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The Rotary Club of Boise continues its work to support children.  As part of a partnership with Interfaith Sanctuary, the Rotary Club donated funds so that they could purchase key items needed to support children.
Interfaith Sanctuary did a wonderful job selecting items that would not only provide comfort, but would also give children a therapeutic way to play through their experiences.  They also selected items that would get the most use and would last a long time in a shelter setting.  There was a lot of thought also given to the ages of children and ensuring that there were items for all ages.
Some of the items included durable, machine washable, multicultural baby dolls from Lakeshore.  Interfaith Sanctuary was most excited to introduce the babies and doll strollers/shopping cart to the kids because most of the children had baby dolls on their Christmas wish lists and oftentimes they come into the shelter without their favorite toys.
To support the many 10-12 year old artists who love to sketch, Interfaith selected nice coloring pencils.  Since there were not many coloring pages for boys, books with shoes and cars coloring pages were purchased.
Magnetic tiles were also purchased, as they are a wonderful toy for kids of all ages.

A colorful organizer was also purchased to help keep all these new items organized. Interfaith plans to keep it in the activity supply closet next door to the activity room because volunteers can take the totes off full of the supplies and then kids can help put the supplies away in the totes more easily.

Here are all the items purchased:

Supply Organizer shelf with bins
Color Paper Roll with Dispenser
4 packs of Nice Coloring Pencils
4 coloring books for 10-12 year old boys
Lots of Play Doh Tools
Wall Clock
Large Pack of Magnetic Tiles
1 Grocery Cart
2 Baby Strollers
4 Baby Bottles
4 Baby Dolls