Rotary Wetland Peace Preserve Maintenance

Enjoy the great outdoors, AND restore critical wildlife habitat at our NEW Rotary Wetland Peace Preserve! Sat, May 22, 8-10 am we’ll be weeding and wrapping trees. All ages welcome.
Click here for more information and to sign up.

Willow Lanes Athletic Complex, 4623 W Willow Lane, 83703, near the boat ramp.

All ages welcome. We will be weeding, picking up litter, and protecting trees. Activities involve walking, pulling, shoveling, kneeling, and bending. To protect each other, we will maintain social distancing, wear protective masks, and refrain from sharing tools. Make sure to bring your or your family’s own:
* shovels & gloves,
* loppers or pruners,
* protective masks,
* hiking shoes/boots,
* sunscreen & insect repellent,
* water bottle, water, and snacks.

Remember to dress appropriately for the weather. Hand sanitizer will be available. A Rotary Wetland Peace Preserve Volunteer Leader will email event details one week prior to event.