Come join the Rotary Club of Boise for our annual Sip N Frolic Fundraiser.  We will be gathering at Lost Grove Brewery, with complimentary new spring beer tastings on offer, and food/snacks available for purchase.  Our online auction will raise money for local and international service projects!

What time does it start and where is it located?

Date/Time: February 28th, 4:30pm – 9:30pm (open house format, come when you can)
Where:  Lost Grove Brewing (Boise Location) – 1026 S. La Pointe St, Boise

$30 ticket will get you…

 (5) Five 2oz tastings – of beer, wine, cider.   Souvenir Glass – Each attendee will receive a souvenir glass to be used for the tastings and as a keepsake.  NOTE:  Lost Grove Brewing specializes in beer.  There will be a broad selection of beers and a few cider/wine for those who prefer.

What about parking?
Limited Parking.  There is limited parking at the Lost Grove Brewing location.  There may be parking available on side streets or other closed establishments.
Boise Park and Recreation Lot.  Good for an early crowd.  Approximately .2m from Lost Grove Brewing is the Boise Park and Recreation Administrative Offices.  They have an employee parking lot adjacent to their building.  It is free to park after 5pm and the lot closes after sundown.  This is true with all Boise Parks – Ann Morrison/Julia Davis.
BSU Paid Garage Parking.  Approximately .5m from Lost Grove Brewing is a BSU Parking Garage (Brady).  No limits on time.  It is fee based parking.

What about the silent auction?
Silent Auction.  The Silent Auction will start at 5pm, February 28th, and go through March 5, 5pm.  There will be limited items on display at the event.  All items will be available on the website.
Bidding.  The entire auction will be online.  All the items will be featured and described.  You will be able to review and place bids on any item.  You can receive notifications on items.  You can track items of interest.  You must register on the website to bid on an item.  The URL Link is:
Delivery.  Successful bidders will be contacted to coordinate the receipt of their items.  Physical items purchased outside of the Boise Metro area may require shipping costs.

What items are available for bid?
Vacation Destinations.  Several vacation destinations have been donated – Park City, UT; Prescott, AZ;  Bogus Basin; Crouch, ID; Sun River, OR; Sun Valley, ID; Stanley, ID.
Special Events.

Take a tour of the Warhawk Museum with Lt. Col. Dennis Hardzieg; Fly Fishing Guide and Trip; Art Classes.  Date Night Dinner and Tickets to Kill a Mockingbird.
Services.  Pro Care Lawn service for 1 year; YMCA or Axiom Membership; Soak in the Hot Springs; Crane Creek Golf; Visit the Idaho Wine Country.
Items.  Several themed gift baskets; handmade fishing net; Framed McCall photograph; Handmade Charcuterie board.  And more….

Where will the money raised be used?
Local – support toward Idaho Youth Mental Health. We live at a time where many young people have lost hope and are deeply struggling. This project will help bring resources to that important community.

International – support toward rural health cancer screening needs in Colombia. Idaho and Colombia have similar rates of cancer diagnosis.  However, the mortality rate in Colombia is significantly higher.  This project will help serve that population.