Todd Fischer urges all club members to join the Polio Plus Society.  All you need to do is open a new email, paste in the text below and send to District PolioPlus Chair, Mary Reiman,

I pledge to donate a minimum of $100 each year until the world is certified polio free by the World Health Organization. Please enroll me in the District 5400 PolioPlus Society.

Rotarians and their friends who join the Society will be honored with a special pin and an “End Polio Now” bracelet which will be presented at your Club meeting, or other means if that is not possible.

The Gates Foundation is currently matching donations 2 to 1 making this an even better opportunity, as well as receiving Paul Harris Credit for your donation.  If you donate before World Polio Day (October 24th, 2020), Zone 26/27 will DOUBLE your recognition points (view the full story for instructions). The easiest way to donate is to log in at then click DONATE: 

  • The “easy” way to continue as a PolioPlus Society member is by utilizing the monthly payment option.  Click the Polio Fund, and select “Recurring Donation.” For frequency choose “monthly” and for amount choose “other” and enter $10 in the “enter other amount” box.
  • If you are already donating $100 or more per year to PolioPlus, then join the Society and get the recognition you have earned. 

Help Rotarians reach every last child and achieve our vision of a polio free world.

District 5400 accepted the challenge to have 50 new PolioPlus Society members by October 24th.

Sign up today!