What is AI and Why Should I Care?

AI stands for artificial intelligence.  (It also stands for artificial insemination, but that’s not what this program is about.)

Artificial intelligence refers to the development of computer systems that can perform tasks and make decisions typically requiring human intelligence. It encompasses a range of technologies and techniques aimed at enabling machines to perceive, reason, learn, and interact with their environment…Through its ability to mimic human cognitive processes, artificial intelligence holds the potential to revolutionize industries, drive scientific advancements, and shape our future society.   (This paragraph written by Chat GPT4, a tool that can have human like conversations in response to the question “what is AI?”).

Club Members Kevin Learned (a software entrepreneur and venture capitalist) and Dwight Pond (a healthcare technologist) will discuss artificial intelligence generally and Chat GPT specifically.  You will recall many of Kevin’s recent program introductions were written by Chat GPT.

If you use your phone to provide directions, use Google to find out information, talk to Siri or Alexa, allow your car to do some driving or parking, or use Chat GPT4 to write speaker introductions, you are interacting with artificial intelligence.  Where is this all going?  Some say it will greatly enhance medical diagnoses, others that it will be the end of mankind.