Help us welcome Joe Arias to the Rotary Club of Boise, a dynamic individual whose passion for community engagement knows no bounds. By day, Joe serves as the Operations and Sales Manager for ONE Grounds Management, where he brings his expertise to nurture thriving landscapes. But his entrepreneurial spirit doesn’t stop there—Joe also owns a bustling coffee company based in Garden City and is the visionary behind 3CC, a 501c3 men’s organization aimed at fostering camaraderie and growth.

In Joe’s household, new memories are on the horizon as he prepares to marry his fiancée, Dominique Marin, with their wedding set for 2.22.25. Together, they hope to demonstrate the spirit of partnership and support.

Joe’s journey with Rotary began with a simple invitation from Kevin Learned, opening his eyes to a world of service and connection he had never experienced before. Inspired by the camaraderie and shared goals of like-minded individuals within the club, Joe found a sense of belonging and purpose that resonated deeply with him.

Now, as Joe steps into a new role within the club, taking the reins of membership from Jenny Hemly, he is determined to contribute to Rotary’s impact on our community, both locally and beyond. His vision is clear—to be actively involved in the club’s growth and prosperity, nurturing its mission and fostering meaningful connections that ripple outwards, touching lives regionally and globally.

With Joe’s boundless energy and unwavering dedication, our Rotary club is poised to thrive, welcoming new members with open arms and creating lasting change for generations to come.