When/Time:  Sat, Sep 23,  8-10am. Opt. brunch at Caffeina
Where: Willow Lanes Athletic Complex, 4623 W Willow Lane, 83703, near the boat ramp
Information: All ages welcome. We will be cutting, weeding, picking up litter, and protecting trees. Activities involve walking, shoveling, kneeling, and bending. Make sure to bring your or your family’s own:

* shovels, shears, loopers & gloves,
* hiking shoes/boots,
* sunscreen & insect repellent, (summer)
* water bottle, water, and snacks.

Social: Come join us at Caffeina, 4774 W State St, for brunch afterward.
Please feel free to email questions to laurie.zuckerman@esrag.org