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June 2019

Rotary Club of Boise
Celebrating 100 Years in Idaho


We meet Thursdays at Noon
in the Hoff Building, 2nd floor Crystal Ballroom
802 W Bannock St, Boise, ID 83702

Upcoming Events
  • Board Meeting
    Hoff Building 3rd Floor Conference Room
    Jul 18, 2019
    11:00 AM – 11:50 AM
Home Page Stories
A small army of Rotarians, Boy Scouts, & citizens enjoyed a beautiful sunny morning installing hundreds of native shrubs in the Hulls Gulch Reserve.  The event was covered by KIVI Channel 6.  The plants will control erosion & provide habitat for birds, insects, & critters within one of Boise's most popular recreation areas.  Upon completion, several club members continued the fun over drinks, snacks, & lunch at a nearby restaurant, rounding out three tenets of Rotary:  service, fellowship, & fun!  
Are you interested in studying high school abroad?
Students going on exchange for the 2020-21 school year now have access to our club applications! Apply directly via this link. We'll select our Rotary District outbound team in November 2019. 
Are you interested in hosting a foreign exchange student?
We are looking for host families (they don't have to be Rotarians) willing to host a foreign exchange student for 3-4 months out of the school year. Host families are responsible for making these students a part of their families and sharing our values and culture. Rotary provides training and resources.
For more information, keep reading, or visit our District Rotary Youth Exchange website.
Rotary Club of Boise recognizes its program speakers by planting a tree in their honor. This gesture is in keeping with RI Past President Ian H.S. Riseley's 2017-2018 Rotary year challenge to plant a tree for every Rotarian in recognition of the impacts of climate change on the world's most vulnerable populations.
“It is my hope that the result of that effort will be far greater than the environmental benefit that those 1.2 million new trees will bring,” Riseley said. “I believe the greater result will be a Rotary that recognizes our responsibility not only to the people on our planet, but to the planet itself.”
The challenge was concluded on Earth Day 2018, but our club has elected to continue this effort in honor of our weekly program speakers. 
You can participate by contributing to the Gift That Grows program. Every $5 contribution purchases another seedling!
Fellow Rotary Club of Boise members: Are you wondering why no one has asked you to do the thing you've always loved to do? Maybe it's because the right people don't know you love to do it!
If you have a minute to fill out a short skills survey (click on the link), that will help us help you make the most of your time serving the community.
Rotarian Tom Stitzle organizes the club every year to ring the bell for the Red Kettle Campaign benefitting the Salvation Army.
Thanks to Channel 6 News for the coverage!
  Bob Gibb Fellows
John McGuire, as President of the Greater Boise Rotary Foundation
We have three foundations to contribute to, including the Rotary Foundation, our Boise club foundation, and the GBRF which was created to have funds, readily available, for local projects, and provide us a way to interact with other Rotary Clubs.
The grants the GBRF gives are consistent with Rotary Foundation guidelines, sustainable projects, not just a one-shot deal, and fulfill the principals of the 4 way test.
  Those awarded the Bob Gibb Fellow were:  Keil Van Inwegen, Jerry Schroeder, Donna Jacobs, Diane Minnich, Mark smith Shane Bartlome, Charles Clark, Bob Rice, Todd Sawyer, Todd Fischer, Andy Erstad, Russell Strader, Marcia Wing. 
Every summer, 100 teenagers from around Idaho share a long weekend at the College of Southern Idaho for an intensive four day leadership camp.  High school students who are incoming juniors to outgoing seniors are sponsored by Rotary clubs to attend the camp, with the Rotary club paying the $375 cost.  The Rotary Youth Leadership Award camp, RYLA, is "For Youth, By Youth", meaning the camp is planned and lead by students who have previously attended.  The camp is experiential; activities are hands-on and interactive, we avoid classroom style lectures.
The leadership training focuses on everyday leadership.  To lead, you must believe in your own abilities. Being a leader means you work with others; seeing the world through their eyes.  In the process, many life long friendships have been made. The RYLA experience is focused on guiding the students to discover a strong sense of confidence in oneself and expressing empathy for others, which is driven through the strong supportive environment created during the long weekend.  RYLA allows these one hundred teenagers to identify and celebrate their abilities.  In the process, many life long friendships have been made.
- See more at: RYLA
This fall our club will be hosting a student from Argentina.  The student will arrive in August and return when school ends in 2018.  Having an exchange student live with you for three or four months is a great experience.  We need families, that live in the Boise High School District, to be host families.  Normally, the student stays with a family for three months and then moves to another family.  Rules, of the exchange, state that the student must attend school so they will be in school during normal hours.  If you are interested please contact Beth or Nancy and let them know that you want more information. 
     Currently, Beth’s son is in Denmark on an exchange and currently living with a family who live on a farm.  All the couple’s other children are grown and gone so Jack is getting really spoiled.  He doesn’t even have to do any chores on the farm.  What???
   Dictionaries were delivered to Garfield Elementary last week.  The students were thrilled to get them and be able to take them home.  At another event, Robert Lloyd saw one of the students who received a book and she told him that she found the longest word in the dictionary and it was on pay 373.  The word has over 1000 letters in it and we challenged President Bob to say the word.  He didn't, but said it started with M. 
     Join us Thursday, May 18th at 2:30 for delivery to Jefferson Elementary.  It's fun to interact with the kids and you will feel so good when you go back home.  It's a Feel Good project!!!
            They did it!  They cleaned up the YMCA Camp, snow and all.  Good job Rotarians!
    Capital High - Sara Alis
This is Sara's first year at Capital High School but she easily stands out from our student body.  Hard work and service to others are the hallmark of Sara Alis.  Sara's positive outlook on life makes her a natural student leader.  Her high level of involvement and service to her community through the time she donates to local food and clothing banks is continually impressive.  Also, she is a valued member of the youth supporting the Special Olympics through her dedication to special needs children playing basketball.  Through the Summer of Hope program Sara gathered gift cards to help a young refugee family.  Sara recently decided to focus her senior project on helping raise funds for The Closet which is an organization that provides free clothing to teens in need.  Sara has been a competitive athlete in three sports while taking on rigorous classes.  It is in both school and extra-curricular activities that Sara impresses everyone with her gift to lead other students, solve problems and serve others in need. 
           Sara’s strong moral character has consistently led her in the right direction.  This is the result of her strong connection to her family and personal values. Sara exhibits outstanding time management skills and a tireless work ethic. She is actively planning to attend university next year.  She will be highly successful at whatever she chooses in life given her innate leadership qualities, boundless energy, high intellect and integrity.
            Sara continues to achieve success as a young woman by rising above life’s obstacles. Sara is passionate about the projects that she commits to.  She is generous with her time and skills.  She assists her peers with their challenges and is a true team builder.  Sarah has earned respect and admiration from Capital High's staff and we could not think of none more perfectly fit for this unique award than Sara Alis.

Many people can't make it to meetings at lunch time.  Our Club recognizes that and are creating an evening club for those members who prefer an evening meeting.  This Thursday at 5:30 will be the first meeting of this group.  There will be snacks and drinks and an informal meeting.  This Satelite Club will focus on service projects .  The group will suggest and decide what service projects to tackle.  If you are interested, come to the Hoff Building, Crystal Ballroom, on Thursday and check us out. 
  YMCA Clean-up Scheduled for April 8th.
    Mark your calendars for April 8th and join other members for a good cause, some outdoor activity and fun.  The YMCA needs help cleaning up their camp site to get ready for the camping season for Y kids.  This is  good opportunity to get your kids or grandkids involved in an activity that will get them out in the forest and working by your side.  Bring your gloves, water, rakes, chain saws, shovels, and a good attitude.   You will not need to go the gym if you work at the camp that day.  Meet at Albertsons on 16th and State at 8:00AM.  
Several members were honored with a Paul Harris Fellow.  Each Paul Harris awarded is the result of at least $1,000 donated to the Rotary Foundation.  Our club has received two International Grants from RI and am participating in another global grant with the Twin Falls club.  Our money is helping farmers in Guatemala through Semilla Nueva, supplying clean water in Ecuador, and many other programs around the world. 
     Wendy Shoemaker invited her husband Fred (we know him as the REAL Santa Claus) to receive her Paul Harris plus one. 
     Pat Adams +1
     Andy Erstad +8
     Drew Forney +1
     Dwight Pond  +1
     Don Reiman  +4
     Bill Woolley  +5
Thank you all for your contributions. 
Todd Fisher is on the world service committee for the club. He presented about a few of the projects our club is working on:
  • Sierra Leone economic development project with Village Hope
  • Guatemala program Semilla Nueva
  • Ecuador micro-finance program with various clubs in that area
  • The fourth project is an Ecuador water project. Todd shared some photos of a tank and waterway under construction at 11,000 feet that will help three different communities.
Luke Lamey, Bishop Kelly High School
Luke is a member of the BK Debate Team.  That team has qualified for the national debate competition and they will be traveling to Las Vegas for that competition. 
Luke has received the ISHAA award for outstanding leadership and excellence in interscholastic activities; the Fr. James Rodenspiel Award in Cross Country for leadership, character and work ethic: and he is currently the school chapter vice president of the National Honor Society. 
Along with keeping his 4.0 GPA and ranking number one in his class of 194 he volunteers for On Stone where he is designing project to tackle the issue of stress in students, bike safety, and Health and fitness.  He is Club Treasurer for the Economics Club where they focus on raising money to make microloans to entrepreneurs in developing nations.  As a member of P.A.T.H.S. he tutors homeless students in the Treasure Valley.  In 2016 he traveled to Haiti to help build a medical clinic in Dan Dann.
Luke enjoys public Speaking and Political Science.  He has been accepted to several universities and will decide where he will attend soon. 
Grace Abel, Boise High School
Boise High recognized Grace because of her outstanding attention to service, both within Boise High and the greater community.  Grace has a true passion and sincere desire to help others and make her school and community better places.  The enthusiasm with which she approaches her academic and service life are contagious.  She is always seen about campus with a smile on her face, a friendly hello in her voice, and a kindness for her school mates and teachers.  She is often the first one to show up for an event of game and is continuously offering support and assistance, often picking up loose ends that others had not even noticed.  Grace Abel is the Heart of the Brave at Boise High School – a student who works hard in all aspects of her life. 
Grace is the current VP of Boise High Student Body; She participates in the National Honor Society; is president of the pep squad; has received the Heart of the Brave Award. 
Grace volunteers for many including the Marian Pritchett Booth Memorial Home, the Aquarium of Boise, Idaho Food Bank, Teens Against Tobacco Use, and the Anne Frank Memorial to name a few.

  Why Attend the International Convention?

1. Meet the most inspiring people in the world

Rotary members from more than 130 countries meet at the convention every year. This is your unique opportunity to connect with old friends, make new ones, and share stories about your club’s current and future projects.

2. Strengthen your club and your passion for Rotary

The general sessions and breakout sessions offer countless ways to help you get the most from your Rotary membership and make your club stronger. In the House of Friendship, you’ll find new ideas, learn best practices, and share project successes — it’s where the Rotary world comes together!

3. Join The Rotary Foundation celebration

The culmination of a yearlong celebration of the Foundation’s centennial takes place in the city where it all began. Join the festivities at The Rotary Foundation’s 100th Birthday Party. Attend a book signing and meet the author of “Doing Good in the World: The Inspiring Story of The Rotary Foundation’s First 100 Years.” See all the activities we have planned.

4. Explore the American South

Bask in the sun on the Atlantic and Gulf shores. Test your game at some of the world’s most celebrated golf courses. Experience the magic of Florida’s Disney World, Universal Studios, and Sea World.
Explore the natural wonders of the Appalachian Trail and the Blue Ridge Mountains. Step back in time at Colonial Williamsburg. Sample the sophisticated charms of New Orleans, Savannah, and Charleston. Learn more

5. Enjoy special tours and events offered by the Host Organization Committee

Watch for more information about special activities like Restaurant Night, Host Hospitality Night, and a screening of "Gone With the Wind" at the historic Fox Theatre. Visit the Host Organization Committee site to find more activities.
Boise Rotary Satellite Evening Club Being ConsideredOur club has found that many members and potential members of our club, find it difficult to attend lunch meetings.  These are good Rotarians that want to serve the community.  The Board has listened and is working to create an evening satellite club.  February has been identifies as the launch date.  The satellite club will meet two Thursdays each month in the Crystal Ballroom with drinks and snacks provided.  The members of this club, and the meetings, will focus on local service projects.  The members, of the evening club, will be members of the Boise Rotary Club but will meet at a different time and have a different dues structure of $100 per quarter.  The board will bring this to the entire club for a vote within the next few weeks.  If you have comments or concerns with this proposal, please contact a board members. 
Outstanding Students Timberline High School
Aneesh Bahadur
            Aneesh is a well-rounded student with a 4.0 GPA.  He has been playing piano for 12 years, participating in the National Federation of Music Clubs all 12 years.  He achieved 11 “Superiors” and three trophies. 
            He is a member of HOSA (Future Health Professional) and qualified for the State Competition for Medical Terminology in Spring 2016.  He volunteers at St. Luke’s Medical Center accumulating over 320 volunteer hours.  He helps out at the front desk and in the Gift Shop. 
            Aneesh loves Tennis and was the 8th grade district champion.  He now plays for Timberline and for fun.  He was also on the YMCA swim team, competing in several meets around the Idaho.  Just for fun, he hits the slopes and skis whenever he can. 
            Aneesh’s future plans involve studying Pre-Med in College majoring in Neuroscience or Health Sciences. 
Kassidi Petersen
          Kassidi is a senior at Timberline High School enrolled in 8 AP classes including AP Biology and AP Calculous.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and a member of the Science Bowl Team.
          Kassidi is a member of Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America for 2 years and is currently the State President.  She plans and runs leadership trainings throughout the State as well as attends Leadership Workshops for self improvement. 
Kassidi is very interested in politics and started a political efficacy club, at Timberline, known as Currently Political.  She envisioned a place for all students to openly discuss political beliefs and that is what Currently Political offers. 
            In addition to all her work and volunteer hours at school, she is a nanny every day after school for twin special-needs boys who are now in the second grade.  She loves science and research, politics, childcare and ultimate Frisbee.  She is hardworking, organized, determinded, innovative and cooperative.  She would like to attend Whitman College after High School
        Outstanding Students December 2016
Frank Church High School: 
     Maggie Parks is an 11th grade student at Frank Church High School.  While living in Colorado, Maggie had only completed half of the required courses at her high school.  Since enrolling at Frank Church last year, she has blossomed as a student.  She has earned 20 credits in 5 terms with a 3.6 GPA and is on her way to graduating early. 
     Maggie participated in Rake-Up Boise and Stuff the Bus with other students from Frank Church.  Outside of school she volunteers at the Humane Society. 
     Maggie is a member of the National Honor Society and was in AVID.  She will strat working toward her CNA certificate in January.  Her future plans include college and working in either culinary arts or the medical field.  Maggie says of Frank Church:  "I was a face in the ocean, just a number and felt like I was drowning.  Here, I am getting the help I need."
     Tailor Kamph has been a student at Frank Church High School since August of 2014.  He enrolled without any high school credits and will be completing four years of high school in three years and  will graduating on time.  He is a member of the National Honor Society and participates in volunteer work such as Rake-Up Boise and Stuff the Bus.  Tailor takes pride in his school work which has earned him a spot on the honor roll six times, while attending Frank Church. 
     Tailor shows incredible responsibility by keeping up with all of his scholastic duties while also maintaining an after school job working 20 hours per week.  He is a talented musician and loves playing his guitar whenever he can.
     Tailor is currently in the health occupations course where he recently received his CPR certification.  He plans on attending BSU and would like to pursue a career in the medical field. 
Capital High School:
     Madison Link is currently a senior at Capital High School.  Her leadership qualities draw her towards opportunities on campus and in the community.  She is an officer of DECA (a marketing and entrepreneurship association), Participated in Capital's Make-A-Wish campaign, the Toy Drive, and the Coat Drive.  As an active Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) member she is currently organizing a drive to provide socks to those who are homeless. 
     Madison's interactions with students, peers and teachers communicate a respect for everyone and she truly cares about the people she comes in contact with.  During two class periods a day, Madison works as an Elementary Teacher Intern in a 1st grad classroom.  She is incredibly supportive and friendly to students while she helps them improve their reading skills. 
Outstanding Students from Boise High School and Bishop Kelly High School
Jacob Russell, Bishop Kelly High School
Along with a 4.0 GPA through six semesters at BK, Jacob also volunteers for many school and community causes;  Volunteers extensively at the Bill Wassmuth Center for Human Rights (Ann Frank Memorial); Campus minister at BK and planning of spiritual life events; Active in the BK Program Assisting the Homeless Scholar (PATHS) program by tutoring and serving those at City Light Shelter, Interfaith Shelter, and Hays Shelter; Hosts new or visiting students at BK.
Jacob is a member of National Honor Society and has been selected by several Bishop Kelly teachers for outstanding academic achievement awards.  Not only do the instructors and staff at BK select him for awards but the Idaho High School Activities Association recognized him for his academic success.  He was recently selected to receive the Knights in Armour Award from Lyle Pearson.  These students are chosen by their coaches and teachers of their High School for Academics, Sports, and Citizenship. 
Academics are one thing for Jacob but he also participates in Cross Country, Basketball, and Track.  He hopes to attend a college in the Pacific Northwest or in France. 
Isabella Archibald, Boise High School
Isabella has a 4.0 GPA at Boise High and is a member or board member of several organizations.  She is Treasurer and Board Member of Onestone.  As a board members she is helping with the new alternative High School sponsored by Onestone. She is Vice President of the Writing Assistant Center, and Founder and member of the Green Team at Boise High. 
Almost every day you can find Isabella running or mountain biking in the Boise Foothills.  She is an alpine skier; a swimmer, and loves Basque dancing.  When she wants to relax she plays the violin.
Isabella is definitely an Outstanding student.  She is a member of the National Honor Society and an AP scholar with distinction Award recipient  Boise High principal says that she is an unique young person who is very civic minded and service oriented.  She naturally cares about others and is very genuine.  She hope to go to college in Colorado or California and focus on the Sciences, Mathematics or Pre-med.
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