Mary Biddle-Newbury, Director, Healthy Living Center YMCA. Living with neurological diseases

Mary Biddle-Newberry serves as the Director of the YMCA Healthy Living Center (Y-HLC) for the Treasure Valley Family YMCA in Boise, ID.  Mary oversees Disease Prevention and Management programs.  These programs focus on promoting wellbeing, reducing the risk of disease, and reclaiming health by helping individuals adopt healthier lifestyles and make a significant and positive impact on quality of life, reducing incidence of chronic disease and the cost of healthcare.  Working alongside community partners, Mary focuses on delivering accessible, evidence based programs that demonstrate both an improvement in Treasure Valley residents health and a savings in health care costs.

Mary has created and implemented a variety of programs, supporting and addressing the many diverse needs of chronic disease in the pursuit of an individual’s better health and well-being.  She holds a Bachelor’s and Masters of Science, Certified Medical Exercise Specialist and holds multiple nationally recognized certifications in numerous modalities of exercise.