16 meeting as he spoke of his life as conductor of the Boise Philharmonic for the past seven years.

The Senior Service Committee, under Robert VandeMerwe, sold roses to members on May 7. The proceeds were used to give roses to women in nursing homes on Mother's Day and to women who receive “Meals On Wheels”.

Steven Trott, 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Judge, gave an outstanding talk on May 7 on our Constitution as the basis of our laws. He pointed out the U. S. Founding Fathers went out of their way to establish a republic guided by the rule of law not the rule of men.

At the June 11 meeting Steve Scranton, Chief Economist and Chief Investment Officer of Washington Trust Bank, presented a very informative economic summary and forecast. It covered local, regional, US and world activity.

The Changing of the Guard took place at Zoo Boise on June 15, 2015.


With an eye towards the future needs of the Club, President James and his board started his term by discussing the possibility of moving the location of the meeting place to another site. After review with our members, negotiating with the staff at the Hoff Building to see if the facilities could be upgraded and talking to the caterer it was decided to remain at the Crystal Ballroom.

President Bedal added visual presentations thus enhancing the major topics of each meeting.

President and his board focused on membership retention during the year. 80% of new members resign within the first three years.

At the July 16 meeting The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation presented a check for $17,000.00 to the non-profit Boise WaterShed Exhibit, Inc.

Natalie Lemas Hernandez chaired RYLA, the leadership training program for young people. It was held August 6-9 at the College of Southern Idaho. There were 79 RYLAains, 10 Junior leaders, 2 senior leaders and 5 Rotarains in attendance. Our Club sponsored six RYLAains.

Members of the Club volunteered for the”DogFestWalk’N’Roll” which benefited Canine Companions for Independence on September 27.

The Rotary Leadership Institute is a program that is designed to help Rotarians gain a better understanding of what it means to be a Rotarian. An Institute was held in Boise this year.

On September 11 Rotarians brought school supplies to the meeting which were given to students who could not afford them and to teachers who buy supplies out of their own pockets.

A number of Rotarians from District 5400, including Kevin Learned and Todd Fischer, visited Ecuador in September. The purpose of the trip was to review projects that were with Rotarians in Ecuador including water projects in remote villages high in the Andes.

The Community Development Committee, chaired by Paul Schmidt, led the club in providing clothes for the children at the City Light Home for Women and Children and serving dinner at that organization once each month. The committee organized the Club to participate in Rake-Up Boise, clean up the YMCA Camp, collect canned meat and peanut butter- jelly for the Foodbank, plant flowers at Zoo Boise, collect snacks for the WCA and deliver water to the Rescue Mission.

On October 8 District Governor and member of our Club, Kenneth Howell, spoke to the Club. He discussed the Rotary goal of eliminating Polio and how close we are in reaching the goal. He left a challenge to the Club. - Membership is an issue in Rotary around the world.

On November 2 members of the Club painted bowls for the Empty Bowls fund raiser which provides free food assistance to those badly in need.

Cindy Olsen and Karl Kurtz, of the Student of the Month Committee, continued to recognize the Outstanding Students from the five Boise Public high schools and Bishop Kelly.

Todd Fischer had the opportunity to meet RI President, K. R. Ravindran, while visiting RI Headquarters in October.

The annual Christmas Party was held on December 17. Seventy-eight women and children from the City Light Home for Women and Children were guests.

Tom Stitzel and Bill Woolley led the Rotary Bell Ringers on December 18 raising $5565.00 for the Salvation Army.

On February 11, 2016 the Fund Raising Committee, led by Dirk Manley, put on the Firkin Frolic Beer Festival at the Basque Center. $2,000.00 was raised for World Service.

The annual Rotary Ball was held at Hillcrest Country Club on February 27. A festive evening was had by all in attendance.

Marcia Wing, on March 3, took the Club down nostalgia lane to meet one of the Boise Rotary’s Founding Fathers, Joel Lambert Priest.

The World Service Committee, chaired by Todd Fischer, is supporting the Masori community in Sierra Leone, West Africa. This project has Village Hope as our implementing partner. On March 8 a fund raiser was held at the Arid Club for the project. The Rotary Foundation on March 22 granted $221,428.00 for the “Commercializing cassava as a poverty-reduction strategy in Sierra Leone.” The grant application was submitted by the Rotary Clubs of Boise and Freetown, Sierra Leone. Jon Bart, who brought this need to our Club, traveled to Sierra Leone in April and May to assist in getting the project started.

The Masori community in Sierra Leone is eager to learn about computers. Todd Fischer was able to get the Boise School District, thanks to Don Coberly, to donate 10 used IBM lap tops. CradlePoint donated wireless routers for the connection to the internet. Todd took the equipment to Sierra Leone in May and taught the use of the computers.

Tom Wilford arranged for Dr. Mark Conversino, Professor at the Air University, Maxwell Air Force Base to speak to the Club on March 31. His topic was “Russia and the Final Collapse of the Post-Cold War Order in Europe”. This talk was the finest program the Club has had in many years.

On March 31 the Club gave $2,300.00 to the City Light Home for mental health services.

The Boise Rotary Membership Services Committee, under Mark Smith, created Fireside Gatherings. New members were invited to a member’s home to enjoy refreshments, get to know members better and learn more about Rotary .

The Century Scholar Committee, led by Bea Black, put on the Eleventh Annual Boise Rotary Century Scholars Program on April 12. Over 500 people attended the event at the Jordan Ballroom at BSU. The program honored Boise’s top graduating seniors and the educator who made significant influence on their academic development. As one teacher said “Century Scholars is the academy awards to teachers”.

Eleven worthy nominees were honored at the Annual Rotary Ethics in Business Luncheon on April 14. Three members of the Club were nominated; Meg Carlson, Marty Cullen and Shelley Smith Eichmann.

After the severe 7.8 earthquake in Ecuador Kevin Learned received a letter from Rotarians in Ecuador outlying the destruction and loss of life including one Rotarian from the Portoviejo Club. The Club raised $2405.00 on April 28 to help in the recovery.

The Senior Service Committee, under Robert VandeMerwe, sold roses to members on May 5. The proceeds were used to give roses to women in nursing homes on Mother’s Day and to women who received “Meals On Wheels”.

Steve Swanson, retired NASA Astronaut, spoke to the Club on May 19. His excellent talk on his trip to the International Space Station and his nearly 200 hours of spacefight experiences was most interesting and educational.

At the May 26 meeting District Governor Ken Howell presented the Club with a Silver Presidential Citation.

President James at the June 2 meeting thanked the Club for making all its financial goals. The following amounts were raised: GBRF $10,024, RI Annual Fund $17,754, Polio Plus $4742.

The Changing of The Guard took place at The Botanical Gardens on June 23.


On July 7, 2016 President McQuade opened the first meeting of the Rotary year for the 100 Years of the Rotary Club of Boise.

Paul Schmidt, Chairman of the Community Development Committee, led the Club in purchasing $1200.00 of shoes for the children staying at the City Light Home for Women and Children.

The Club continued to serve dinner at the River of Light the first Thursday of every month.

On August 4 The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation presented a check for $1000.00 to the Salvation Army.

Jon Bart thanked Todd Fischer for his efforts in getting money released from RI for our project in Sierra Leone.

Rear Admiral Bruce Gillingham spoke to the Club on August 18 celebrating Navy Week in Boise.

On September 1 Past District Governor, Ken Howell, shared his Rotary Moment with the Club “Rotary is not about us as individuals but individuals working together to make a difference”.

Todd Fischer chaired RYLA, the leadership training program for young people, August 4-7 at the College of Southern Idaho.

Boise Chief of Police, Bill Bones, on September 1 spoke to the Club explaining how they tailor their services to the people they serve.

On September 8 Doctor J (Jacob Neufeld, MD) began a series of Medical Minutes. His first Minute was “Exercise at least 15 minutes a day.”

The Club continued the 9/11 project by bringing school supplies for deliver to teachers for their needy students.

This year is the 100th anniversary of the Club and the Rotary Foundation. Kevin Learned and Don Reiman led the project to raise money for our three foundations.

Semilla Nueva owes a great deal of its present success to Rotary. It received its first Global Grant to empower farming communities in 2013. The Boise Rotary Club, other Rotary Clubs and Quetzaltenango have pooled their support to amass a grand total of $112,000.00. Thanks to these funds Semilla Nueva can reduce rates of malnutrition in Guatemala.

On October 22 our good friend and fellow Rotarian, Charles (Chuck) Hummel passed away.

Cindy Olsen and Karl Kurtz, of the Student of the Month Committee, continued to recognize the Outstanding Students from the five Boise Public schools and Bishop Kelly.

On October 27 Dr. Chuck Staben, President of the University of Idaho, spoke to the Club.

Kara Rousselle and David Arkoosh won first and second prize for the bowls they made for the Empty Bowls fund raiser for the Idaho Foodbank.

On November 12 the Club participated in “Rake Up Boise”.

Bob Rice sang Christmas Carols and told the history of the Carols at the December 8 meeting.

The annual Christmas Party was held at the Crystal Ballroom on December 15.

The Club rang Bells for the Salvation Army on December 16 raising $5500.00

The annual fund raiser “Firkin Frolic” was held February 9.

On April 15 the Club assisted in cleaning up the YMCA Camp at Horsethief Reservoir.

For the past 12 years The Rotary Club of Boise has honored the top 100 scholars and their favorite teacher from the Boise High Schools. The Century Scholars Program was held at the Jordan Ballroom on the BSU Campus. Bea Black again chaired this event.

On May 14 the Club led by Bob VandeMerwe presented Mother’s Day roses to those living in the Good Samaritan Village.

At the District Conference May 19 and 20 in Sun Valley the Club won The Public Image Award thanks to Dwight Pond’s efforts.

In a nod to changing times, the Board began work to create a “satellite club” to allow Gen-X and Millennials the flexibility of meeting Thursday evenings rather than taking time out of the of the middle of their work day. This group will focus on service projects; members of the lunch group are encouraged to mentor individuals in the satellite club.

On June 1 Jim Steele introduced Todd Fischer as a History Moment that was the program for the day. Todd is a dedicated individual who truly believes in “Service Above Self”. He is always willing to help no matter what.

On June 8 Bill Woolley was presented with the “Lifetime Achievement Award”.

The Ground Breaking of Rotary Plaza in Julia Davis Park took place on June 22.

The 100 Years of Boise Rotary was celebrated at a Gala Dinner at the Grove on June 24. John Hewko, General Secretary of Rotary International was the featured speaker.

The Changing of the Guard took place on June 29 at the Botanical Gardens.


The Club continued to serve dinner at the River of Light the first Thursday of every month.

Todd Fischer again chaired RYLA, the leadership training program for young people held August 3-6 at the College of Southern Idaho.

At the Changing of the Guard dinner on June 29 Phil Sansotta was presented with “ The Dick and Shirley Fields Award” and the “ Lifetime Achievement Award” for his 39 years of service to Rotary and the community. On August 10 Cheryl Godbout took over writing the Boisetarian from Nancy Chinn.

President Ron recognized Gordon Brookover as the oldest member at age 95. He joined the Club in 1960.

The Boise Sunrise Club invited the Boise Downtown Rotary to join in the Lobsterfest fund raising event. This netted the Club almost $13,000.00.

Phil Sansotta passed away on August 18 and many members attended the Memorial Service at Saint Mary's Church on August 29.

On September 7 Jon Bart reported on our project in Sierra Leon. The Gari business has provided 154 jobs by virtue of our Global Grant. The plan is for the business to be sustainable after Jon and his team leave.

Kevin Learned updated the Club on September 15 on our water project in Ecuador to bring water to three villages on a dry hillside. The project in partnership with the Ecuador Rotary Club came in under budget.

Members participated in the Greenbelt Recovery Project on September 30. District Governor Terry Jones spoke to the Club on October 5 outlining his theme “Join Leaders Exchange Ideas and Take Action”.

The Club again provided dictionaries to four elementary schools. In many cases this was the first book the students owned.

On October 29 a Memorial Service was held for Jacob A. Neufeld MD at Congregation Ahavath Beth Israel. Dr. Neufeld had been involved with a major international project before coming to Boise. His vibrant personality added a great deal to the spirit of our Club.

Cindy Olsen and Karl Kurtz, of the Student of the Month Committee, continued to recognize the

Outstanding Students from the local high schools.

On November 11 twelve members of the Club participated in “Rake Up Boise”.

The Greater Boise Rotary Foundation was founded in 1984 and compliments what the local clubs are doing and allows them to have a greater impact. The GBRF has donated over $500,000.00 to 90 non profits.

President Ron reviewed our recent Rotary member survey: Overall members were satisfied with the direction the meetings were taking. Members favored our present call to order and they wished to continue as a singing club. Members still not in favor of fines.

The annual Christmas Party with guests from City Light Women and Children was held December 14.

Tom Stitzel and Bill Woolley led the Bell Ringing for the Salvation Army on December 15. Thanks to our members $9,083.00 was raised. This was 50% over last year.

At the January 11 meeting President Ron announced that Nancy Chinn will be stepping down as Executive Director of our Club but will be staying as a member. Board members Kevin Allen, Scott Learned and Paul Schmidt stepped in to cover her job until a new bookkeeper is hired.

The proposed by-law changes and vote was presented by Scott Learned at the January 11 meeting. The changes would make it possible for the Club to use “remainder” funds which were not needed to complete a specific project and to use them for other purposes if the initial project does not require the totality of the funds raised. This would bring us in line with Idaho State Law. The by-laws would also be updated to allow the board to set dues, invoice and billing schedules at their discretion. The proposed by-law changes were passed unanimously with no dissent.

At the January 25 meeting Todd Fischer presented a check for $4,000.00 to Steve Rodoletz from the Reuseum Education which will help them purchase a CO2 Laser cutter. Over 8,000 kids participated in their workshops.

On February 8 Jim Steele presented a history moment with Dwight Pond.

Fred Reed again chaired the Firkin Frolic fund raiser at the Basque Center on February 8. Over $4,000.00 was raised.

David Leroy's talk on William H. Wallace's first hand account of the birth of Idaho at the February 22 meeting was outstanding.

Co- Presidents of the College of Idaho, Jim Everett and Doug Brigham spoke at the March 29 meeting.

James Slover led the Club in cleaning up the Y camp at Horsethief Reservoir on April 7.

For the past 13 years The Rotary Club has honored the top 100 scholars and their favorite teacher from Boise high schools. Our President's son, Jack, was one of the scholars honored. The event took place at the Jordan Ball Room on the BSU Campus with over 500 in attendance. Many thanks go to Bea Black who has chaired the event for the last ten years.

President Ron announced that the Club has hired a new bookkeeper, Mindi Ridgeway.

International Rotary President, Ian Riseley, issued a challenge to Every Rotary Club to plant a tree for every member. On April 14 Kevin Allen lead the Club in planting at Hidden Lakes Reserve.

Ken Howell announced that the Zone Institute will meet in Boise at The Center on The Grove the week after Labor Day. Over 700 Rotarians are expected to be there. The All Clubs Luncheon will be held the Friday of the week.

Boise State football Coach Brian Harsin spoke to the Club on May 17.

The Changing of the Guard took place on June 7 at the Crystal Ball Room.