George Seybold, CEO of Talloo

 George Seybold, CEO of Talloo, is intensely focused on accelerating the growth of professionals and businesses by improving access and knowledge sharing.  A native of Boise, ID, he began his career in the U.S. Army, where he served at the direction of General Colin Powell in the Gulf War and the peace-seeking mission in Bosnia-Herzegovina in a protective services capacity. Following his time in service, Mr. Seybold has served many companies providing technology leadership in the print services industry (Hewlett Packard), supply chain automation (Ford), digital demand generation (Weyerhaeuser), and local organic and paid search (Google, Microsoft Bing). He founded and developed three companies (WebStorz, S2, Talloo) with two successful exits. He is currently the CEO of Talloo, a Meridian, Idaho-based business community platform. Talloo as an organization is rapidly expanding globally and serves over 800 companies within 100 miles of Boise, ID.