Why Become A Member?

Rotary is 1.2 million passionate individuals in 35,000+ clubs worldwide. We are both an international organization and a local community leader. Together we lead change in our own backyards and across the world. Our club is made up of a philanthropic community of individuals who share a humanitarian concern for the welfare of all people on earth in a secular, non-political way.

  • Effect change within the Boise community

  • Develop leadership skills while having fun
  • Gain an understanding of and having an impact on local and international humanitarian issues
  • Developing relationships with community and business leaders

Rotary is looking for leaders.

Involvement in our club offers great opportunities for leadership development for yourself and/or the organization you work for. Members are encouraged to participate in or lead one of several committees that are vital to the success and efficient operation of our club.  

Benefits of Membership

Corporate Engagement:

  • As a service organization grounded in ethics, this is a premier opportunity for businesses to set the standard and make a difference in their community
  • Help develop the next generation of civic-minded individuals who will better our communities
  • Attract and retain employees by offering an opportunity to engage in service projects organized to benefit the environment, youth causes, and global projects to promote understanding and world peace. 

Access to Outstanding Speakers: 

  • Hear from Boise’s civic, corporate, and non-profit leaders to stay current on what is happening in the Treasury Valley and across the Gem State.

Convenient Meeting Location for Local Downtown Businesses:

  • Meetings (with lunch) are held weekly on Thursdays at noon in the heart of downtown at the Hoff Building’s Crystal Ballroom.

Membership Details

Individual Membership Contribution

  • $864 per year; Rotary Contribution $400 and meals $464 (billed every other month at $144.34)
  • $100 one-time initiation fee
  • Attendance at meetings is exclusive to one individual member throughout the year.
  • Can bring a guest at any time for just the cost of lunch ($20)


Corporate Membership Contribution

  • $1,064 per year; Rotary Contribution $600 and meals $464 (billed every other month at $177.34)
  • $100 one-time initiation fee
  • One active member (in the event of a job change the company may select another designee)
  • Affiliate members: if the active member cannot attend a meeting, they can send another employee in their place. Affiliate members or other guests can attend with the active member for just the cost of lunch ($20) 
  • Company name listed on our website under Corporate Members


Listed below are

Rotary Committees

that need your help. 

Service to Community: Planning and leading community service projects

Cristina Daccarett, cdaccarett@gmail.com

World Service: Help decide which Rotary global grants our club will financially support

Glenn Harris, glwharris@yahoo.com

Youth Services: Help organize youth programs such as the annual leadership camp and international exchange programs

Beth Markley, beth@markley.com

Membership: Collaborate on creative ways to recruit individual and corporate members

Jenny Hemly, jenny.hemly@commerce.idaho.gov

Public Image: Help promote Rotary to the public via social media and other creative ways

Dwight Pond, dwightpond@gmail.com

Rotary Administration: Help set up before and after weekly meetings, manage member name badges, guest meal fees, catering, roving microphone, etc.

Phil Brubaker, philbru@hotmail.com

Programs: Recommend and discuss weekly speakers on topics of interest to our members

Betty Munis,betty@growingexcellence.com  and Kevin Learned, kelearned@gmail.com 

Website: Update content as needed in WordPress

Jenny Hemly, jenny.hemly@commerce.idaho.gov

Newsletter: write weekly/monthly newsletters

Jeff Leedy, jeff@jeffleedy.com

We have a warm, friendly collegial culture of men and women who believe we have an obligation to make the world a better place, but who believe we can have fun while doing it.

Kevin Learned

Rotary Member

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It’s cool! It’s real life! When I was a young girl my family, grandma, grandpa, aunts, uncles, cousins, and their children got together for almost every holiday. That’s what our club is like—we sing, we eat, we do good work in the community. We’re there for each other for the whole cycle of life.

Laurie Nolet Zuckerman

Rotary Member